Friday, October 6, 2006

A Photo Slideshow & Random Thoughts

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Here's another slideshow of various pics I've taken lately. The grey squirrel photo was taken by sister Zztop's hubby, Johnny. The rest of them are mine, but I wish I could have gotten closer shots of some of them, like the cotton and soybeans. Maybe I can get some better shots soon. Lamar and I sat outside for a while tonight, admiring the full moon and enjoying the fall chill in the air. I tried to get some pics of the moon, but the zoom on my camera just won't zoom in enough. It just looks like a white round dot on a black background. Nevermind, though, I'm tickled with the other pictures it takes. For some reason Image wouldn't upload my pics to a slideshow earlier, so this time I used It was slow, too, but eventually I got my pics uploaded. It's still faster than blogger and I like that the pics don't take up as much room stacked in the slideshow.

Not that I have any room to talk since I've been AWOL quite a bit lately on the blogging scene, but I've noticed that a LOT of other bloggers have been MIA recently. Between getting the apartment inspection ready and just, well, LIFE, I haven't had much time to blog or read and comment on other blogs. There seems to be a concensus toward balance between blogging and getting on with what needs to be done in everyone's life. I freely admit to being obsessed with blogging, especially early on in my blogging life, but not so much nowadays. Oh, I still blog and visit and comment daily, often more frequently than that, but not to the extent that I did when I first started blogging. Like most people, my free time cycles according to my life. I have commitments to silly things like housekeeping, (*family, keep your thoughts about my housekeeping or lack thereof to yourselves, please!*) spending time with my family, church, and other pursuits. At times I have more or less time to spend on blogging than others. I will say I do have withdrawals sometimes when life takes me away from my blogging. Other times, like when I'm camping, I don't miss it so much. Of course, often I'm taking pictures to share with you on the blog and gathering material to blog about, so really it combines several interests.

Regarding the inspection of my apartment, they cancelled for this week and are supposed to be here one day next week. Phooey! It irks me to work and slave to get this place ready, then I have to do it all again next week. Well, fooled them! I'm supposed to go camping again next week so Lamar will have to babysit them. I'll leave it clean, and what hubby messes up he'll just have to clean up after himself. Let the chips fall where they may, literally. Zztop and I and a girlfriend are supposed to go to Murfreesboro, Arkansas for several days. We'll probably go to the diamond mine and look for diamonds while we're there, and no telling what else we'll get into while we're off juleypookin'. I want to get some pics of the fall foliage and scenery, but it's a little further south so I don't know if the leaves will be turning there yet or not.

We are experiencing gorgeous fall weather now, after having a heatwave for the last week or so. It's been in the upper 80's to low 90's for the last week, and today the high was 76 degrees. For the next week the weather geeks are forecasting 70s for highs and 40's-50's for the lows. Should be perfect camping weather, although I did notice they have a small chance for rain late next week. I hope it holds off until we get home. I don't imagine it's much fun sitting in a damp tent while it's pouring down rain.

If nothing bends, breaks, tears or splits open, I should be posting my Sunday Dinner meme as usual on Saturday evening sometime. I've still got to pack my camping gear and get some things done here at home, but I'll tackle that on Friday or Saturday. It's almost 1 am and Diane is tard again. My bed and my comfy pillow are calling my name, so I'll be back to check in again on Friday. Love and blessings to all my family and friends.


Granny said...

I've been a little AWOL lately. Sick husband, sick kids, sick Ann.

Trying to catch up now.

Bummer about the inspection. You'd think they could show up after you've half killed yourself getting ready for them.

"The Glenifer" said...

Good morning!

The crabapple pics are my favorite. They're so colorful! My favorite jelly is my stepmom's crabby variety. Yum!

You'd never know that Candy is 13 years old. She still looks like a little kitten.

I hope you are lucky in Murfreesboro. Glen heard that someone found a gigantic diamond there not long ago. $$$

Have a great weekend, Diane!

Sue said...

Enjoy your camping trip!
I've also noticed that some people aren't blogging or visiting quite as much. I think that just means they are enjoying their real lives!!

Dawn said...

I haven't been around much lately because of the family things, of course. I love the pictures! Was wondering if you were going to make jelly and there you had a picture a few seconds later called "Potential Jelly." Yummy. But I don't do that much any more (or at all, if I want to be really brutally honest!)

Dick said...

I, too, have been busier than normal & it sure does cut into blogging time. Something has to go in that situation.

Nice photos, as usual from you. Enjoy your camping trip and the cooler weather.

Faith said...

I love the pics! The crabapples look wonderful!!!! The kitty's are so sweeeeet! Have a great weekend!!

Connie and Rob said...

Could you please look for a diamond for me???? Nothing too showy...Have a great weekend.


Pamela said...

Diane, just came from Tammy's, and wanted to say how much I enjoyed the song you sent her.

Our son is a former Marine and fought in both wars before he was 22, and it is very uplifting to hear the lyrics that reflect our great Country, by Diamond Rio. :)Thanks for being so sweet. :)

Nasty Nashe said...

swell shots, Di.

i swear the 1 yr old Dolly looks bigger than the 13 yr old kitty!! hahaha....

aah...memes again?

Dawn said...

You were right about the celosia. I googled it and found it. Pretty smart! I think some of those flowers I posted from the university are a different version - spikey reds and yellows.

Barb said...

Hello Diane,

I'm finally getting caught up with everyone this morning after a kind of crazy week.

I love your slideshow. You always take such beautiful photos.

And I have to agree with you about the blogging. I'm not as obsessed as I was in the beginning although I'm not completely cured yet either :-) But I do have to admit that shutting the computer down and going somewhere for a day feels pretty darn good.

That inspection is about the dumbest messed up thing I've ever heard. I think I'd stop worrying about it. I don't think they're inspecting for housekeeping skills anyway so to heck with them. Just start living in you place again and let them think what they want. I'm sure your electrical and plumbing and walls are fine.

I'm sure you'll let us know when this is finally done and I can't wait to see what you post if, after all this work, they decide to skip your place.

I might find it challenging to remember to be a lady!

PEA said...

Beautiful slideshow once again...I especially love the one of the sky and pine needles..gorgeous!! What a bummer the inspection was cancelled for this week after all the work you did!! Hope you have another fun camping trip and imagine going to look for very exciting!!! Hugs xoxo

Tammy said...

Well Diane...after I used you for a link yesterday, I thought I marked your page to come back and visit...I guess it didn't work, cause it showed your site not anyhoop, I meant to get by...I love your slideshows!!
Been missing ya!!
PS...thanks for the email about Diamond Rio!!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I have no idea how you do that, but it's just great to sit here and enjoy all the photos. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.