Saturday, July 15, 2006

Diane's ABC's

Okay, Brenda, I'm finally getting the ABC meme done that you tagged me for.

Accent: Pure Southern Redneck, y'all.

Bible Book that I like: The Gospel of John, especially the 14th chapter.

Chore I don't care for: I don't even like the word, "chore". Hmmm...I absolutely despise washing and putting up dishes.

Dog or Cat: Yes. I like both equally.

Essential Electronics: My computer and my cell phone.

Favorite Movie: "The Dirty Dozen".

Gold or Silver: Yes. So send me either one.

Handbag I Carry Most Often: None for too long. I wear them out with the sheer weight and volume of all I stuff in them. They absolutely must be ginormous and have lots of compartments/pockets. Oh, and they must have a shoulder strap.

Insomnia: Almost never. But, I am a night owl.

Job Title: Wife and mother. I don't work outside the home. However, want to discuss inside the home?

Kids: 1. Daughter, Jessica, 18. And whichever boyfriend and/or friends she has with her at the moment.

Living Arrangements: 4 Room apartment. 2 Bedrooms, kitchen, living/diningroom, single bath. In a 24 unit, single story complex for the elderly and disabled. My husband is disabled, and I've been trying for over a year to get my disablity.....*Sigh*..........

Most Memorable Moment: When the doctor laid Jessica on my chest to cut her umbilical cord. Next, being with my Mama and Daddy as they slipped away to be with Jesus.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Probably sitting on my younger sister Cecil's chest so she couldn't fight back.....after aggravating her to the point so she WOULD fight back. Not my most shining moment, but believe it or not, we are super-close now....Ain't we, darlin' sister o' mine? heh heh........

Overnight Hospital Stays: Jessica's birth, gall bladder, hysterectomy, and too many to mention with Jessica and other family and friends. I am the designated family nurse for such things.

Phobias: Falling through the cracks in wooden bridges. (see #43 & #44)

Quote: "Don't worry, it ain't loaded."

Religion: Nope. But I am a born-again, baptized (dunked, not sprinkled) believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, and a Southern Baptist by choice.

Siblings: By birth order: Sue, Ducky, Zztop, Me, and Cecil. All girls.

Time I Wake Up: Here lately, often at the computer, my hand still on the mouse. More generally, practically anytime, but anywhere from 10 am to noon, usually. Lots of exceptions, though. As stated above, I am a night owl, so my days and nights all run together at times.

Unusual Talent: As stated before in this blog, I can bark like a dog and cluck like a chicken. (see #37 & 38) I can fool both into answering me with barks and clucks, too. I should clarify, the dogs bark and the chickens cluck. You never know around here, it could be the dogs clucking and the chickens barking. I've seen stranger things......

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Not really anything, but I don't care for eggplant. I don't hate it, and I wouldn't hurt someone's feelings by not eating a dish they prepared that had eggplant in it, but I don't ever just get the urge to eat a big platter of eggplant.

Worst Habit: Probably procrastination, but I'll tell you about that later.

X-rays: Hmmm.....broken ankle, no cast. Teeth, numerous times. Knees and feet, several times for arthritis. Probably more that escape me at the moment.

Yummy Stuff I Cook: Mama's Homemade Cheesecake (scroll down), Mexican Chicken Casserole (scroll down), Crockpot Chicken and Dressing (scroll down), My Homemade Yeast Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls (scroll down)....and many, many more.

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Any of the big cats, and anything in the petting zoo. I like any animal I can touch. I'm a hands-on kinda girl.


Okay, on to the news of the day. Okay, there's not much news of the day. I still have to cook supper, but I wanted to get this posted first. I'm surprised hubby hasn't been asking about supper yet. Or rather, the lack thereof. Obviously it's not going to be anything too complicated at this late stage, but as of this minute I have absolutely nothing in mind to cook. I still have to get something out of the freezer to cook for Sunday dinner, but I'm leaning toward Spaghetti Chicken and maybe some green beans and potatoes cooked together, seasoned with bacon. Nothing written in stone about the menu, just random wonderings at the moment.

I dread getting out in the heat tomorrow for church. It's supposed to be nearly 100 degrees, and the heat just saps my strength and wrings me out. I try to get all or most of my cooking for Sunday dinner done on Saturday so I don't have to stand over a hot stove cooking after I get home from church at noon. Plus I don't want to wait for dinner because I'm always starving when I get home from church. Occasionally we'll go out to eat for Sunday dinner, sparing all that decision-making and cooking. Works for me. ;-)

For the few hardy souls who read all the way down this far, a QUESTION: What are your plans for Sunday Dinner? (Or Lunch for you non-Southerners.) If you're cooking, share the menu in the comments. If you're eating out, what and where? I think it will be fun to compare menus and plans and get a glimpse of everyone's life.

Well, I need to go feed the beast in the living room and the one growling in my tummy. Happy Weekend, everyone, and love and blessings to all.



momteacherfriend said...

