Saturday, October 7, 2006

Sunday Dinner #??

It's that time again, folks. Time to share your Sunday Dinner plans with me and for me to share mine. Me first, okay?

Sunday Dinner for us is going to be simple. I bought a smoked picnic shoulder and I'm going to slice it and fry it for sandwiches. Smoked picnic shoulder is the same as ham, for all intents and purposes, but quite a bit easier on the pocketbook. We'll have the usual fixin's with it, along with some chips and some of my homemade Kosher dill pickles.

Your turn now. What are your plans for the noon meal for Sunday? If you're eating out, where? And what do you plan to order? If you're cooking, what's on the menu? Just leave a comment sharing your plans if you want to participate.


Here's a few pics I took yesterday and today. Jessica and Jason went to Trumann to help on her Papaw's cotton farm for a while yesterday, and she brought back the cotton boll. I got a couple of pics of it for the blog, because I know several of you commented about never seeing cotton growing before. This boll was ready for picking, but Jessica got to it before the cotton picker did. Some people around here cut stalks of open cotton bolls to use in flower arrangements. The fields are snowy white when they're ready to pick, and it never fails to remind me of the Bible verse about the fields being white unto harvest.

I tried to get some of my clean apartment, but my apartment is so small I couldn't get much in the viewfinder at once, so I took some shots of my entertainment center, which takes up most of one wall in my living room, and the other wall has my couch on it.

The quilt was my Mama's, made by a dear family friend. It's hard to tell in the picture, but the bed it's on is antique cast iron. It belongs to my sister, Ducky, but Lamar and I have been using it since we got married almost 21 years ago. One thing about it, it's sturdy. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

You can tell by the picture of my kitchen how tiny it is. Yes, what you see there is all of it. So anytime you think about me cooking up my Sunday Dinners or anything else I blog about, you can imagine me in that dinky little kitchen slaving away. Notice the burnt orange countertops? I believe I've mentioned how much I detest orange. I've had to live with those orange countertops in the kitchen and my bathroom for almost 21 years, too. No change in sight, either.

Remember the inspection of my apartment I've been talking about for 2 weeks? Lamar talked to our landlord yesterday and the inspectors DID come and go Thursday without even walking past our door. They walked through 2 or 3 apartments on the front row and that was it. Now, I'm glad it's over and behind me, but it irks me to no end to almost kill myself trying to meet my landlord's standards and the inspectors never got within 50 yards of my apartment. On the upside, even though it was forced on me, I do have a clean apartment. I just don't like having the work forced on me. If it'd been my idea, that would be different. Oh, well, water under the bridge now.

So, now I'm about to post this and go finish up my Saturday Supper of beef roast, potatoes cooked in with the roast, gravy from the roast and macaroni and cheese. I'm making a big pitcher of iced tea to go with it, too. Jessica and Jason will be here in about an hour to eat with me and Lamar, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with my kids.

I wish for you all a blessed Sunday, with all you need to eat and beloved friends and family to share it with.


Tammy said...

Hi Diane,
I know we visit some of the same places, but keep forgetting to actually go visit here...but I'm glad I did today!
Your Sunday dinner menu sounds wonderful...I love the idea behind Sunday dinner, but right now it's hard because we have just a small window of time between church and a home Bible Study we go to...but eventually, I'd like to have this be a weekly ritual once again!

And the cotton...I'm from the northwest, but when I stayed in Virginia three years as a newlywed, I got so excited to see a field of cotton! I had only heard about those! :)

Dick said...

Thanks for showing us the cotton. Like Tammy, I am from the NW and we don't ever see that around here, and I've never been to Virginia. Your dinner & visit with the kids tonight sounds good, too, although considering the time difference I am sure it has already happened. Have fun on your camping trip.

Barb said...

When he was a young man, my father was a cotton picker. The cotton bolls are beautiful. But I remember Daddy telling me what picking them did to his hands and fingers.

Your kitchen looks like most of the kitchens I've had in my life time. My kitchen is bigger now but the meals I cook are no better than the meals I cooked when I could barely turn around in my kitchen. And hey! The smaller the kitchen, the less to clean, right? :-)

Dinner tomorrow is Jule's recipe for bbq ribs. I can't wait to make them. I'm about sick to death of huge pots of soup and chile.

Your dinner sounds wonderful. I know it's hard working between morning and evening church. So this sounds quick, delicious and easy.

