Thursday, March 22, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request ! !


Update - 3/22 - 11 pm Eastern time: I just talked to Sarah's little sister, who is at the hospital with her. Addison's temp is down somewhat, with medication. Her oxygen is better, on oxygen. She's nursing again, she's been awake more than asleep today so she's exhausted. They're checking her vitals so often, that every time Sarah gets her rocked to sleep they come in and wake her up again, so it's going to be a long night, with likely little sleep for Addison or her mommy. Chris is home with the boys. So please pray for Addison and Sarah to be able to get some sleep, for things to be well on the home-front, and for Addison's temp, fluids, and oxygen levels to improve over the next 24 hours. Sarah's Dad and I are grateful for family who is near (when we're so far away), for friends who are their extended family. And for each of you, for the covering of prayer literally across this nation, and even other countries. I've personally been comforted, just to stop and think throughout this day, how many times God heard Miss Addison's name whispered today. If you wake up tonight, can't get back to sleep, feel free to pray just a bit more. xoxo

Praise the Lord!!

Bev and Barb have requested that all our blogging friends who feel led to participate would post a prayer request for Addison and family.

Addison has been very sick with a breathing ailment known as RSV and was thought to be doing a little better, but now has been rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

You can read more about it here on Bev's blog.

If you're a praying person, please pray for baby Addison, her Mom, Sarah, and the entire family.

If I hear anything new on the situation I'll post updates here.

Thanks in advance to all my blogging friends and family.

Love and God bless,


Jen said...

Praying for Addison and Sarah

Barb said...

Thanks, Diane. I just got an email from Bev. She said she's getting ready to post an update.


Dawn said...

For sure! Little Micah, who some of us have on our sidebars, also has pneumonnia. He's 2, has cancer, and is very sick. Please add him to your list, everybody, and go look at his story on my sidebar, if you have a minute.

Kev and I finally have Chapter 4 done!

PEA said...

I had read about this on Barb's blog and have just now read the update that Sarah has posted...seems little Addie has improved:-) The power of prayer is a wonderful thing!!! xox

Rachel said...

I'll add them to my prayer list!! Hope there is much improvement even as I write this.

Linda said...

I'm praying for them all Diane. It is so encouraging to know that there are so many of us praying.
It was so good to see you in my "comments". I hope you're feeling better.

Tammy said...

I hope and pray for all the best for Baby Addison!!
You are such a sweetheart to share this request with us!!

Mountain Mama said...

I have also read about little Addison on another blog and have prayed for her.
Thanks Diane.
Isn't our blog prayerline just the greatest thing?

Barb said...

xoxoxo I love you, Diane. You are a heart friend.

Granny said...

We almost lost our youngest great-granddaughter to RSV. I will indeed be praying.

david santos said...

Hello, Diane!
This work is very good. thank you
have a good weekend

Greeneyes said...

HI Diane
will pray for them and then pray a little more , love you
hope your good

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
We've been out of town, and I'm so sorry to read this. I hope there's better news by now. I'm praying for her as I type this..