Thursday, April 26, 2007

Camping Trip, Day At the Lake & Riding Around

You might have gathered by the title that I have
several things to post about this time.
I don't like to let so much time pass between
postings but this time it crept up on me.

I'll start with the camping trip.
Donna posted on our camping
trip HERE if you'd like to read
her version of our trip.

This picture of Donna's clematis has
absolutely nothing to do with camping.
I saw this as she was packing for our
trip and couldn't resist taking a photo.
It was so pretty in the afternoon sunlight,
it practically glowed!We had a small campfire to perk a pot
of coffee, and to be honest, the fire felt
pretty good after dark. It was a bit
chilly, and a bit breezy.
Good coffee, too.
Donna's grandson, Jon, appreciated
the fire, even though he was wrapped
up in her fleece throw.
Donna is looking for shooting stars here.
We saw several meteors as we sat
around the campfire drinking our coffee.
Donna and I camped and fished at Lake
Poinsett, only a few miles from Donna's
house. This is the same place where Jessica
and I fished a couple of weeks ago, but on

the opposite side of the lake.
Here's the view to my left...The view in front of me...And the view to my right.Donna looked up from her fishing long
enough for me to snap this picture.
I caught 4 or 5 bluegill, including these
two. These were some of the biggest
bluegill I've ever seen! Both of these
were easily 10 inches long and weighed
over a pound each, although I didn't
have a scale to prove it. I did measure
the top of my ice chest that one is on

and it is 15 inches across, so you can
tell about how big it is, and my fingers
are there to help guage size.
There was no way I could get my hand
around this one to hold it.
We didn't catch enough to keep, so
they all went back in the lake to grow
bigger for the next time.

This past Monday Cecil, Sue, Lamar,
Jessica and I went to Craighead Forest
Park in Jonesboro for a few hours. We

usually take bread to feed the local ducks
and geese but forgot it this time. We picked
up burgers on the way to eat there, then I

fished a bit while everyone else either
ambled around or sat on the picnic tables
and talked. I caught one little sunfish
which I threw back.

Here's a handsome gander that posed for me.
There were several male mallard ducks, but
most of the females were conspicuously absent,
already setting on their eggs for fluffy
spring ducklings. If you double-click
on the picture below you'll get a better
view of the male mallards.
Before Jessica left my place I got another
belly pic. See what I mean about her being
noticably bigger since THE LAST ONE I took?
And that was only a 3 weeks ago! She

turned around 3 times trying to decide which
side had the least stretch marks and finally
decided they were about the same on
both sides, bless her heart.
Thursday night I cooked supper for me,
Lamar, Jessica and Jason. I baked a whole
chicken, made a meatloaf, homemade
mashed potatoes, cooked a big pot of
pinto beans and made a skillet of pan bread.
A neighbor gave us some garden green

onions to go with our supper, and boy,
were they good!

After supper we went riding around for a
couple of hours and I took a few pics.

Here's Jessica and Jason in the front seat...
Lamar beside me...A picture of the sunset out the car window.
Sorry, it was the best shot I could get,
but it was so glorious I had to try to get it.
We stopped on a bridge on a gravel road and
I took this pic of Jessica and Jason.
Get a load of that belly on Jessica!
She is now officially 9 months along,
according to her doctor.
It won't be long now! Not a minute too
soon to suit Jessica, either. She's pert neart
miserable, God love her. She visits
her doctor again Monday and should find
out if she's dilated and some of the finer
details, Lord willing.

Now that I've written this marathon post and
posted umpteen pictures, I'll be trying
to get around and visit y'all, and I have
a few emails to answer as well.

Happy Friday, y'all!

Love and hugs,


Jada said...

I'm delurking! I enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures, as always! Thanks for sharing.

Have a blessed weekend!


Andrea said...

Wow, I bet Jessica is getting pretty tired of being pregnant. Those last few weeks seem to s-t-r-e-t-c-h on forever! And tell her we all have stretch marks. Be proud of those marks that show her woman strength! :)

I can't wait to go camping! It's finally get warm enough around here. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Big Mama said...

