Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Tummy Picture!

Jessica was here for a little while today and I took a few more tummy pictures. I think you can tell there's quite a difference from the last picture I posted of her.

As I mentioned in my last post, she is scheduled for an ultrasound next Tuesday. After that we should know more about exactly how far along she is and have a firm
due date. May 29th is the date they gave her at her last ultrasound, but I think it's off quite a bit. I think she'll deliver before then. We'll see, won't we?

We're all anxious to find out whether we need manly blue stuff or dainty pink stuff. Names for now are Ivan Blake and Emmy Alexis, but of course that's subject to change. Grandma here is going to love him/her either way, so I honestly don't care which we get. I can go fishing with a girl or teach a boy to cook, now can't I?
Totally unrelated subject now. Once again Demon Blogger is rearing his ugly head. I've tried to leave comments on several blogs today and had mixed results. After I clicked on the comment tab on some blogs it just kept grinding away but never brought up the actual comments and comment window to type in a new comment. In that instance I just bypassed commenting on the blog and emailed my comments.

On a couple more I waited a few minutes and the comment window eventually came up, so I typed in my comment and tried to publish. Then I waited...and waited...and when I got tired of waiting, just for fun, I waited some more. Fourteen forevers and an eon later, Blogger finally deigned to actually, like, you know, um...PUBLISH, already! Being fairly young and having a life to live, I finally gave up trying to publish a comment at a few blogs, as I said. I'll keep trying, though, and if you have trouble posting a comment here on my blog, feel free to email me. Let's just hope we have better luck with Blogger tomorrow, if not sooner.

I did pick up a bit of news for those still on the Old Blogger and who are having trouble switching over to the New Blogger. At least one blogging friend who recently switched clicked the button to switch and got a message that he had too many posts and comments to make the switch. He was going to have to delete part of his blog to bring total posts and comments under 1,000. Instead of doing that, he just started a new blog. Extreme, but if you're not too attached to your former posts and comments, I suppose it's one solution if you don't want to wait to switch.

I read a notice from Blogger when I signed into my blog yesterday that said Blogger was gradually "bringing over" all the blogs from the Old Blogger to the New Blogger. I still haven't seen a deadline detailing when all blogs will be finally switched from the Old Blogger to the New, though. I assume that anyone who starts a new blog on Blogger will automatically be using the New Blogger now.

One thing I'm concerned about is my custom template. I know a lot of you are in the same situation as I am. We are still using our templates from the Old Blogger and now we're kind of hanging in Blogger limbo. So, is the day coming when we'll have to choose one of the New Blogger templates or they'll choose one for us? Of course I won my template and it didn't cost me a thing, but many of you paid to have your templates designed. I know I'd be honked off to have to either pick from one of the free New Blogger templates or pay to have another template designed.

If anybody has any information to share regarding this or anything about New Blogger, please share it in the comments or email me the link to your post. I'd really appreciate any information anyone can share about it, and I know many of my readers are very interested in learning anything they can about the New Blogger.

It's a chilly night here, headed down into the low 20's. The stars are bright and gorgeous and there's a beautiful ¾ moon for those who have a strong enough constitution or enough antifreeze in their veins to stay outside and appreciate them.

I think that's going to do it for this post, so I'll wish everyone a good rest of the week. My love and blessings to all, dear friends and family.


Mountain Mama said...

Jessica's belly is so cute!
I have two granddaughters who are expecting, one in March and one in April. I remember how excited I was for my first grandbaby. I still love him totally. He is now 32 and has a dear little boy of his own.
We are supposed to get snow in the next few days and had a teriffic wind storm today. I rushed to the pavilion to stock up and plan to hibernate till spring! LOL
Blessings dear Diane.

Susie said...

Look at that tummy! Can't wait to hear pink or blue. Cute names too!
I would have to echo your sentiments on the troubles I've had with Blogger the Kind of Beasts today.
I'm glad I changed over when I did, but I have no clue on the custom template thing. I do like all the easy features on the new (beta) blogger.

Connie said...

Jessica looks so cute! Can't wait to hear if the baby is a boy or girl...

Switching over has been very nice for me. It is so user friendly and no problems posting or commenting. Not sure about your custom template but I am sure you can come up with something nice on new blogger. You won't have any more headaches.

Take care,

PEA said...

Jessica looks just wonderful and certainly is coming along well:-) You will make such a loving grandma, he or she will be very lucky!! I haven't switched to the new Blogger yet because every time I try it says it can't at the moment...I really don't want to have to start a new blog!!! Blogger seems to be working fine today, yesterday was a nightmare and I finally gave up! Much love xoxo

Barb said...

Boy, Diane. I'm thinking that late May due date is way off, by at least a month. Either that or she's going to have a twenty pound baby. She's getting awfully big for someone only four and a half months along. I so hope you find out the sex of the baby. It's so much fun to know ahead of time.

Blogger is baffling. The whole comment problem I'm having seems to be old blogger trying to comment on old blogger. I'm getting tired of trying to outguess it and hoping it'll just shape up and start flying right.

