Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sunday Dinner, March 18, 2007 & Assorted Ramblings

Can you believe it's Saturday night again already???

First let's take care of Sunday Dinner then I have some pics and some news to share.

Pinto beans cooked with some smokey bacon chunks, my pan bread, and some fried potatoes. And if anything else strikes my fancy, I may throw something else in for good measure.

What's on the menu at your place? Just share your plans in the comments.
I apologize for being so lax about returning visits and comments lately. What with helping out with baby Seth at Danny's and Mikki's, then nursing the two kittens every 2 or 3 hours, the last 3 weeks have been so busy for me I haven't had time for much of anything besides the absolute necessities. As much as I love blogging and my blogging family and friends, it had to take a backseat to other obligations lately. Having the kittens here was a lot like having a newborn human baby. You learn to sleep when you can and when they do, and do a bit of cooking and housework when you can grab more than 10 minutes at a time.

I should have a bit more time to visit now, and I hope to get back around to see you all soon. Thanks for being patient with me, dear friends and family.Now I have some pics to share.

This is another baby afghan I just finished
for a friend at church. She has a baby boy.
That looks like black, but it's navy blue
and baby blue.
Want to see some Spring flower photos?
Okay, here's my flowering quince.
If you'll recall, I posted a pic of this same
shrub blooming away in the snow.

Now look at it!Daffodils?
These are my King Alfreds.
Now for my other news.

Jessica and Jason moved into their new apartment
Friday and Saturday! Lamar and I helped, along

with several friends and family.
They are so excited to have their own place,
and Jessica is running around like a chicken

with its head cut off trying to decide what
she wants to go where. Their roommate in
their other apartment was a woman, and
girls, you know what it's like for two or

more women trying to cook and keep house
in the same dwelling.

Jessica was so excited to be able to put
her dishes, furniture and sundry other
things where SHE wanted them to be,
until it came down to actually putting

it into practice and SHE had to make
all those decisions.

Can we just say it's been an event-filled
and interesting day? Not to mention
tiring and stressful. I will say, though,
that there was no bloodshed, not a
word spoken in anger, and I don't

recall divorce being mentioned at all.

Of course, they've only lived in the other
apartment for 5 months, that apartment is
literally just across the parking lot (they moved

from apartment C to apartment H), and
they really don't have that much stuff.

Except for the really heavy and bulky
stuff, they hand carried most of their
things from the old place to their new one.

I told them to wait until Emmy's been here
a few years, and they've lived there long

enough to really accumulate some stuff.
Then we can talk about some REAL moving.

Here's a few pics of the new place.

The kitchen. Left side...
And right side. Dining table, and washer
and dryer behind the folding doors.
Emmy's room, some assembly required.
Still a long way to go in there.
Jessica and Jason have to pick up
a full bedstead here at my place,
hopefully on Sunday afternoon.
Jessica's baby shower is in a couple
of weeks and various friends and
family are giving her a baby bed

and other things for the baby,
so for now, the full bed and a small

chest will be all that's in there.
Guess who'll be using that full bed
quite a bit, at least for the first week
or so after Emmy gets here?
A partial view of the living room.
This was at about 7 pm Saturday night.
We'd all just about had it here.
We'd just quit for the day, and let
me tell you, Diane was and is, TARD.
Or as BooMama and Sister would
say, I'm plumb "knocked".
And one last picture. Jessica was so
tired she didn't even argue with me about
what she looked like when I asked about
taking a belly picture.
Well, I think we're all caught up now.
I'm going to find a snack and study my
Sunday School lesson, then read a bit if
I can keep my eyes open.

May God bless you with all you need,
and enough to share.
Have a blessed Sunday, y'all.



Alex said...

glad to see things are going good there. take care of yourself!

Barb said...

Beautiful afghan, beautiful flowers and beautiful belly, Diane.

And how exciting for them, the have their own place. I'm so happy for them. See? It's all falling into place.


Big Mama said...

Love that afghan, it's just beautiful.

I know Jessica and Jason are thrilled to be in their own place and they'll be even more thrilled to have Mama sleeping in that double bed helping take care of Emmy.

Susie said...

Moving can be exhausting! You've had a full plate these last few weeeks!!
Sunday dinner for us will be corned beef and cabbage. We had company for dinner on Saturday who "don't do" that type of meal..
Bill and I really enjoy it!!

Granny said...

I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my photo viewing software. Some photos show up, others don't. Strange.

Corned beef and cabbage for tomorrow. I know it's a day late but Sunday dinner seemed to work out better for us than Saturday.

The corned beef is cooking in the crockpot overnight. I'll do the rest tomorrow.

