Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sunday Dinner, January 14, 2007

Yep, it's that time again, believe it or not. My Sunday Dinner is in the works as I type. I have a big pot of various chicken parts, minus the beaks and claws, already stewed and cooling. I'll pick the meat off the bones and save the broth for another meal.

That's good stuff, that chicken broth. With a little imagination and a few more ingredients it can turn into chicken soup, chicken and dumplin's, dressing, and any manner of other goodies.

For now, though, let's concentrate on the boiled chicken. I'm going to, *abracadabra!*, turn that plain ol' chicken into homemade chicken pot pie. In this case, I'm going to take the easy but still delicious route and use cream of chicken soup for the sauce base rather than make homemade white sauce. Add some canned mixed vegetables and some cubed boiled potatoes and you've got some good stuff. Then I beat an egg, add some milk and flour to the right consistency and pour over it, and bake at 350 degrees until the crust is brown and the filling is bubbly. If I have a can of mushrooms I may throw them in there, too. For variety you can use shredded cheese in the batter for the crust. This is a hot, filling, comforting one-dish meal.

That's a good thing considering it's cold and rainy here in Arkansas and it's expected to stay that way for a while. It started raining on Friday evening and it's still raining pitchforks and hubcaps as I type this. We are under both flood warnings and flash flood warnings and it's not supposed to quit raining until sometime Monday. Yeah. Think Noah's second flood. My backyard looks like a pond and the front isn't much better. There are roads closed because of flooding and if it continues there will be water in houses soon.

On top of that there are winter storm warnings and ice storm warnings not too far to our north and west. Just depends on how quick the Arctic air gets here if we have any of the frozen precipitation.

Either way, it's still cold and wet here and I'm looking forward to my Sunday Dinner.

So...what's for dinner at your place? Going to Mom's or Grandma's? Going out to eat? Share your plans in the comments.

Have a blessed Sunday, may all your needs be met, and may you have enough to share.


Granny said...

I love chicken. I can do so many things with it.

For tomorrow, I've promised homemade spaghetti.

Paulette said...

Hey Diane,
I think we are getting the same weather though we are stranded at home because we are having severe ice storms. They even canceled church for tomorrow!! That is a first for us Texans.
Sunday dinner would normally be out after church, however we are staying in so I am going to grill a couple steaks on my George foreman grill indoors, and baked potatoes and a great salad. I am not even getting out of my jammies all day.
Have a great day Friend.

Susie said...

Your weather sounds really wet! Ours is as cold as I can ever remember. We are freezing and it's supposed to get even colder. They said snow, but I think they "goofed"
Anyway, that chicken pot pie you're making? It's on the menu at Susie's Space too! Too funny!!
My recipe is very similar, but I don't use egg. It's true comfort food and plenty to share if company drops in!

Granny said...

Thanks Diane. I've been keeping up with your posts but just haven't been commenting as much.

We're okay but it's a little hard right now.

Big Mama said...

You'll be glad to know that we are, in fact, having crawfish etouffee for dinner. I went back to HEB yesterday and found them for $7.00 a pound. Still too much for bait, but I'm willing to pay it.

Y'all have a blessed Sunday, Diane. The chicken pot pie sounds wonderful, I may do that tomorrow.

Linda said...

We are having the same weather Diane. I plan on a big pot of chilli. I'm praying the rain comes in manageable amounts. My son's house is prone to flooding if we get too much at once.
The chicken pot pie sounds perfect for today.
Have a warm, cozy sunday.

Barb said...

You don't use the beaks and claws? Uh oh. No wonder my chicken and dumplings are crunchy! LOL

Before I say another word, I have to tell you talking to you Friday night just made my whole week, Diane. What a surprise. Let's do it again soon.

Did you find that yarn? It's driving me nuts!

OK, we're having burritos. Yeah, I know. But it's a new recipe Krissy tried this week and it sounds so good, I'm giving it a shot.

I know how you suffer with this cold rainy weather and your arthritis. I hope it just stops soon and you find some comfort.

Try to stay warm, my friend, and THINK PINK! :-)

Tammy said...

Got my chicken a-stewin too!!
I'm making chicken and dumplin's honey!!
Have a great day!!

zzop357 said...

I'm having chicken w/homemade noodles.BBQ chicken(for Jon),butterpeas homemade rolls and leftover steamed cabbage.Seems to be a chicken weekend!!!lol. Plus I know I'll have leftovers for tomorrow.Talk to you later.
Love you sister

Sister said...

Oh, know the way to my heart. I just love homemade chicken pot pie. Of course, I've never made it, but I do enjoy reading about it! B and I grabbed a bite after church and I may try to rustle up something for supper. If I do, I'll be sure and alert the media. :)

PEA said...

Hmmmm...I'm comin' over to all your houses to have a bite to eat...everyone seems to be making somethin' soooo delish!! hehe I LOVEEEEEE chicken pot that's what I call a good hearty meal in the winter time...yummmm! Having bbq hamburgers here...can't believe we can still use the barbecue since there's no snow! lol Hugs xoxo

Mountain Mama said...

The streets by my place are still covered in snow and ice so I am staying home until it's gone.
My dinner today was beef stew. The kind made with beef, carrots, potatoes, peas, onion and garlic and all wrapped up in a thick brown gravy. Mmmm Good!
I haven't made this kind in a long time but remembered to put the teaspoon of sugar in to bring the flavors all together. I love these one pot meals!!!

Dee said...

I often fix my sunday dinner the nigtht before and would have done so today if I had not had the flue. But It is light this time since I had the shot. The chicken dinner looked good.
I had some braised steak that hubby helped cook and he ate most of it. *s*

Rachel said...

The chicken pot pie sounds heavenly and I'm sure it was! I'll bet you are a wonderful cook Diane!
I ended up at Tumbleweed's yesterday for some chicken burrito's. It was pretty good!

We had no rain yesterday or last night and now it's just starting a very fine misty rain. Hope we don't get any ice but I don't think it'll get cold enough here for it. Hope not anyway!!

Dick said...

For our Sunday dinner we tried a restaurant that is new to our town, Johnny Cerino's Italian. I had eaten in one in Albuquerque, NM about three years ago and it was good then and this one is also. But the servings are so large that you can not eat all of it. It will make a great lunch for Pat and I today, all for the same price. And they make their sangria the right way!

Dawn said...

Yesterday we had pork roast, little boiled white potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls, and just ice cream and cookies (store bought) for dessert. I was going to make pineapple upside cake (I don't like it, but DC does), but then realized he's working on his weight too, so I'll wait awhile on that. Check out Feisty's and Care Bear's latest antics on Kristen's latest post - I also talk about it on mine.

SombraKnight said...

You're going to make chicken pot pie? Ohhh...that happens to be a very favorite food of mine...
Shredded cheese in the crust? Now you're talkin'...


Kathleen Marie said...

We have snow and that looks yummy! I hope you are staying warm...God Bless!