Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm Alive But I Ain't Kickin' Too High...

The title pretty much says it all. Thanks to all of you who've offered prayer and words of encouragement during my illness. I'm feeling a little better overall, but still not back to 100% by any means. My throat is not as sore but I still have cottage cheese on my tonsils and I still feel like I've been pulled through a knothole backwards.

I cooked supper tonight. It's the first time I've really cooked a meal since Monday. I
fried some potatoes and a pork steak, then made cream gravy for Lamar. I had a few eggs boiled so I devilled them to add to the menu. It was good, but mercy, did it ever wear me out. I have good intentions as far as wanting to do some housework and such, but no energy at all. As my Mama would say, I feel like I've been rode hard and put away wet.My hubby is leaving tonight for Dallas/Ft. Worth. His Dad and brother live there and he makes the trip several times a year to visit with them. He's going now and hoping to make it back before Jessica decides it's time to evict Emmy. She's not actually due to deliver until May 15th, but I'm thinking anywhere from April 13th on is more like it. He should only be gone a week or so this time, so he should make it back in plenty of time. Are you reading this and taking note, Jessica and Emmy?

I had all sorts of plans for cleaning and laundry, organizing, etc. while Lamar is
gone visiting and now I don't feel like doing anything but sitting in the recliner and dozing, maybe reading occasionally or checking my bloglines now and then. I'm hoping I feel well enough to get some things done before hubby gets home, but I'm not betting the farm on it.Recently at Bev's blog I noticed that she submitted her blog to be critiqued at a blog called, appropriately enough, CRITIQUE MY BLOG. Since I first saw this at Bev's I've since seen it at several of the blogs I read. So I thought I'd see what kind of review my blog would get. Here's the result:

When you click on into Diane's blog you get the feeling of down home hospitality for some reason. Diane is truly a "family blogger" who is clearly very proud and very loving of her family. She also has a cool feature called Diane's Sunday Dinner that makes my mouth water and my tummy grumble (I'm on a it's been rabbit for a whole wheat for me ). If you are reading this today then you can see the latest installment fresh today! Also...our girl Diane has another blog called...Diane's Recipe Blog for all you foodies out stop on by and say hello and get comfy at Diane's place.

Neat, huh? If you want to submit your blog for a critique, click HERE.
I came across a couple of old pictures I thought some of you might be interested in seeing. These were both taken the same day, almost exactly 20 years ago, on March 15, 1987. I was pregnant with Jessica here. It was just a bit blustery and windy. Can you tell by the hairdo's that look like they got caught in a milking machine? Or perhaps our clothes that are plastered to our bodies? Note the ginormous spectacles we're all sporting.
They look like safety goggles, don't they?
But that was the style in 1987.
Donna/Zztop wasn't there that day for some reason.

Another bit of news from me. I had my sister Ducky cut my hair last Sunday. REALLY cut my hair. As in, almost shave my head. Yeah. My hair is even shorter than it is in those pictures above. I don't have any good pics of me taken since I got my haircut or I'd post one or two. I'm not very good at taking selfportraits, as anybody who reads my blog very often is well aware. I'll try to get one of the sisters to take a couple of shots soon so I can post them. I did have Cecil take a few "Before" shots so you can compare to the "After" pics. I also kept the long ponytail Ducky cut off.

I just get so tired of caring for long hair. I have a limit for tolerating it, and when I reach the limit, I'm done. It was giving me headaches occasionally, the shampoo and conditioner was getting expensive because of the amount I had to use with all the hair I had, and it took so long to wash and care for it. Plus my arthritis was killing me having to keep my arms up so long washing, rinsing, combing, etc.

I wish there was some way to crank it up and down to suit the seasons and my whims. I'm not at all hard to please, am I?
I think I've bored everyone enough for the time being. I'm going to go find a simple snack and probably fall asleep in the recliner, then get up sometime in the middle of the wee hours and actually to bed. Sounds like a plan, anyway.

Oh, and by the way - Happy Easter, everyone.

My love and blessings to all,


Merle said...

Hi Diane ~~ Sorry I haven't been by for a while. I am so sorry you have been so sick and do hope that you will soon be well again.
A great chance while hubby is away to get some jobs done, but it's no good
until you are better. Take care of yourself Diane, my thougts and prayers are with you. Love, Merle.

Granny said...

Diane, I'm so sorry you've been ill.

Hope by the time you read this you're feeling better.


April 19 would be a good time for the baby to arrive. It's my birthday.

kansasrose said...

