Thursday, April 6, 2006

Here's Some More Pics

I think this post is going to turn into more random bloggery, so I'll just warn everyone up front that my thoughts are jumping around like water on a hot griddle. Feel free to move on to another blog with coherent thoughts and a subject they manage to stick to. It ain't happenin' here today, folks.

For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, more of the pics I have mentioned lately. I actually braved the CLOSET OF DEATH and dug out
some of my pics. Not all of them, just the ones closest to the front that were
easiest to get to. Boomama's sister, who, oddly enough, uses the user name, "Sister", had asked in comments about the handsome groom missing from the earlier posted wedding pics. So, I dug, (and that's a very appropriate word for what I did, let me tell you) some more pics of our wedding out, along with many, many more. That's my Mom, Dad, me, Lamar, and his Mom, DeLida. Sorry for the poor quality, but they ARE 20 years old, and they were dark then. My photographer used the higher speed film to get the aged look, which I didn't like then, but I couldn't beat her price: FREE.

Next, another graduation pic. By the way, you can click on all these pics and see them in a bigger size, and some of them will let you zoom in, if you're really a glutton for punishment.

This one to the left is my third grade school picture. It is probably my favorite one, although I despised that dress. Cecil had one just like it, and she hated hers so much she tried to hide it on picture day. She shoved it in the bottom of the dirty clothes in the very back of the closet, but Mama found it anyway. I have pictures of Jessica where she looks a lot like me in this picture.

My pics go downhill from here, though. I mentioned to someone, I forget where, about my fifth grade picture where I have a lovely snarl, a' la' Elvis. Well, here it is, folks. I hope nobody is scarred for life. We had a school photographer called Mr. Dorton,
Dorton for short. He was a fixture, and he took every school picture I ever had made,
including my graduation pics and all the yearbook photos. He had a big gut, and no butt, so his pants always hung down low, with a long shirt tucked in. Anyway, just about the time he snapped this pic, a fly lit on my lip, and I was trying to inconspicuously shoo off the fly. You see the result to the left, there. Not pretty is too mild a description! Ewwww.
(Shudder!) I have some others that are just as bad, but for other reasons. You probably won't see them on here, though, for at least 2 reasons. 1. Most of them burned when my Mom and Dad's house burned in 1987, and, 2. I don't want to intentionally run anybody off from my blog. That one to the left is bad enough, LOL.

It's been an interesting week here, weather-wise. Sunday evening, we dodged tornadoes and hail, but it came very close to us. Several communities weren't so fortunate. A small town called Marmaduke was almost wiped off the map. At least 90% of the homes and businesses were destroyed, including the school. There were about 60 injured, some critically, including one man found unconscious in a tree. Wynne, to our south, had quite a bit of damage, along with Pocahontas and Ravenden and Imboden. And there was one death and several injuries in the Bootheel of Missouri, and lots of damage, injuries and 29 deaths in West Tennessee. Please remember these communities in prayer. We are expecting more severe weather and tornadoes at least through Saturday, so we need to remember each other in prayer, too.

I am having a lot of pain and stiffness in my knees and all my joints. I suspect it has a lot to do with the weather. This is the worst I've been in a long time. If it is the weather, I for one will be glad when it settles down. My fingers are sore and stiff, and it makes it painful to type.

I am considering devoting a new blog page just to pics, and maybe one for recipes. I certainly have enough of both to have material for a while. I want to start one for Jessica, sort of a dedication page, for lack of a better term. I want to start with some of my pregnant pics and her newborn pics, on through to the present. I'd like to get it done before graduation, May 19, and present it to her for graduation, but that might be a little too optomistic. We shall see. Stay tuned, and if I do get any of these done, I will post the addresses here and announce them. She doesn't know about it, but she rarely reads this blog, so family, please don't let the cat out of the bag if you talk to her.

Well, I think that's enough for now. I may post some more pics later if I get inspired, who knows? Hope everyone has a good Thursday night/Friday. :)

Like the kitty pic I borrowed from Green Eyes?


green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Diane
Sorry to read your knees and joints are really acting up , hope the weather changes soon and makes it better. I ;) love the new pic addition , Old photos can say alot huh , you must get a flood of memories when looking at them ,your younger pics are so sweet , you look cute , even if a fly sat on your lip and flew away before they took the snap , we all have pics like these , I know I do , More please :) nice idea about the different blogs ,hope you have a great Friday and that rain/pain goes away

Diane said...

Green Eyes,
Thank you, it's so sweet of you to think of me. :) And I am seriously thinking about starting the new blogs, in addition to this one, of course. :)
Come back, and Happy Friday!! ;)

Nasty Nashe said...

wahahaha..... itz so not everyday i get to see 20-yr old pics...

your pics are still in fine condition, i gotta say.(even if u did have to dig!) haha..
And oh man you looked so innocent in them!! hehe. i'll see about editing some for ya aiite!

and i lurrvve tha kitty

Diane said...

Hey, now, I WAS innocent, LOL. :)
And I thought you might like the kitty, too. ;) I have some more I'll post from time to time, and I might even post some of my furkids' pics, Candy and Dolly. :)
And I would LOVE to see more pics of you and maybe your family. :)