Hmmmm....Tomorrow lunch? I have not thought that far ahead. Now that I am thinking about it, perhaps turkey mignon with sweet potato and corn. Sounds good to me.

Sue said...

We'll be on the road at lunch time (noon) but at dinner time our plans are to be in a very nice seafood restaurant overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean in very northern CA.
(We're getting away for a bit)
Loved your ABC's, see you when I get back...

deandean1174 said...

that thing you did with the abc's are really cool love ya and miss ya take care love dean dean

BooMama said...

I'll be all by my lonesome tomorrow after church - my boys are out of town - so I imagine I'll be having cereal or cereal. Or maybe some cereal. :-)

LOVED the meme, especially what you said about procrastination...too funny. You are ONE OF A KIND, MIss Diane. :-)

Brenda said...

Usually, after church on Sundays we go out to eat with the kids and their mom and stepdad. We decide where before we leave the parking lot. That's about as far in advance as it gets.

Love your quote (like I ain't heard that one before - too funny), and your worst habit is also one of mine. We're probably related. Besides being sisters in Christ, I mean.

Diane said...

MomTeacherFriend, that sounds good to me, too. :-)

Safe journey, and I envy you! Love the ocean, the mountains, travelling and SEAFOOD! Have fun, Sue. :-)

Dean Dean,
Thanks, and I love you, too. :-)

Party! Party! To-GA! LOL ;-)

Enjoy your "me" time, and surely you can come up with something a little more elaborate than cereal...Unless you just WANT cereal. :-)

BTW....Am I one of a kind in a good way....Or in a BAD way? LOL ;-)

Enjoy your family Sunday dinner out.

And I think we must be related, too. Scary, ain't it? And the bad thing is, we've all reproduced. ;-)

mombo said...

Hey, I just recently (in the last 6 mos.) decided to prepare better for my Sabbath by getting all food, clothes, and as many showered as possible on Saturday night. I found Sundays had become "Mom, the servant (and not in a good way) day," with everyone whining about being hungry, but not offering to help, then consuming and disappearing to their naps without cleaning up. More often than not we were running late because of a backup at the iron or shower. So, though I am a spontaneous sort of gal, I try to plan for Sunday. Plus, I LOVE walking in the door from church to the smell of my lunch! So tomorrow it is Pork Chop Casserole: Pork Chops, Cream of Soup - reduced fat, Lipton Onion Soup mix, sliced potatoes. Toss them all into the pan together, set on time bake at 325 for 1-1 1/2 hrs.(depending on how thick the chops are). Add a salad and presto! Wow, I'm hungry now.

Diane said...

Hi, Mombo, and Welcome!! ;-)

I know exactly what you mean. I refuse to cook when I get home from church at noon. It absolutely wears me out.

Your pork chop casserole sounds delicious! I'll have to try it. Wonder how it would turn out in the crock pot?

Dick said...

I will leave Moscow, ID for Spokane, WA about 11. It is about a two hour drive so I'll probably just fix a sandwich on the road for lunch. After I get setup in the campground, around 18:00, my brother & I well get together and figure out what we will do. He & his wife will be working on a afternoon bike ride so they may feel like going out to dinner. I don't know where we will go as there are many options.

Diane said...

Hi, Dick,
Be careful as you drive, and I wish you a pleasant trip. Enjoy your visit with your brother and SIL, and your dinner with them.

Pet Huggy for me. :-)

Nasty Nashe said...

wahaha........ nice! pure redneck, eyh? thatz cool...!

would love to hear you speak, D!

Diane said...

With computer to computer calling, that might be possible sometime, Nashe. We'll have to try it on Yahoo or MSN messenger sometime.

Have a good day, Nashe. ;-)

Anonymous said...

seeing as how i cant get zztopper to invite me over i gues i'll just have what i always have...beans and taters and iced tea. and by the way who is this dean dean kid u ben tiping to?
thanks fer leting me tipe on your paper.

Tammy said...

I just loved reading this and "all" of your 100 things about you...I could probably meet you but not know you as well if we weren't bloggin' friends and you wrote it all down...does that make sense??
My menu today...I usually cook pretty big on Saturdays and Sunday's too...and by cookin' big I mean lots of food...and it is usually just me and Hubby...ain't it sad...still trying to cut it down to just us'ins.
Well, son is bringin' home a new girlfriend this evening and I think she might be "the one" so I've made her favorite dessert a cheesecake...mine is a pretty good one if I say so myself...son has requested chicken frajitas and I made homemade pico di gallo. All that's got to be done ahead of time even the made that last night after supper. You sound like my kind of southern gal...hope we can be good bloggin' pals!

PEA said...

Loved your ABC' can learn so much about a person with those Meme's:-) Right from the start, when I started reading your blog, I knew you were a wonderful and kind just keep on proving it with your posts everyday:-) As for dinner...I barbecued pork chops, cut up potatoes in butter & spices (wrapped up in foil), carrots (wrapped up in foil also) and brussel sprouts. I'm still full! lol Have a wonderful day!!

