Thursday, January 18, 2007

Are You Ready To Ramble?

So, here's the deal...Yesterday we (as in, Lamar and I) received an energy refund. I have had plans for this energy fund for some time. We get this refund every year in the first few weeks after the New Year, so I know it's coming all year and plot and plan how best to put these funds to good use. Now, it's less than $100 but I still have fun planning what I want to buy with that money.

For some time now, I have had my eye on a printer/copier/scanner at (the) Walmart(s). This printer has a price of $54.97. They had stacks of them to the ceiling before Christmas, yea, verily, pallets of them for sale to those who had a spare fifty-five bucks. Which I didn't.

I have two computers, one off-line and this one that I blog and surf with. This one is a Windows XP. My older, offline model is Windows 98. My copier/scanner will only work with my old computer, so I don't have one for this newer computer. In order to scan pictures and then use them on this computer, I had to scan them on the old computer, transfer them to a floppy or CD, then copy them to a file on this computer. Yeah, that gets real tiresome after the third, or, oh, sixty-leventh time.

That's also the main reason I've kept my old computer and haven't passed it on to someone who would welcome it and give it a good home. It also takes up space that I could put to good use if I could move it out of here. 'Cause I have to have it out where I can use it, ya know.

So...Me, I'm a-thinkin', this here's what I'll do: I'll buy me that there $55 printer/copier/scanner and I'll be able to move out my old computer, get a new printer/copier/scanner, and have a few dollars left over for other. OTHER covers a lot of area. I'll free up some space, have a new toy, and also be able to buy a few things that normally would be luxuries for us. Like, for instance, MEAT. Priced any of that stuff lately? You'd think it grew in pastures or pens or something!

Stay with me here, I promise I'm going somewhere with this. Really.

I rode the Senior Citizen's van to Jonesboro this morning to Walmart, my printer/copier/scanner at the top of my "To Do" list. I grabbed me a crippled, clanky buggy, just like always (!) and headed for the Electronics section, my $$ burning a hole in my genuine faux leather wallet. I hobbled as fast as I could (bad knees + arthritis + weather change = fat girl don't get around too good) to the computer accessories aisle and moseyed. I moseyed down once, I moseyed twice.....*.....Now where could my treasured $55 printer be? All that was to be seen was an empty shelf with a price and description label. By now my anticipation was beginning to turn into a bad taste in my mouth.

I limped off to find a blue-vested Electronics Associate. I implored him to PLEASE, OH, PLEASE! tell me they had some of my beloved printer/copier/scanners in the back for immediate purchase. My disappointment knew no bounds when he informed me, with not much sympathy at all, that NO, there were none in the back, and there MIGHT, MIGHT, you understand, be some on a truck that MIGHT run at midnight Friday night.

Oy vey.

The next higher priced printer/copier/scanner was a brand I don't particularly care for, and it was priced $25 higher. Not an option as far as I'm concerned.

So I passed on the computer toy for now and proceeded to buy some of those luxuries I spoke of earlier. I left without my printer/copier/scanner but I did buy one of those Feed-A-Small-Town-sized packages of ground beef, a package of frozen fritter-style chicken strips, a gallon of milk, 2 loaves of bread (one white, one wheat - for me), some Thunders and Colas for Lamar, and Diet Cokes and club sodas for me. You know, the necessities. Plus we MAY have some frozen precipitation this weekend, so we're ready now. I could have done without most of those things, but I'll sleep better knowing I have Diet Coke in the house. Now I can weather any crisis.

And there's a Mexican place just in front of Walmart that has a $4.25 lunch special. You can choose from 15 different combo meals, plus free chips and salsa. I drowned my sorrows in refried beans, a burrito and a taco, and had ice water with a wedge of fresh lemon.

Hey, while I was looking for a picture of a printer to use in this post, I found another printer/copier/scanner/fax at Walmart for $29.88! And they have 97 cent shipping, too! So I may be going that route, because I know they didn't have that model at my Walmart store. Stay tuned, this story may have a good outcome, after all....