I can't remember who commented for sure (I know zztop did) but I left everyone a greeting card on the blog if you get over that way.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Can I just comment on the lovely flowers, since we have 3" of snow on the ground and it looks like an oasis, and not mention that I have not a clue what we're eating tonight. Not a clue...

BooMama said...

How do you do it all? The afghan and the kitten-nursing and the cooking and the moving and the baby-helping? You have been a busy girl.

So great to get caught up with your family...and Jessica and Jason's new place looks great! What a happy time for their family....

Y'all take care!

Tammy said...

I think I'll send Hubby after some KFC as my alergies or head cold has got me zonked *kerchew*...scuse me!!
That baby afgan is so pretty...I like the "blues" you chose!
And the kid's apartment looks like a nice one...good for them!
Are ya'll sure she is carrying a gal...kind of looks like a boy to me...but then that might be a Benedryl Haze...sigh!!

Linda said...

It's such fun to read your posts Diane. I'm glad you have more time to write - although it sounds as though it was just a tad busy!!
I believe moving is a true test of character; It will either kill you or make you better. Glad to hear everyone survived. Jessica is definitely looking pregnant :-). It won't be long now Granny!!

Mary Lou said...

Hi Diane, It sounds like your life will never slow down. I think you like it like this - full of action all the time. Loved the photos esp. the flowers - too cold here in Canada for flowers yet. Tonight, we are having sirloin tip roast and it smells heavenly cooking in the oven. Bye for now.
God bless. Hugs ML

Jen said...

The Spring flowers are beautiful
U must have a beautiful garden

sounds like u had a busy day

nice apartment

Greeneyes said...

Baby Bellies , Blankies and beans ,three of my favorite things LOL.
Great job on the blankie it is really beautiful,you are a very talented ! and very busy , miss you , hope things are getting a little smoother for you ,will keep you in my prayers.
Lovely digs for Jand J , and for a group who is all tuckered you look pretty good , but where is your sweet face , behind the camera !
sending hugs ,get some rest friend
love you

Ps tell Jessica tanks for the pic it is so sweet to see her belly grow,thanks for sharing ,hugs.

Dawn said...

What a busy few weeks you've had! The apartment looks nice. Moving is about my least favorite thing to do, for myself or anyone else. Must be why we haven't done it in 28 years!

We had a turkey breast today with mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh asparagus, rolls, and bundt cake.

Love the afghan. I posted my baby spring flowers yesterday. The daffodils will be awhile. And they'll all probably be under snow again before it's all over. I love daffodils, which we called jonquils when we lived in Arkansas.

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous afghan. You rock!

My daffodils are only about 3 inches high now. In due time. Yours are gorgeous!

Their apartment looks so nice and cozy!

Meow said...

Gorgeous afghan ... that's gonna be one lucky baby !!!
Your daffodils are beautiful ... we are in Autumn now, so the Spring flowers are a lifetime away !!
The apartment looks lovely, congrats to them for having their own space.
What a lovely bubby-tummy !!
Take care, hugs, Meow

Rachel said...

Your Sunday dinner was what we mostly grew up on!! Pinto beans, fried tators, and cornbread. Nothing better with some onions, or without them too!!

Love the afghan!

Great apartment. They have more cabinet space than I have!!

Beautiful flowers!!

Nashe* said...

So who will be using the bed, D?


Baby shower! haven't had the chance to go to one in ma life!

Sister said...

I'm just knocked reading about it all. ;)
Congrats to J&J on their new home!

Kristen said...

Well, have been a busy lady! I'm tired just reading about all of that! You're definitely right about how much stuff will accumulate once that baby gets here! It's unbelievable!

Hope you get some rest!

PEA said...

After having been out of touch the last few days, I'm now trying to catch up with everyone! That blue afghan you made is just wonderful, I'm sure the recipient will love it:-) As for your Spring flowers coming up...ppffftttt to you! lol Mine are still buried under snow! Sigh! I'm glad Spring has found you, though:-) Glad to hear Jess & Jason's move went so well...looks to be a great looking apartment!! Her tummy certainly has gotten a lot bigger....little Emmy is growing nice and strong!! xox

Dawn said...

You hit it right on when you said I have a wonderful heritage. I am truly blessed.

marypauline said...

Hi Diane,
I am a lurker and haven't visited for a while. It was good to catch up with the Grandma to be.
I thought I would mention to you a neat resource for parents to be. It is a neat concept where you can post something you need or something you want to give away.
I was fortunate enough to be given 2 garbage bags full of girl baby clothes right before my daughter was born last year. What a lifesaver! Or at least a wallet saver.
Just thougt I'd pass that along to you and your other viewers.