Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunday Dinner, March 25, 2007

Once again, where has the week gone?! This week has flown by. I've been busy around here at home, but more on that in a bit.

Sunday Dinner for us tomorrow will be Hamburger Soup, and for Jessica, a Hobo Dinner. She doesn't like any soup. I know, it's a genetic deficiency and we're researching the problem, but in the meantime, anytime I cook soup I have to make her something else.

So what's for dinner at your place? Just share your menu or plans in the comments.It has been unseasonably warm here in Arkansas this week. I'll even go so far as to say it's been hot. The high here today was 84 degrees. I've had the windows open day and night for the last few days, airing out the stuffiness of being closed up all winter.

I washed laundry all day Friday and Saturday and hung my bed linens outside to dry. I have several bedspreads and quilts lying on the bed beside me that were dried in the fresh spring air. I can smell them from 10 feet away. They smell so fresh and clean. They make the whole room smell good. I still have more to wash. Most of them are just stale from being stored all winter, not dirty, but I like to wash them and hang
them out in the fresh air to dry.

I finished another baby afghan for a friend from church. It's just like the one I made a couple of weeks ago for baby Seth. Next on the agenda is one for my grandbaby, Emmy. Jessica and Jason asked for blue and pink for Emmy's afghan. I have most of the squares made for it, so I should have it done in plenty of time. Jessica's due date right now is May 15th, but it wouldn't surprise this Mama in the least for Emmy to be here several weeks earlier. Either way, I should have her afghan done before she makes an appearance, unless she's really impatient and is premature.

My next priority around here is getting my computer room/spare room ready to do triple duty as a nursery. Jessica and Jason have asked me to take care of Emmy several days a week, for a few hours at a time, after Jessica goes back to work. It would only be for a few hours some afternoons, and possibly on Saturdays. I thought about it for about 10 seconds before I said "YES!!" Of course we've already discussed the fact that I have obligations myself and there will be times I won't be able to keep her, so we'll have to work that out.

I'm sitting here right now looking around me at the mess, wondering where in the world I'm going to put some of this stuff! Decisions, decisions....Not only that, I have to make room for MORE stuff. Baby stuff, that is. I keep telling myself it will be a labor of love. Sigh....

Thanks to all of you who responded to the call for prayer for baby Addison. She is still in the hospital but is doing a little better, praise God! You can read her Mom's latest update here. I know Sarah and her family appreciate your prayers on Addison's behalf as well.

I've still got soup and hobo dinners to make, plus laundry to fold and my Sunday School lesson to study, so I'll wish everyone a blessed Sunday. May God meet all your needs and bless you with enough to share.



Granny said...

I have no idea what Sunday dinner will be. I may let the youngest do the cooking. She loves it and it's always interesting to see what she comes up with.

Try to rest and I'll do the same.


Rachel said...

For once I know what my Sunday dinner will be. I am up very late (early) tonight and I put beef stew together in the crockpot and it's on low. Should be ready about 2 p.m. tomorrow. It smells good already! I will prepare cornbread to go with it and I have pecan pie for dessert.

Have a blessed Sunday! Love those pretty afghans!!

Naturegirl said...

I just came in from Tammys and she posted about friends holding hands.I just wanted to come by and say THANK
YOU for holding my hand along the way
and giving me support and encouragement when I first began blogging 1 yr. ago! I'm still catching up on visiting blogs since I arrived home from vacation! Holding your sweet baby in my prayers!
hugs NG

PEA said...

I'm obviously living in the wrong place...we just had snow again yesterday! lol We don't even have buds on the trees yet! Sigh!

For dinner tonight...I made Meatball Subs on Friday so I think we'll just have the leftovers with coleslaw. Sounds good to me anyway! lol

The afghans you make are so beautiful and I'm sure will be treasured through the years!! I love it that I still have the one my mom had made for Corey 26 years ago:-)

I can imagine how thrilled you are that you will be looking after the baby once Jessica goes back to work, you will make such a wonderfulllll grandma!!

