Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Please Pray For Heather


Feel free to grab the button to use
on your posts and sidebars.
And, Heather just updated her blog HERE.

One of our own blogging friends has just found out that she has a very serious brain tumor. Heather is a blog designer at SwankWebStyle and is also Emma Grace's Mom, who already has a button on my sidebar. News is still coming in on Heather's diagnosis and possible treatment, and she and her family are understandably devastated.

For updates on Heather's health, click on the button or visit her blog at ESPECIALLY HEATHER. Her good friend Laura, also a designer at SwankWebstyle, is updating Heather's blog with all the latest news.

Thanks, y'all, on Heather's behalf. She covets and appreciates all our prayers.


Diane said...

Oh Diane,

What a blessing this blogging community is.

You've got Heather's button already....may I "borrow it?"

Like you, I have been praying all day long--no matter where I is difficult to NOT pray! My heart longs for the "incense" of the "praying saints" to fill Heaven......and God will provide the miracle that Heather needs.

I am moved to tears by this community...and I haven't even met any one of my blogging friends.....what a reunion we will all have one day in Glory! Hopefully, we can find a way to meet this side of Heaven!



"Early Bird" said... much more can this family take?!
I'll sure pray and go check out the link for more info!

Granny said...

Me too. I'll check the link right now.

Lyndy said...

The button was a great idea. She has been on my heart and in my prayers all day.

Hugs to you dear one.


Susie said...

This was so very hard for me to read, because this exact same thing happened to my Mom. It was exactly five yrs ago this week that we got this same diagnosis.
My prayers are with Heather and her family. Miracles can happen...
Thank you for letting us know.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks Diane, I don't know how to put the button on my side bar, but I left a comment on Heathers Blog and am praying for her. Thanks so much for sharing the info. There is incredible power in prayer and we have a merciful God.