Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday Dinner, April 29, 2007

Although Spring has officially sprung here in Arkansas and the weather is warm and pleasant, I'm making my hamburger soup and cornbread for Sunday Dinner. It's the end of the month and I'm out of some food odds and ends, so soup seemed to be the logical option.

I know Paulette had asked for the recipe for my hamburger soup a while back (Sorry it took me so long to
get around to it, Paulette!) and some others had asked about my panbread recipe, so I've added both of those to my RECIPE BLOG.

You can find my Hamburger soup recipe HERE, and my Panbread recipe HERE.
Both of these are recipes I make all the time, and the panbread is my Mama's recipe. The hamburger soup changes and evolves each time I make it, according to my whims and what I have on hand.

I also added my Cornbread recipe HERE on my recipe blog for those who've asked about it, although
it's just the standard recipe on the cornbread bag. Of course, I never use the recipe, I just start flinging stuff in a bowl, stir it up and plop it in the skillet. I use buttermilk and baking soda in place of the sweet milk most times, so I made that adjustment in the recipe.

What's on the menu where you're dining tomorrow? Feel free to share in the
If you noticed that divider above, you might have gotten a hint of what I've been doing this afternoon and evening. With Jessica about to pop anytime, I'm trying to keep my clothes washed up just in case I have to be ready to leave suddenly. I'll probably be spending a few days or so with Jessica and Jason when Emmy comes home, just to help out a bit until Jessica is feeling better and more comfortable about being on her own with Emmy.

I've still got a long way to go towards cleaning and
straightening here in my computer room/spare bedroom/Emmy's nursery. That's code for "I ain't done a dang thang in here." I keep looking at it and it's still here. I'll get it done, but it may be when Emmy gets here. Soon, perhaps....

I still have my Sunday School and Discipleship Training lessons to study, plus a big pot of hamburger soup to make. I'm going to publish this and visit a few blogs.

May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share.



Jen said...

my prayers are with you all as Emmys arrival date draws closer

Granny said...

It hit the mid nineties here today and we munched on leftovers.

Tomorrow? I have some country pork ribs that's I'll probably bake (or maybe stick in the crockpot tonight if they'll fit. I need a bigger crockpot. Baked potatoes, sauteed portabella mushrooms, and some kind of vegetable or maybe baked beans.

Lyndy said...

Not sure what tomorrow's meal may bring. It has been very warm here in GA this week. That pan bread sounds good.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

PEA said...

Good morning dear Diane:-)

It's such a gorgeous day here, there's no way I'm cooking in the house today so on the barbecue it will be!! Just not sure what I will barbecue though! lol It will either be pork chops or steaks, as that's the only meat I have in the freezer at the moment.

I can just imagine how VERY anxious you all are for Emmy to arrive, especially Jess, bless her heart. My prayers are with all of you!! xoxo

Barb said...

Here it is the end of April. Hard to believe Emmy could be born any day now. I know you're all so excited you can't stand it.

We're mostly outdoors working in the yard and washing cars and (hopefully) cleaning the garage up a little, so I'm keeping it simple. I'm still tired from all the yardwork yesterday. LOL

BLT pasta for us. It's a great summer time dinner. Fast, easy and delicious and the main ingredient, after the pasta, is bacon grease. Doesn't get much better than that!

Have a great Sunday, my friend.

kansasrose said...

The candle is burning bright for that baby! Oh that hamburger soup sound so delicious hon! I am starving literally...cause of the gallbladder. Not eating any meats or dairy kinda limits one of food choices. Canned tuna kinda gets old. I am thawing some lean chicken breasts and going to grill marinated chicken chunks, green peppers, mushrooms, onions on skewers. I marinate the chicken in Italian Dressing. Yumm! Have a blessed Sunday my friend! Love, Jen

Morning Glory said...

You sound busy. I hope your day today turns out to be a lovely one!

Andrea said...

Happy Sunday to you!