Take care my friend! xoxo

P.S. Throwing a snowball at you!!! teehee

Barb said...

Ten whole seconds? LOL

The afghan is gorgeous. I love making granny squares - easy and so much fun to put together. I like working on smaller sections at a time instead of having a whole blanket or crib cover spread all over myself, especially in the summer.

If you read my Sunday post, you know I'd planned meatball subs for dinner. Well, we ended up having those last night so today I'm going to figure something out with some chicken breasts and onions and bell peppers. I think I'll just invent something knew. That's always interesting. LOL

You are very, very smart to be up front about taking care of the baby. I adore mine, but I let it totally stop me from keeping up with my own life. Took me and Kris almost two years to get it squared away so that it works for both of us.

I'm so excited for you, Diane. You can only begin to imagine how much you're going to love taking care of that precious baby. Just scooch everything in that computer room off to the corner or throw it out - make room for that baby! Just don't toss the computer out, OK?


Susie said...

Well, you're about to embark on a great adventure my friend. Loving and caring for your grandchildren is a wonderful gift you give each other.
Dinner tonight?
We're having our daughter and her family here for chili steak over rice, corn, salad and flour tortillas. She's bringing dez.
We love Sunday dinner as a family!
((hugs)) and love!!

Linda said...

I'm going back to my roots for Sunday dinner - spaghetti and meatballs and sausage - and tossed salad.
My Mom still has a clothes-line, and you are absolutely right. There is nothing like that fresh air smell. I love it.
You will have a wonderful time with that grandbaby. They do, however, have a way of taking up lots of space :-) Make lots of room!!
Have a wonderful day Diane.

Tammy said...

My menu for today is in my today's post!
Ham is baking right now!
I love your crochet work!
Very Pretty!!

Morning Glory said...

Your baby afghans are so pretty. I can just imagine the delight from each person you give one to. What a lovely gift!

Jen said...

How exciting for u to be babysitting Emmy several days a week soon youre going to be make a wonderful caring loving supportive grandma :)

bless you Diane hugs

Greeneyes said...

Hi Granny D
Lovely Blankie , I bet they love receiving them , you are very good at making them , I bet you have many hidden talents .LOL

Today we had homemade Chinese food , ,the whole shebang????(spelling AHHHHH) , cooked for hours , a few dozen bites and a burp and it is gone , HhhhMMMM sometimes I wonder if it is worth it ! but then I do it all over again :0)-

Nice to see you on here again , hope your doing well , and I know where you can make room for baby Emmy ,,,,,,tee heee ,,,,,,it may be a bit of a drive tee hee , and hahahhaha I can always make room here LOL .
I know , you wouldnt part with her, but it was worth a try LOL

sending Hugs and lots of love
from your thawing ever so slowly friend

zzop357 said...

The soup was good Diane.Cecil scarred me at Walmart though.She tried to get the checkbook out of my back-pocket,and I felt it.
Thanks for having us today,I've been missing ya'll.I want to have an adult
though,those kids wore me out.
Talk to you later in the week.
Love you Sister.

on the Rock said...

Love the baby afghan!

We had atlantic salmon steak with broccoli and some Kraft Cheese dinner on the side. Followed by the dessert you'll have to check out at my blog.

Happy nursery decorating!

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
So very happy you stopped by.

I can feel the excitement building about the arrival of your grandbaby. Your little afghan is so cute. Love the squares.

Take care,

Dawn said...

Thanks for coming over this morning. I missed Sunday dinner posting altogether. We had spaghetti, etc.

I know you're excited about taking care of little Emmy. There's nothing like being the grandma, you know! But do set the boundaries, because it's easy to be taken advantage of. And they do get harder to take care of as they get more mobile - and we do get exhausted!!

I still have Kristen's crocheted blankie from dear Grandma Gladys, who was the nursery attendant for years and years.