Oh, y'all are getting so close! How exciting.

And stretch marks are evil. Pure evil

Yellow Mama said...

Ah, the great outdoors...what a place to close enough just in case a trip to the hospital was needed. By the way I am glad you have your picture up's a good one.


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
So glad you've been having so fun and relaxation. I enjoyed seeing all the pics!
Jessica looks like she's just ready to have this over, doesn't she! That last month always seemed the longest to me!!

Diane said...


What a fun post! Thanks for letting us in on your camping trip!

Seeing Jessica's pregnant belly...makes me wish that I had even ONE of my three pregnancies! It continues to be amazing to me...that as women, we have the privelege of carrying these priceless miracles inside our bodies for nine months! Well, ok....40 weeks...but who's counting! Oh yeah! Jessica! Sorry! :)

It is truly amazing....and these photos are so much fun! Please tell Jessica...thanks...for sharing the joy of your journey with her through her pregnancy! The remaining days will go by quickly....but who's really counting! Oh yeah--GRANDMA is!


(the other) Diane

Morning Glory said...

That looks so wonderful. We're going camping to the Oregon Coast in June and I'm looking forward to the smell of campfire and coffee.

That's a gorgeous sunset photo!!

Granny said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Best to Jessica and I hope it won't be much longer.

Linda said...

It's good to catch up on all your "doings" Diane. The camping trip looks like a lot of fun. I just love sitting around the camp fire.
Jessica looks like it could be any minute now. You must be so excited. I'm sure she's glad she won't have to go through the hot months pregnant. Instead she'll have a sweet little baby girl to carry around in her arms. And so will you!!!
Have a great weekend Diane.

Barb said...

I love these posts, Diane. You all just know how to have a good time.

I know the last month is uncomfortable and a little miserable, but it's exciting too. Just think..two months from now you're going to posting tons of photos of Emmy!

kansasrose said...

I'm thinking the full moon is on May 2nd and may be THE day for your girl to deliver. Just a hunch...poor dear looks ready. Loved the camping pix hon...that is just about the best kind of fun there is! Donna looks so happy and so she is a skywatcher too? Good fishing in your neck of the woods! I am ready to camp too...been 3 years since I have done so and it long overdue. Glad you had a relaxing and enjoyable trip in spite of the barking dogs. (I read Donna's blog and oh my your sweet older sis has a way with words...she had me in stitches) Hon that barking racket all night would have driven me up a wall..or a tree. Kudos to you all for handling those folks so well. Prayers continue for you and yours and the new parents to be and that sweet child Emmy. Love to you, Jenxxxooo

Brenda said...

Nine months already?! Wow. I'm sure Jessica's thinking it seems even longer, bless her heart. She looks swell, though. (tee hee) Yeah, I know it's not funny when you're miserable, but I can definitely relate, having gained 60 pounds with my first one.

Love the photos, especially the clematis. Beautiful!

Blessings to the soon-to-be grandma!

PEA said...

Sounds like you had a great time with camping and fishing...still too early in this part of the world to do that! lol Our lakes still had ice until just a few days ago!!

Oh wow, look at that belly for sure! My heart goest out to her because I remember so well that last month, it was hard even moving around!! I'm anxious to hear what her doctor says on Monday. My prayers that everything goes well!!!

I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures...see, Blogger was nice to you too! lol Love ya! xoxo

"Early Bird" said...

I enjoyed the virtual fishin' expedition!
Jessica looks ready to pop! Not long now!!

RennyBA said...

You know I love camping and thanks for keeping us posted in your lovely, talkative way - it's a great read!
To late to wish you Happy Friday, but I hope Happy Weekend will do:-)

Jen said...

Donna's clematis is beautiful
lovely place you went camping
nice sunset
yahooooooooooo wont be long til Emi is with you all