Friday, March 10, 2006

What A Difference A Day Makes

Hey, everyone, just thought I'd share a few more pics of some of my "flares"......If you talk Suthun, you know I mean flowers, smile....After all the wind, rain, etc. of yesterday, I expected more of my pretties to be ruined, but I was pleasantly surprised to find these in fine fettle today. ? Whatever a "fettle" is, anyway. It was a beautiful day today, especially after the storms of yesterday. Sunny, calm and 75 degrees. As previously noted in these pages, if you don't like the weather around these parts, just wait a few minutes----it will change. Weather geeks are predicting more storms tonight through Sunday. Yippee, I can hardly wait. We do desperately need the rain, though.

Bill, Polly, Charles and Maxine came by for an hour or so this afternoon. They went to Hardy and looked around, mostly to get out of the house. The flowers, shrubs and trees are not blooming in the Ozarks yet, it will be a few more weeks before spring gets jiggy wit' it up there. I would like to drive up there and see the dogwoods and other spring flowers this year, but have no idea at this time if that will happen. Bill has changed his mind again, and they will go back to St. Charles tomorrow afternoon, he said today. I have enjoyed our visits, and I am planning on enjoying some of the catfish he brought me just in a little while. My mouth is watering now.........Mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm. And for dessert, I am making Mom's recipe for homemade cheesecake. I like for it to ripen a few days before devouring, but it is good anyway and anytime. Jessica is coming back later with Chris to watch a movie with Lamar and me, and we are going to have the cheesecake then. I have to go make it after I post this, so it can cool. It is the best, and simplest recipe for cheesecake I have ever made.

I need to post this and cook, but if I get inspired later I may post again tonight. You can never tell with me, :)


zztop357 said...

whar's my cheesecake?i've about mom and dad all day.i sure miss the old woman and the old goat.
i may not get to see Bill and Polly. they will be gone before i get there.
some of my bulbs are blooming.the dogwoods are too.tullip trees are are about half way bloomed.we have some redbuds that are starting to bloom too.
its getting fishing weather, i can't hardly wait.
later you

Nasty Nashe said...

You know...we should really take a moment each day to just chill and smell the flowers...its great that you have erm, FLARES! hehe.. too bad Singapore's weather isn't favourable to grow many flowers.

HolyMama! said...

cheesecake is about the only thing i make well - my husband's grandmother's recipe. I love that daffodil picture! I was showing daffodils to my 2 yr old yesterday and saying 'yellow.' he kept shaking his head and saying 'white.' but whatever. he liked them.

Diane said...

Smitten Kitten,

You're right about the flowers.... :)
I'm always glad when you visit and leave me a comment.


Thanks for the comments. Contrariness starts young, don't it? lol Me, now, I have never grown out of it, though, :)