Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Baby Shower, Easter Sunday & *Stuff*

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had some pictures from Jessica's baby shower at my church that I wanted to share, and here they are. Between the pictures from the shower and some from Easter Sunday, I had quite a few so I chose to make 2 slideshows instead of uploading each picture. Blogger has been pretty accomodating about uploading pictures for me lately, but I didn't want to chance it considering I have almost 30 pictures I want show you. Not to mention that it would make my post about 3 miles long if I uploaded each picture one at a time.

Here's the baby shower slideshow:

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There were about 35 people at the shower and Jessica received a LOT of very nice gifts. We were touched that so many people attended the shower and were so generous in their giving for baby Emmy. My sister Cecil was the hostess for the shower, along with my other sisters.

Cecil left the shower and got to the hospital just before her mother in law passed away. The memorial service for her mother in law is Tuesday at 11 am at our church and we'll be attending, of course. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and your
prayers for Cecil and her husband.

Easter Sunday dawned sunny but cold here. The Easter Bunny probably froze his
little powder puff tail off delivering his eggs here, with the temps in the mid 20's on Easter morning.

Danny, Mikki and baby Seth were at church for the first time since he was born. His pediatrician had recommended they keep him away from crowds for about 6 weeks, but they fudged a little.
Seth is about 5 ½ weeks old now, and is almost 8 pounds, up from 5 lbs. 7 oz. when he was born. I took several pictures at church, then more when Cecil, Ducky, Danny, Mikki and baby Seth and I went to a restaurant for Sunday Dinner.

I guess that solves the mystery of what Diane did for her Sunday Dinner! My sister Ducky treated me to a catfish dinner, while the rest of them had smoked pork chops, country ham steak, chicken fried steak and chicken nuggets. This particular restaurant also has what they call "passarounds" which are free extras they bring out from the kitchen in addition to your regular meal that you pay for. Some of the free passarounds we enjoyed were
fresh hot yeast rolls (which they actually throw to you from across the room!) fried breaded okra and white beans with ham, among other delights. Can you tell they specialize in Southern cookin'?

Now the Easter Sunday slideshow:

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Jessica visited her doctor today for her last ultrasound. Her doctor said that Emmy is not fully in position to deliver, but she is at least head down and not breech. He also went back to May 29th for her due date. He's going by the measurements of Jessica's belly for that date. I still think earlier and that Emmy is just a small baby.

Jessica has been having some headaches and a bit of swelling, and one of my fears for her may be realized. Her blood pressure is about 25 points higher than it should be and she had some protein in her urine today. All these point to preeclampsia and/or toxemia. As of right now she's okay and he's not terribly alarmed, but he did
tell her to cut way down on her salt intake and to keep her feet up and rest more often.

According to the May 29th due date, she still has anywhere from 4-7 weeks to go, and that's a long time for possible preeclampsia/toxemia to rear its ugly head, or other complications. I'd appreciate your prayers on Jessica and Emmy's behalf, y'all.

Man, it's almost like history is repeating itself. We just got through the crisis with Mikki and baby Seth, and now it may be starting with Jessica and baby Emmy. Oh, I pray it's not so!

Remember I mentioned that I was making yeast rolls and coconut cakes for that bake sale at church? I made an extra coconut cake for us. Well, it's actually a hybrid: half coconut, half plain, because some of the weirdos in our bunch don't like coconut for some strange reason. Here's a picture of the cake, and the corner piece that's missing? That was a cook's sample. I have to say, it's pretty good stuff, and really easy to make, as homemade cakes go.

I have one more picture I want to share. I came across this picture a while back when I was looking through my old family pictures and I had to scan this one into my picture files to share with you.

This picture was taken on July 21, 1983. That's my nephew Frankie, my sister DONNA and my niece Tammy. This was almost 24 years ago! It seems like only weeks ago rather than over 20 years ago.

As my dear friend PRAIRIE FARMERESS recently pointed out, Tempest Fugit, or, Time Flies. Oh, mercy, how it flies!

I think that's enough for the moment, so I'm going to wish everyone a great week and send my love to you all.



RennyBA said...

What a wonderful shower - J % J must be very pleased - thanks for sharing the movee!
The Easter Sunday slide show was great too - lovely to see the whole family - small once and adults.
Glad you liked my Easter Bunny hunt too and looking forward to your report next year with your granddaughter toddling after you:-)

"Early Bird" said...