That's the picture of it up at the top of the post, and I linked it to the Walmart site and the page it's on if anybody else is interested. Click on the picture to check it out.

That's all for now, folks. Hope you're having a great Thursday!


Jen said...

It looks nice I hope you can get it

Barb said...

Errggghhhhh! I HATE it when I finally get the money together for something I really, really want and I get there and they're sold out.

That just gets on my last nerve and I'd do the same thing you did. I'd buy some meat. And stuff.

I hope you get it, Diane. That whole old-computer new-computer save-it-to-disk-and-transfer-it thing would make me completely nuts.

But hey. Here's the real question. Did you buy any yarn? You know. To replace the yarn you.can't.find which is just making we want to tear out of here and head to Arkansas and help you rip your place apart until we find it!

For pete's sake. Blogger has been horrible today and now tonight, when I finally have time to do some catching up, bloglines dropped all my new post notices. I have no idea who's posted since I had a chance to get in here and catch up. Why. Why! Why do I do this!

Anyhoo. I feel better now. And enjoy that meat. Rob's on his own tonight and I'm not eating, I'm that sick and tired of cooking.


BooMama said...

I love it when you ramble. And I CRACKED UP when I was reading this post.

If you lived here I'd take you to Publix, where they had chuck roast for $1.89 a pound, which means I bought a 2 pound roast (plenty for the 3 of us, plus leftovers for sandwiches) for LESS THAN FOUR DOLLARS.

Doesn't take much to make me skip out of a store, you know.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day....NOT!!! Hopefully, you'll be able to get the other printer. Hope so anyway....I like the pictures you print out for me...LOL.. Talk to you later....CECIL

zzop357 said...

Have you tried the one in Trumann yet?You might get lucky you know... If you were over here our local store has a 5 for $19.95 meat deal.I may pick up one for this wk-end,I didn't know you needed it.There are telephones you know. Hardheaded little sister..sheesh.

Big Mama said...

I loved every minute of this post, especially drowning your scanner sorrows in the refried beans.

I hope you get it all straightened out and get yourself a new scanner. I'll be anxiously awaiting some great pictures.

kansasrose said...

Hey Diane honey hope ya get that scanner...I loved reading this ... it was like I was with you pushing the only creaky cart in the whole dang store...I always get the ones with the wobbly wheels that squeek. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Can you get on a waiting list? mmmm...That Mexican food sounds so good and I love good Mexican food ( especially refried bean burritos)... but the after affects I can do without....phhhhheeeewwwwwey gotta open up those windows to air the house out and it's cold outside! ;) Have a lovely weekend dear and keep an eye out for the nasty icy weather... Loveya, KRxxxooo

Granny said...

Trumann has a Walmart? I've been away too long.

Anyhow, friends pitched in and gave me a printer/scanner/copier/fax which I love. My old printer had bit the dust some time ago.

The only thing I haven't tried is the fax. I'd have to hook my landline back up for that which I may do anyhow.

I don't know how you feel about Hewlett-Packard but this one is fine. My friend found it on Amazon within the amount you mentioned.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

You crack me up! "burning a hole in my pocket!" "feed a small town"


I don't have to go shopping anymore...I can just enjoy your fanciful trip to Walmart and feel refreshed!

Thanks for the smiles. And enjoy that new printer!


Rachel said...

Loved this post! So sorry they didn't have the scanner, but isn't that just the way it usually goes it seems! Drats!! You have made me hungry for the Mexican restaurant that I eat at far far far too much!! Arroz Con Pollo, oh my!!!

Sister said...

Dear Diane,

Now this post makes me want to hip up and pop my Thomas! This is the type of writing that captured my attention almost a year ago. You are a gem...the real deal. That's what I love about coming here.

And speaking of Thomas, I do hope you're working on the 2007 edition of "Mama-Isms"!

Linda said...