Hope you have a really nice, relaxing week, my friend. You deserve a little break.

Brenda said...

As you know by now, we decide where to go for dinner right after church. One of these days, I will actually plan a meal and cook it and all that. After I make it to the grocery store, one of my least favorite places to go.

I've never picked cotton by hand, but I have "tromped" it. My sisters, my cousin, and I got to ride in the cotton trailer behind my granddaddy's tractor when we were kids, jumping around on top of the cotton to pack it down. Work is a lot more fun when you don't have to do it for a living.

I love that quilt! Hopefully, I'll get around to making another one soon.

Your dinner sounds scrumptious! Have a blessed week!

Mountain Mama said...

I love seeing the cotton. I think it is absolutely fascinating. Many years ago my mom in law gave me a couple seeds to try and grow some in a pot in the house, but they didn't grow.
I am having around forty people here in my little house tomorrow for a 'potblessing' (Potluck to some. I am having a party for my grandson to celebrate his accomplishments. I made and decorated a huge chocolate cake, with yellow frosting roses. (See my blog) I know his mom is bringing a casserole my mother used to make. It has like a meatloaf on the bottom, then green beans and mashed potatoes on top. She is also bringing chocolate scotcharoos, which is a very rich and delicious cookie.

BendingPeak said...

Mac and cheese with corn bread muffins. Maybe ice cream and fresh cookies if I am good to myself!

kim said...

Diane, I just have to keep coming back here and being blessed by your contentment. No, you don't have a lot of room, the newest colors (altho orange is big again I hear), the fanciest stuff but oh my goodness, you are the sweetest most God honoring person with the most scrumptious ability to cook and now to take absolutely gorgeous pictures (please keep posting them!) that I am inspired to do better in most every area of my life when I stop by. Wow. I just had to write that. Your place looks amazingly clean. I know you must be plum worn out after all that. Thanks for all your insight and loving heart which you share so well with each of us on here. May God richly bless you more abundantly than you could ever ask or imagine.

Alex said...

my sunday dinner will likely be some sort of chicken thingy. nothing to fancy but i am going to experiment with some chipotle sauce

Granny said...

We grow cotton here but there's more in the southern part of the state.

Nice pics. I have no idea yet what Sunday dinner is going to be.

Perhaps it will be breakfast.

Tammy said...

Dear Diane,
I noticed in your slideshow that in your kitchen you have a duplicate of one of my treasures...the big plastic measuring bowl...I've had mine since 1979 it was a gift from my school friends who had a Tupperware shower for us...that bowl was the one I mixed up both of my babies formula's in and has been with me ever since...nowadays it is mostly used for Sunday Mornin' bowl of pancake mix because it is easier to pour on the griddle...just another little thing we have in common...btw...loved your quilt treasure and the cotton bowl was magnificent!!

Sue said...

Hi Diane,
Loved seeing the cotton! You have been really doing some big time cleaning. I guess if you look at the positive side, the inspectors didn't get a chance to find anything wrong with what you did!
Dinner for us tonight:
Lemony grilled chicken, rissoto with peas, roasted fresh asparagus and salad.
Enjoy your camping trip!!!

Linda said...

Isn't that just the way life seems to go. But, as you said, on the upside you have a spotless apartment. It usually takes out of town company coming for me to do one of those really thorough cleaning jobs:-) Of course, if you hadn't done anything, they would have been knocking at your door the very first thing.
Your dinners sound wonderful as always.

RennyBA said...

Hello Diane! Thanks for your always nice comments on my blog!
What a lovely Entertaining Centre you have and what magix post with tempting dish you can do from that!
Have a lovely week ahead:-)

Connie and Rob said...

Nothing exciting for Sunday lunch this week...going to my brother's for hubby to work on his sick computer.
I think I need to have a pretend inspection of my home...It would certainly get me moving on
Enjoyed your pictures.

Take care,

BooMama said...

You know what we had today?


I know. Sad, isn't it?

But I have all the stuff to make your cornbread and dressing tomorrow night, so that'll more than make up for the fast food Sunday lunch.

Loved seeing the pictures of your place, too - that quilt is a treasure for sure.

PEA said...

I find that cotton so fascinating...I had no idea that's how it grew!! I love your slideshow and now I can picture where you live:-) Love the quilt, what a wonderful heirloom to have!! For Sunday supper yesterday I made my Thanksgiving turkey it's leftovers!! lol