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I'm eating it right now--tuna salad sandwich with an apple and a glass of milk. Grayson ate--I mean threw--his PB sandwich, applesauce, and cheese on the floor. Caiden ate the above, happily. Because he's that kind of kid:) My husband is still at church, so he'll be eating leftover tuna sandwiches, I guess!

And we'll be eating a gigantic cobb salad tonight. Because there's no way I'm cooking real food right now!

p.s. I loved this post:)

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Oh, and Diane, Mombo is another charter member of the Lisa Whelchel MomTime group I go to each week. Somehow I've sucked a couple of them into the blogging world:) She's great--and I'm so glad she found you; I know she'll love you! Although Mombo is definitely not her real name:)

Barb said...

Your quote just cracked me up, Diane. And Sunday dinner? Why, there's a roast in the oven and the house smells wonderful. In another hour or so, I going to go in there and toss in some potatoes and carrots and onions. Dinner rolls and a green salad and I'm calling it Sunday Dinner!

Connie and Rob said...

Loved you ABC's list. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Take care,

Paulette said...

I have been visiting your site. I enjoy your writings. I too am a night owl, but do get up rather early with my boy.
Iam going to def try your crock pot chicken and dressing yummy.
Be Blessed

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

I wanna eat at your house and I'll do the dishes you hate doing so much LOL itchy Hugs haha
really loved this post about you ,,,Y"ALL got to love a lady with a southern accent
Your friend
ps . I am not sceered? either , just got to get my courage up haha .I know where to fiiiiiiiiinnnnnd you now LOL,dont worry I am harmless !LOL

Andre said...


Di, if I were you, I wouldn't let somepeople come around unless they were vaccinated. >:-)
Sorry, greeny. Couldn't resist...

But, for the rest of us, just ring the dinner bell and I'll come a-runnin'. (Did that have enough Southern accent to it or do I still sound like on of dem city slickers?)

Diane said...

Hey, Anonymous, haven't heard from you in a while now. Your Sunday dinner sounds pretty good to me. And Dean Dean? If she sees this and wants you to know, I guess she can let you know who she is here in my comments. But if I were you, I wouldn't hold my breath. She's got a big, mean Daddy looking out for her, so I'd be careful if I were you. Just a thought. :-)

Hi, Tammy,
Glad to see you back. I enjoyed learning a little more about you. We have dinner at noon and supper for the evening meal here, too. Your dinner sounds good. I love cheesecake. And I am a Southern girl, through and through. I hope we can be good friends, too. :-)

Thanks for the kind words, you're making me blush! ;-)

Your dinner sounds delicious! YuM!

Grayson looks like a healthy kid to me. My Mama always told us not to force a kid to eat, they'd eat when they got hungry enough, and it's been wise advice.
I like salad of almost any kind. Glad you enjoyed the post. :-)

I'm enjoying getting to know Mombo. I think we're gonna get along fine, and I love her sense of humor. :-)

I'm just now answering these comments on Monday evening, and I have a beef roast thawing for Tuesday night's supper right now. I love me some beef roast, potatoes, carrots and onion, and I thicken the broth off the roast with cornstarch to make brown gravy to go with it. Your dinner rolls and green salad sounds great to go with it! :-)

My weekend WAS great, thanks, and glad you liked my meme. :-)

Thanks for visiting, and welcome! Hope you like the crockpot dressing. :-)

Green Eyes,
You've got a deal, but you'd better have long lips and arms if you're gonna eat and wash dishes from Newfoundland!! Hope you're feeling better (less ITCHY!!) I DEFINITELY have a Southern accent, fer shure! And I told, you, I ain't skeered, so get your courage up already, girl! :-)

I've already had chicken pox, so I should be immune to Green Eyes, LOL. :-) How about you, you got any suspicious itchy rashes all of a sudden? ;-)

Fair WRITTEN accent, but how about your SPOKEN accent? Hmmmm? And any time you're in the neighborhood, feel free to stop in for supper, Andre. You'd sure be welcome, friend. :-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey there
excuse me for a sec there will ya

HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYY!!!!!you make me feel all ganged up on , sniff sniff . and I AINT even catchy anymore !

Now ,
sorry Diane ,
I have long arms and big lips but I dont think I can reach ,well in my dreams , haha maybe one day when I travel, LMAO
Seems you have Andre~ eatin out of your hand , hummmmmph , well see about that LOL
Hugs my friend
not catchy anymore so squishy ones are fine ! :}
Take care

Diane said...

Green Eyes,
Anytime you're in the neighborhood! Come on over, and I'll hug you and feed you, rash or no rash. That's what friends are for, ain't it? Bring on the squishy hugs! LOL :-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Thank you so much your such a sweetheart , loves ya to bits , big hugs right back , glad your my friend , and I am not catchy any more , do extra squishies LOL
Your friend

Andre said...

I guess I just need to learn some basic jargon. When I kept hearing (reading) about "squishies", I was thinking about Greeny's chicken pox being squishy. :-O

Glad that was clarified. I was starting to lose my lunch...

Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous said...

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