Hi hon...You sound like you have been hit hard by a semi! Hope you can get some rest...plenty of fluids...chicken soup would be good...if I was nearby I would make ya up a batch....with plenty of good garlic. Garlic tablets are good for colds and crud...they help me and the garlic breath is not there with them...I got hit with this too last week so I know how ya feel like crawling under a rock. I think the wee babe will come around the third week of better get well for all the excitement of becoming a new grandma! You take care your pictures and blog! Love, Jenny

Greeneyes said...

Hi sweet D .
Hope the cottage cheese makes its exist and soon. You should take this time with Lamar gone to relax , rest , snooze , just rest and get better , always easier to do without men underfoot !
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~
ZWho cares about the housework and stuff , it will always be there , (DONT I KNOW IT!!)and you are more important , take time for you and getover this bug!
Hope I dont sound Bossy! LOL
just want my friend better is all.♥
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~
I love ♥the pics and the ladies of the 80's comes to mind !
Nice ones , always a treat to read you , and the comment the critique said was good , you would have to add how well you write and great at story telling , They are my favs !!!!
and what a sweetie you are ,,x♥oxo♥xo♥x
hope your well soon
take care
~ ~ ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ ~ ~

Praying for your Prodigal said...


I'm so sorry that you are still not feeling well. Sinus infections are just the worst!

I hope you are feeling 100% soon!


(P.S. Couldn't agree with your reviewer always make me feel so welcome.....!!!!)

Lisa said...

The first time I had a sinus infection, I thought I was dying. I was shocked when that was all it was. You could've told me I had some life threatening disease by the way I felt! Man. I hope you feel better soon - can't wait to see your hair! I am growing mine out now but I get to a point where I'm like CHOP IT! ;)

Jen said...

rest and take it easy till ure all better

wow!!! do you like short hair
I like mine
it is soooo easy to look after
I would love to see a photo

Dawn said...

Sounds like you might have strep throat too! That cottage cheese on the tonsil area is not good.

I think you should do absolutely NOTHING while hubby is gone. Sounds like a great vacation.

Yes, if we lived close, it would be very detrimental to our other lives!

Love the pictures with the huge glasses - that was definitely the style. Remember the ones I was wearing on that picture in Kristen's and my story? UGLY!!

Can't wait to see a picture of your new do. Sounds like you need to share your head and invest in a wig!

Dawn said...

I love what that guy said about your blog. I haven't posted mine, because it wasn't all that great. I was disappointed. Oh, well!

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
So glad to see you post again and hope you feel better each day. I'm anxious to see pictures of your new hairdo. I bet it will be way easier to take care of.
Maybe we should do a "guess when the baby will arrive game" My dad's birthday is Apr 23.
((hugs)) and love!!

Susie said...

PS forgot to say that I love the comments that guy had about your blog. I haven't submitted mine...

PEA said...

You poor dear, that bug really does have a good hold of you! I do hope it doesn't last too much longer!! Love what the guy said about your blog...he's so right too:-) Anytime I come visit you I feel so welcome and your down home country cookin' is the best there is! Ooooh can't wait to see a picture of you with your haircut...I know what you mean about all the time it takes to care for long hair!!! Sometimes I think of cutting mine but then I think noooo! lol Love the old pictures of you and some of your sisters:-) Feel better soon my friend!! xoxo

Rachel said...

Hope you are feeling better today Diane! Thanks for telling us how your tonsils look!! EEEWWWWW!!! Great visual there!!!

I hope you get some rest while your husband is gone. All those chores will still be there waiting for you, so just relax!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I think a sinus infection is just about the most uncomfortable thing on earth! I had one when I was pregnant and couldn't take a thing besides Tylenol--I was miserable!

I'm praying you start feeling better SOON!

"Early Bird" said...

Talking about your hair made me think about the old "Chrissy" dolls from the 60's...remember could crank her hair up and down!
Loved the photo's of you and your sisters!

Alex said...

hope youre feeling better by the time you rread this. i think that review of your blog was quite accurate. im gonna submit mine and see. I caN picture it now : "alex is a smart ass" - it'll be the shortest review in history!

Lyndy said...

Diane, Glad you are feeling some better. Don't overdo things while Lamar is away. You need to save all that strength for that new baby.

Can't wait to see your new haircut. I am like you and when my hair is long it makes my head hurt, as I have very thick hair. Bet you look adorable and it will be much easier for you to take care of.

Have a great weekend and be sure to get some rest.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy