Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hey, everybody! I finally figured out last week, with BooMama's help, how to put the ciaomybella button on my sidebar and link to it. I'm on their mailing list, and I got an email from them about a contest they're running. You can win a new blog design, or a redesign if you're a current customer of theirs. Well, I sent in an email entry for the contest, and I got one back Tuesday morning saying I'd won a free new blog design! Check out their site and look under Specials and Contests to see what's going on there. They're giving away 3 Wordpress designs and 20 Blogspot designs. You have to have at least 1 month worth of posts, have to use blogger comments for the blogspot designs, and it will be for the 2 column design only. If anybody is interested, email your name, blog URL and tell them you want to enter to win a new blog design. Send your entry to: Also, if you put one of their buttons on your blog and link to it, like mine here in my sidebar, and they see it, you can win a free new blog design that way, too. This contest is independent of the other one. The Drive By Design contest goes on year-round. Last Christmas everybody on their mailing list won a certificate for a new blog design, so it's definitely worth your time if you're interested. If I left out some vital piece of information or you need to ask me something about the contests, email me. My email address is: Okay, my commercial for ciaomybella is over now. Moving on.....
Since I am getting a new blog design, I may be may be inblognito occasionally at any time in the next few weeks. I have no idea how long this will take, but they estimated somewhere in the range of 2 weeks. I'll still be able to post on my blog during that time, and my URL will not change, or my posts or comments. Just the appearance will change, not the basics. I have to email my preferences and make choices, etc, so that may take up some of my time.

It's been hotter than blue blazes here in Arkansas, and dry, too. That much needed shower we got last week is long gone, evaporated in this infernal heat. It hit 100 degrees today, and it's supposed to be 102 tomorrow, last I heard. The heat index is much higher, and we've had heat advisories and excessive heat warnings the last few days. Looks like we'll be having them for the foreseeable future, too. God Bless those people who have to work out in the heat, and the unfortunate ones without air conditioning. I don't know how anyone stands it, and there are people every summer who die from the heat. It's sad, and most of the time could have been prevented.
I still have much to do in preparation for BooMama's Tour of Homes on July 28th. There's an inexact science involved here, you know. I have to judge how much time I have to get the house cleaned up, but not get it done so early that it's disgraceful again before I can get the pictures made and the post written. If there's anyone in the blogosphere who hasn't heard about the Tour of Homes, click on the link in my sidebar or the one above, there, to read about it and sign up. There's already so many signed up, it'll take me 3 or 4 days just to visit everyone and see what they've posted that day! It's gonna be so much fun, y'all. And if you're feeling ashamed of your humble home, or like you're gonna be judged because of your housekeeping skills or hand-me-down furniture, please go read this post of Barb's. This is such a well-written post, and so heartfelt. In my opinion it's the best thing Barb has ever written, up to this time. If you haven't read this, it's well worth your time. And leave Barb an encouraging comment if you visit and feel it's worthy. I think you will. :-) She also got a new blog design, and it's gorgeous, just perfect for her, in my opionion. If you like it, please comment on it. As usual, it's late (or early, according to your time zone and your perspective!) and I'm TARD again. I cooked a beef roast, potatoes and gravy, and green beans seasoned with bacon grease and cooked down till they were plumb defeated for supper tonight. We also had some homegrown tomatoes and some of my homemade refrigerator pickles. Jessica and Jason, her boyfriend, had supper with us tonight. He didn't get off work until 8:15, which meant we didn't eat until 9 pm. We usually eat earlier than that, but this one day Jason had to work late. It was good, but I was about to starve by the time we sat down at the table. Wishing everyone a good Wednesday and rest of the week. I'll be checking out your blogs as I can, and hope to hear that everyone is doing well. Take care, my friends and family, and my love to all.



Barb said...

Hi Diane,

I see by the time stamp on this post you really ARE a nightowl. I was snoozing away when you wrote this! And as usual, you made me hungry. It's 5:45 a.m. and here I sit craving defeated green beans cooked in bacon grease. I'm gonna gain ten pounds if I keep dropping by your place.

Thanks for your nice words about my new blog design and the post I did encouraging everyone to join us in the Bloggy Tour of Homes on the 28th. Have you been over to BooMama's place? I think a record for number of comments has been completely shattered. My word. It's gonna take a week to get through all the homes. I can't wait.

I can't wait to see what you come up with for your new design and congratulations for winning one. I love it when someone's blog pops up with a whole new look because you know it shows a side of them you haven't seen. Can't wait to see yours. I hope there's at least one pickle in your banner!

And the heat. Oh my word. It's awful. When my Schwan's man showed up today I thought he was going to faint dead away when I opened the door and he was hit by a blast of cold air coming from my house. Think of the homeless. I don't know how they survive it. How blessed we are to stay indoors with our air conditioning.


Lisa said...

The heat is bad! The humidity is worse! :p

Can't wait to see your new blog design - thanks for all that info!! :) :)

Lee-ann said...

If I knew what you were talking about I could be dangerous! lol lol lol just kidding good one to you.

I enjoy always dropping into your blog for a look see at your new posts.

best wishes to you keep cool.

Brenda said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to see your new design. I'm sure it will be fabulous, and best of all it's free! How awesome is that?

It's hot here, too, but we haven't reached 100 yet. I think we got pretty close (98) one day last week.

Oh man, does that supper sound good. I made a meatloaf Monday night in my brand new oven, and we had meatloaf sandwiches last night.

Stay cool, and have a glorious day!

Autumn said...

I'm looking forward to the house tour. I am cleaning today for it.

Dick said...

Congratulations on your win! I have been thinking of moving to WordPress & I guess that would mean a site someplace else. I look forward to seeing your new design.

As to heat, I live on the west side (cooler & wetter) of the Cascade Mountains in Wash. State but am now on the east side (hotter, dryer) with the RV. Spokane today is supposed to be in the mid-80s which isn't bad but this weekend they are calling for temps over 100. I am not at all used to those high temps although the humidity will be low. I sure do like my air conditioners!

Sue said...

How wonderful for you to win a new blog design! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!!
It's been so hot here, too! Looks like most of the US is suffering with this.
Your dinner sounds delish..

Mountain Mama said...

Congratulations!! I have a Texas blog friend who is in the process of making me a new blog design too. I am excited!
I think it will be fun to see something new when I log on.

PEA said...

They say nice things happen to nice people...congratulations on winning the new blog design:-) Well done!! Can't wait to see it too!! Even here in Ontario we are having above average temps and when it's in the 90's here, we just about melt cuz we're not used to it! I had read Barb's post about the Tour of Homes and I also thought it was very well written! I also made a new friend in Barb at the same time:-) Take care my friend and have a great weekend!! xoxox

Tammy said...

I tagged myself with your ABC meme...check it out today if you get a chance...girl...I wanna eat at your house...I love me some green beans cooked just that way...and shut your mouth on those homegrown tomato's...I could get blisters in my mouth eating too many!!!

Andre said...

Ahhh...I like blog as it is. As I always say: "Simplicity is best".

Then again, maybe I'm just jealous that I didn't win a new blog design...

Paulette said...

LoL everytime I visit yor site I get sooo hungry!! You make my mouth water, I am having a roast tommorrow by golly.
Great post. It was 106 here today, in Tx so I am melting. The index in my car yesterday when I got in it was 111 with the car closed up!!!
Well Be Blessed.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

I am jealous and green , huh , how come you got picked LOL LOL sounds like I am two years old
Good for you , I dont know much about it but cannot wait to see it !I bet it is going to be really nice , happy for you , still a little KERMITTY!!!

Addie said...

YAY for you Diane! Can't wait to see the new digs. :-)

nasty nashe said...

D, hurry with the new design already!!!!

i wanna see your prowess at this... you must be pretty good, since you spend like half the time in Blogland...hehehe...
and your ABC meme thingamajig was cool.

still cant wait,

Diane said...

Thanks, just waiting to hear from Ro at ciaomybella now. :-)

Like I told Addie, I'm waiting to hear from the people I won the new blog design from. I have no idea if they'll be able to do what I really want. I may have to settle. :-(

Thanks about the ABC thingy, and feel free to do it yourself if you'd like. :-)

kim said...

wow Diane, I just can't keep up with you! And you cook too. oh my. Congrats on your blog design thing. I still have to figure out how to link others to me and all that so design is far in the future for now.

Thanks for all those opportunities to meet with my Jesus and petition Him for our needs. So cool He hears and answers each and every request.

And Hey to Barb, I love my Schwan Man! Not as much as my hubby but it's a close second (just kidding!)

Diane thanks for your visits to my site. ps: the pie taste great!

Anonymous said...

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