I have no idea what we are having for dinner. Guess I better start thinking about that, huh? :)

Linda said...

Hey Diane,
We're having a "cold weather " dish too - beef stew. My daughter is coming for a visit and it's the only meat I have enough of in the freezer right now. I too need to go shopping.
You must all be on pins and needles right about now. My oldest son's birhtday is May 1. That sounds like a good day to be born to me. Would that be too early for Jessica? I've lost track of her exact due date. I'll keep all of you in my prayers - a safe delivery and a healthy little girl. I'm excited for you!!
Have a blessed sunday Diane.

Norma said...

Always looking for another reason to use hamburger. Sounds good. I love cornbread, but my husband doesn't like corn in any shape, form, or use. Can you imagine!

I got here from ReenyBA's blog.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
It's been one family thing after another this weekend (all good of course) tonight dinner is at our house and with the hot weather we're grilling. Steaks, salad, green beans and baked potatoes. Our daughter is bringing a fresh strawberry dessert of some sort. Strawberries are sweet and good right now in CA..
Not much longer and you'll be in this Grandma mode and what fun you'll have!!
((hugs)) and love!!

Myrna said...

We're having a lazy kind of day. We have been busy with all manner of things the last few days so it is a relief. I think we will continue the lazy theme for Sunday dinner since it is just the two of us today. Believe we will have scrambled eggs, fruit and cinnamon toast. EASY!

You'll get to see Emmy soon! How exciting! Our E Girl and her brother L spent most of the day with us yesterday--Busy, Busy, Busy!

"Early Bird" said...

Your Hamburger Soup recipe is the same as mine...but I always feel like it needs some black-eyed peas and at least a can of corn...teehee!!
I've not ever had pan bread...will have to try that 'un!
A beautiful day here and as I was out running around way too much we stopped in at Kentucky Fried Chicken and used a coupon I had ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
Just wanted to come over and see your Sunday Dinner...I always wish I was there for a taste.

Dear Jessica just must be so ready to have that little baby. Your pictures of her are just beautiful. Honestly you have to tell her that...

I will be checking back to see if you have some wonderful news for us this week.

Take care,

Nashe* said...

i'm just thinkin... must be awfully nice to be waiting around for a baby like that...


Rachel said...

The food sounds great!

Hope all goes well for Jessica and Emmy!! Sounds like you are ready!

Meow said...

Hi Diane, your hamburger soup sounds amazing. I love making (and eating!!) soup. I made a huge pot of potato, leek and bacon soup on the weekend ... mmmmm, yummy.
Hope all goes well with the birth of Emmy ... whoo-hoo, what an exciting time.
Take care, dear Diane.
Hugs, Meow

Greeneyes said...

Hi dear friend
I must have missed your last post , I thought I was updated after the shutdown but cannot remember the pics on your last post ???,love them by the way , you are a great photographer Diane ,I love em all but now you know my absolute fav , Belly shots , thank jessica for being such a good sport about all the pics for your blog , nice of her to share , I think she is so beautiful and really enjoy seeing her belly grow with love , so sweet.Tell her when she gets older she will love looking back at them , and Show Emmy how she stretched Mommys tummy to make it comfy in there !!LOL

Sending humungous warm squishy HUGZ
love ya girlie
take care
God Bless
By the way did you think of anything I could get Jessica once baby Emmy peeks out LOL

Miss G

RennyBA said...

Sorry I'm late but let me tell you it is a lovely start of May in Norway too so we've already have taken out the grill - some weeks earlier than normal.
First of May we had lamb chops after a lovely demonstration day in Oslo city:-)

Dawn said...

Georgia is a lot different from what I remember Arkansas to be like. I had no idea what Georgia was like, but I sure liked it in the springtime! And we were amazed at the price of houses. Amazing! We could sell our house here (if we could sell it, that is), buy one on an acreage in the woods in Athens, and live for a year on the left overs! But I sure wouldn't buy my house for as much as they think it's worth!