I just really, really love your rambles Diane. You are such fun. Isn't that always the way? I see all sorts of things I'd like to buy when I have no money. However, when I have a bit of cash burning a hole in my pocket - I can't find a thing!!!
I'm glad you did find a few things!! And there's hope for the printer!!

SombraKnight said...

I'm sad that you didn't get the printer/copier/scanner you wanted. :-(

Diane, I love the way you write. It's so down-to-earth and you make it so downright interesting!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Tammy said...

NO WAY!!! I'm the only one that ever gets the crippled, clanky buggy at Walmart!!!
Good luck on your 3 in 1 search!!
PS...pass one of those nacho chips...sigh...

PEA said...

Oh Diane...I felt your pain when you found they had none of those printers left over...dontcha just hate it when that happens? lol But you know, maybe it was meant to be since you saw that other one at a much cheaper price! It's a well known brand and I can't see why it wouldn't work well! Good luck, my friend!! Much love xoxox

Mountain Mama said...

Oh Diane, I sure felt your disappointment! It has happened to me and sure put a damper on my week.
I hope the one you found will be just perfect.
It has warmed up in my part of the world. Low 40s in fact, an nice change from the 6 and 8 degrees we had. Also the snow is gone. YIPPEEEEE! I've had enough of that stuff for a while.

Yellow Mama said...

You might want to check out I am on our local freecycle and you post what you need or want and you watch as other's post what they have. I have seen dogs given away, cars, bedroom sets, computers, etc.

If you don't mind having your inbox slammed every day with about 25 posts, it is a good way to post your needs and wants and to post what you want to give away.

Stay warm...

Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
You sound like me on all accounts hear. I do the same exact thing when I have extra money lol. I buy things I would concider luxuries and feel like I am rich.
It also infuriates me when I get all excited about something and go to get it and they are gone...
Right now I am wishing I had a diet coke in the house, yummo.
Hope you get your printer, you deserve it sweet lady!

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I'm so very behind on visiting this week. That is so frustrating to save for something and then find the store is out of what you want. Sounds like you found a good compromise. We just bought meat at Costco and the prices just slay me. (had to buy something for Sunday dinner ;)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Dear Diane ,
I feel your pain , to many times something like that has happened to me , makes you want to go in a scream , sorry ! But the other one you have posted looks good and cheaper , so who knows .
Dang girl you canwrite as always I enjoy following you along,It is like being right by your side in wallies !
you cracked me up with the drowning sorrows in refried beans and hamburger to fed a small town , and well all of it , just loves ya to pieces , thanks for sharing , hope you get your 3in one soon . I know how money can evaporate in the pocket especially in one with a hole burned through already !LOL MINE SEEM TO BE LIKE THAT OFTEN !xo


Meow said...

Oh Diane, I so do love reading what you write ... it's like I can hear you speaking it, instead of reading it !!
Too bad about the printer, but the other cheaper one looks great, too.
I hope you have a great weekend.
Take care, hugs, Meow

momteacherfriend said...

To one of my favorite Ozark Americans-
Perhaps the find on the internet was your blessing for enduring your outing without bringing home your prize.
I have been known to drown sorrows over some good Mexican food as well.
Have a great weekend!

Dawn said...

This is a great way to start out my Saturday - a good laugh. I also had a LOL experience at Blessed Beyond Measure!

I got a printer/copier/scanner for Christmas from my dear hubby. He listened to me and caught it! I don't usually have strong wishes, but this year I wanted that, a digital camera for myself, and my wedding ring diamond reset. Didn't expect but one, really didn't know if I'd get any, but he took his bonus and got me the two first ones - techie stuff! And now he doesn't like how much time I spend in here using my new stuff. HMMM??? He shoulda known, dontcha think?

Jean said...

I got a 3-in-1 for Christmas last year and the scanner doesn't work now. Of course the warantee is outdated. The company offered me a discount on a new one but had them cheeper. I just ordered that same one. They shipped it today!

Brenda said...

Sounds like your trip to Wally World may have been a blessing in disguise, except for the buggy with the square wheel.

So, have you decided which toy to get?