Tuesday, January 16, 2007

For Kelli

At the latest count, almost $8,800.00
has been raised for Kelli.
Yes, that's well over EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS.
Praise the Lord!
And Thanks, everybody who helped in any way.
Y'all are THE BEST!

You can go
HERE to read Kelli's reaction
to everyone's generosity.

A week or so ago, BooMama announced a plan to help a fellow blogger in need. Kelli is in need of a kidney transplant. She is no longer able to work and expenses are piling up. Her COBRA insurance is about to run out if she can't pay the premiums. More details can be found by clicking here.

Today is the day. You can help by clicking on the picture for details on how to give if you feel led. No matter if you're able to give financially or not, Kelli is in need of your prayers. I'm expecting a great response to this. I know what a great group of bloggers I belong to, and I'm blessed by my blogging friends repeatedly.

Please help and pray for Kelli if you can.

Thank you, my friends.

Blessings to all,


BooMama said...

Thanks, Diane, for doing this...it's 6:45 in the morning, and I'm already in tears from seeing my comments and seeing all these sweet links. Praise Him!

_Nashty_ said...

Honestly, if I had the PayPal thingamajig or debit card or whatever, I would give some financial support.

My uncle went thru the same schticks, and I can imagine the help I'd want him to receive...

God bless everyone, D. =)

Barb said...

It's so heartwarming to see Kelli's button everywhere I go this morning. I can't wait to see the results.

(Did you find that yarn?)

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I've already been over to BooMama's and made a donation.
Saying prayers for Kelli and for all the wonderful people like you who care so much..

Dawn said...

I am glad several are reminding of this today!

Tammy said...

today I've been to Barbs and saw what was going on with dear Kelli...I don't know her but had to help in a small way financially but a big way by praying...thanks for letting your readers know too!!
Love & Hugs!!!

PEA said...

Hi Diane....I was at BooMama's already earlier and made a donation. My prayers are certainly with Kelli and her family...it's so heartwarming how the blogging community has gotten together to help her like this! Hugs xoxo

With Hammer And Tong...The LetterShaper said...

Enjoyed my time here...

Andre said...

This is such an amazing story. I'm speechless...

Just another example of how God works through His people.

Granny said...

Diane, I should have responded sooner. Even though I can't help financially (at least not right now), she is in my prayers.

Alex said...

wish I could help. You're always doing things for other people or helping other peole help people. You are a very special person.

kansasrose said...

Oh thanks for putting this up here Diane, you are an angel...and boomama you are an angel too...I'll be goin over there now...My cousin had to have a new kidney...Kelli and her family will be in my prayers.