Wow, I'm impressed...two slide shows in one post!!
Your hair cut sure did bring out the curl in your hair...I think it is time to change your profile pic...
The baby will lack for nothing from the looks of things...your daughter is well loved by many!!

Dick said...

Jessica and Emmy will have my prayers for health. Modern medicine works wonders every day. My DIL had to spend quite a bit of time flat on her back before K's arrival back in 2000 but it all worked out fine.

Connie said...

Jessica just looks wonderful. She looks like she got so many gifts for the baby. I bet she was excited. My prayers are with her that her delivery will go smoothly.

All the best to you.

Barb said...

Donna's hair is CUTE! I love her cut. And poor Cecil. You can just see how sad and worried she is in these photos. Poor thing. She and her husband are still in my prayers as they get through these sad days.

So many pictures! How blessed Jessica and Jason are at such an outpouring and so many pretty new things to help them get ready for Emmy.

Krissy's last two months were exactly like Jessica's and I was worried to death. High blood pressure, unbelievable swelling in her poor hands and feet, headaches and I tell you, I've never been so scared so I know how you feel. Let's hope she does exactly what her doctor's telling her - watch that salt and REST every single chance she gets. Kris ended up being induced early and having a c-section because it just got too scary at the end. I hated to see her go through it but by then, it was a relief to just get that baby safely out and get my daughter healthy again. So you know I'm praying for your baby girls, both of them. xoxoxo

PEA said...

I so enjoyed both slideshows!! The baby shower seems to have gone extremely well and look at all the wonderful gifts Jessica received for Emmy:-) I just love that Winnie the Pooh cake!! Baby Seth is just adorable and he looks so healthy:-) My prayers are with Jessica and the baby and that all goes well for the rest of the pregnancy!! xoxo

Lyndy said...

Jessica and Emmy will certainly be in my prayers and the new grandma too. I hope the last leg of her pregnancy is a breeze.

Wow look at all that great stuff Miss Emmy got. How fun I bet this has been for y'all going through all the goodies.

Great pictures...thanks for sharing.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Jen said...

As I write this if my calculates are correct you are all at the memorial service of cecil's mil. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time

wonderful slideshows

wonderful that Danny, Mikki and Seth were at church

bless Ducky for treating you

Praying for Jessica and Emmy

Greeneyes said...

HI Friend ,
looks like you have been busy , we keep missing each other on line , I did get your messages , hope you got mine .

Love the slides , great looking bunch and my ,lots of presents for little Emmy , I guess they are pretty set for her big day , diapers ,clothes , toys ,THE BESTEST grandma LOL,is there anything she doesnt have???
I will keep Jessica and Emmy in my prayers ,and the salt reduction , rest , elevation , etc should help a great deal and keeping calm if possible helps the Blood pressure .

By the way you look more like Ducky with your haircut , and I love the pic where they are laughing , but the best is the side belly view , you can really see her belly ,looks so sweet , hard to see her tummy in her jeans(guess that is what J was hoping for LOL)
well dear friend wish I could share a piece of that cake with you but I will just have to lick the screen LOL you take care and HUGS of the biggest squisiest kind , hope to catch you online soon .
Love you


Andre said...

Man! The countdown is SO on...

I'm too excited for words for you right now. My mom had her first (and so far only) grandchild this year and she's been on cloud nine. I can't wait to hear stories about you chasing Peanut around the house!

Diane said...

What fun! And you can just feel the joy, the excitement, and the love...in every picture. Thanks for sharing them.


PS: Love your new "do!"

Rachel said...

HaHa!! I am one of the weirdos who does not like coconut!! As much as I love cake, put some coconut on it and I won't touch it!

Wonderful shower and I loved both slideshows!!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I'm late getting here, but theres still plenty of pregnancy weeks for me to pray over and I'll do just that. The only thing that can worry you more than carrying a baby is when your daughter is. xoxo

kansasrose said...

Hi honey...Your pix won't load for some reason today..maybe it is my dang dialup. Hon just know your sweet daughter is in my daily devotions...you know my troubles with this preeclampsia thing, It is inherited it seems so I will be a watch dog on my daughters when they are pregnant for sure! Love you both and lifting this up....she will be fine but should rest up now and do what the doc says...I was on no salt for 2 months. To this day I cannot add any extra salt. Foods are so high in sodium as is...The shower sounded lovely! We are all so excited for this babe's arrival!