Friday, April 7, 2006

Jessica's Graduation Dedication

Today is Friday, April 7, 2006. In exactly 6 weeks from today, if all goes as planned, you will be graduating from Bay High School after spending 13 years of your life there. That is well over half of your life.

This is just for you, Jessica, and whoever you want to share it with. I will share it with family and perhaps a few friends, but it is mainly my gift to you to enjoy for as long as the technology lasts.

Jessica, words cannot express how enormously proud I am of the young woman you have become, and are still becoming. I love you so much, and I am privileged and honored to call you my daughter. I am proud of you for the goals you have set for yourself, and that you are not afraid to work for what you want to accomplish. I am proud of you for standing up for what's right, and for defending the weak and helpless when they are incapable of defending themselves. I am proud that you are quick to love, and slow to hate. I am proud that you are a loyal friend, and that you have loyal friends because of it. And I am proud of you because the Good Lord, in His infinite wisdom, chose you to be my daughter, and chose me to be your Mama.

Always remember, when you think noone else loves you, Jesus and Mama ALWAYS LOVES YOU, NO MATTER WHAT. I may not agree with every choice you make in life, but I will always love you.

My prayer for you as you start a new chapter in your life, as a young woman in college, is this:
That you will always put God first in your life.
That you will seek God's will for your life in every decision you make.
That He will bless you and keep you safe as you continue to grow and mature as a Christian.
That He will guide the decisions you make in your life.
That you will learn and grow from the mistakes you make.
That you will learn and grow from the successful decisions in your life.
That you will achieve all the goals you set for your life, in God's will.
That you will be happy, above all things.
That your blessings will be too numerous to count, and your troubles few.
That you will always remember that I love you, and want to be a part of your life.
That you will always remember that Mama is here for you, no matter how old you may be.
That you are NEVER too old to come to Mama with any need in your life.

I pray that as you begin this new chapter in your life that I have prepared you to the best of my ability as your Mama to be ready to face the world as a confident young woman, confident in your abilities to make your way in the world. It's hard to let go, but now it's time for you to spread your wings and fly. Always remember, you carry my heart with you. It's very fragile, and easily broken, so take good care of it and yourself, for you and my heart are intertwined...inseparable. When you hurt...Mama hurts. When you are happy...Mama is happy.

Live life to the fullest, Jessica Rose Jennings.

Mama Wuvs 'Er 'Ittle Baby.

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