So far I've heard that custom designs move with the switch. I'm not going to be happy the tide goes out and never comes back in on my ocean template! And I'm really not going to be happy if they say I have to start deleting portions of my blog. I surely don't want to do that.

Sigh. Blogger was so well behaved through the holidays I actually believed it had grown up! Nope. Throwing another tantrum.

Dawn said...

Yes, blogger was a mess yesterday! Glad it seems to be behaving today.

They made some great pancakes and have some left in the freezer. They want to do everything when I'm cooking - it makes it more difficult, but such great moments together! Before you know it, little one will be here and growing like a weed!

Rachel said...

I like both names they have picked out!

I hate it when blogger is slow. I give up pretty quickly when it does that. Like you, I just can't sit here forever waiting on it. Very frustrating when it acts up!

Kristen said...

Looks like she's pregnant. ;-) I like the name choices. I'm sure you're so excited!!

Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog about my story. It's nice to see some new faces on my blog. :-)

Yellow Mama said...

I just love pregnant belly pics.


Linda said...

Jessica is looking as cute as ever. She may very well have the most photographed tummy in bloggyville!! I'm excited to find out exactly who is in there.
I don't know a thing about this new blogger stuff. I'm waiting for my new design from Susie, and she said to wait to switch over. So I think that means it won't hurt the template to switch. Maybe the new blog on blogging tips would be the place to ask that question.

Meow said...

Jessica looks gorgeous ... I imagine you are all so excited.
Regarding the new blogger ... I was always getting a message when I wanted to change over, saying my blog was too big, or it had too many comments ... for weeks. All of a sudden, I tried again (as I regularly did), and it just happened ... it was ready for me. I think you just have to wait for the right time. Regarding your template, I don't imagine it will be a problem ... you might have to initially use one of theirs, then change to yours ... just keep a copy of the html of your current template ... just in case !! Since I changed over, I have had no problems, aside from not being able to put my footprints and sparkly MEOW in my header, but I took this as an opportunity to change, and I like my new header just as much !!
Don't know if that all helped, just thought I'd mention it all !!
Take care, Diane, and have a fabulous weekend.
Hugs, Meow

Meow said...

Me again, Diane !!
You appear to have already changed over to the new blogger ... or so the comments do-dad tells me. Looks like it went relatively smothly, then !?!?!

RennyBA said...

What a cute and lovely picture of a proud mother - send her our greetings and good luck all the way from Norway.

We also have this blue or pink traditions, but I would say the most important thing is that the baby is well born.

Btw: Thanks for your weather report on my last post and wish you a great end to your week too:-9

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Oh how I wish we would have taken some of the progress pregnancy pictures when I was pregnant. Back in the day, however, digital cameras were not even a concept and I was afraid of being arrested upon arriving at the photo store to pick up my film that was developed! How times have changed.

I'm glad you are having so much fun with this new grandbaby--boy or girl....you're enjoying it so. Thanks for sharing your excitement and anticipation with us!

As to Blogger.....I am completely and hopelessly confused! I better back up my blog so that when the changeover is forced upon me I don't lose my posts to date. I have not yet changed over to New BLogger simply because I don't want to spend the time necessary only to find out I didn't do it right or some unknown glitch happened! I still shake at the thought of entering my template.

Still haven't figured out where all of these millions of blogs are stored....free! Since I don't understand so much of this...I hesitate to change anything! You are very brave to enter the realm of New Blogger!


TorAa said...

I agee, blue or pink doesn't matter. You'll love them anyway.

Commentsproblem. Me too. The Blogger Server has been unstable. Before I post a comment, I allways copy my comment text, as a back up, if the posting does not succed.
If it fails, I just paste the comment into the comment frame again (and again and again..)

I simply choosed a standard free template from the choices given at Beta.
I'm more of a content person than a "It has to be the best designed blog-type".

Have a very nice weekend, with or without Snow.

Tammy said...

You know it would not hurt my feelings if that grandbaby of yours is born on my birthday...May 11!!
Also, I switched to Beta and have not changed templates...I kept the one I had (for now)...I don't get to use all of their "special features" but oh well...

Judith said...

Diane, Oh that pregnant belly. Know you and your daughter are eager for the delivery. I'll be praying it goes well.

When Bev had Sarah, I didn't think I was overly excited, but when I couldn't get anybody to tell me how Bev was doing in labor, I just started walking in the direction they had taken her down the hall. Someone quickly showed up, and said she was fine, and found me a place to sit.

After Sarah was born I went outside to get into my car. and started it up, and bammed right into the one parked behind it. You When Jessica delivers. you might want to get someone else to drive.

Judith said...

Diane, I'm not sure I'm putting this in the right place. Just read that it's a girl. Now you all can work on all the pretty things for your Emmy. Something about giving her a name now makes it even more real. Oh, one more thing.......Moms never forget the little feet at our ribs. One of mine kicked so much, the one whose six foot four, (must have been crowded)I finally started trying to tickle his foot, to make him be still sometimes.