Monday, October 2, 2006

Fall Photos From Arkansas

Here's a few pictures taken in the last few days as I had opportunities to snap them. Signs of Fall are all around me, and are becoming more obvious day by day. I particularly like the pics of the crabapples. I'll try to take more as I get the chance.

Thanks again, Donna and Johnny, I'm really enjoying my "new" camera. :-)


Granny said...


It's finally cooled off here and we had rain today for the first time in months.

Andre said...

*Orchestraic music*

And the Pulitzer Prize for Photography goes to....

*drum roll please*

Momma Jennings!

Nicely done, Di.

PEA said...

I so enjoyed this slideshow Diane!! Love all the pictures, especially the sunset very breathtaking!! Glad you're getting to use your camera...we benefit from it too, since we get to see your wonderful pictures:-) Hugs xoxo

Sue said...

Lovely pictures, especially the sunset!
Glad you're enjoying your camera.

Tammy said...

I so enjoyed your slideshow...I've never had crabapple!!

Andrea said...


zztop357 said...

Hey!!! I want some crabapples..I want to make jelly..where are they?

on the Rock said...

Those are absolutely amazing photos! I really enjoyed them!

Paulette said...

How beautiful, I have never seen cotton!!! That was cooool. I love love the sunset. Breathtaking. I loved it Diane.

Connie and Rob said...

Those pictures are so crisp. I think you and that camera are a good match. Love your slideshow.

Take care,

Dick said...

I agree with Paulette that it is interesting to see cotton growing. You have done a nice job with these photos.

Mountain Mama said...

You are becoming a regular shutterbug! The pictures are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing them.
My grandma Banks used to make pickled crabapples. I just loved those sweet, spicy things when I was a kid, and sometimes she gave be a quart to take home. YUM-MEEE!!!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Diane
looks like someone loves her new toy , you are really good at photography (Taking snaps)
I love them all especially the sunset , the apples are so yummy and clear ,take more pics please , would love to see them all . hope your knees are feeling some relief . I know take pics of them tee hee .
Hugs dear friend , think of you often
Miss G.
ps love the recipes post , makes me hungry , really yummy stuff , now to find all the time

kim said...

great pictures! can't wait to see what all you will snap pics of next, I'm so happy for you and the new camera!

happy for me to try some of those new recipes too. they look so delicious. real comfort food . yum.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Love the pics!

I wanted to let you know that I'm at Something happened when I was importing from Blogger to WP and poof! My blog is gone from Blogger, so so much for being able to let people know. Gah!

Meow said...

Impressive. Nothing nicer than a new toy, is there.
Hope you have had a great week.
Take care, Meow