Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here We Go Again ! !

Well, folks, as previously stated in these pages several times, the weather, it changes quickly. Remember the beautiful day I spoke of yesterday? Alas, it is no more. Look at this.........Click on the link to look at the National Weather Service severe weather map and advisory for us here in Arkansas. Oh, Joy.......Oh, Yay.........Oh, Yippee! ! And what is not on there, for Sunday afternoon and overnight, there is an even greater risk of large hail, damaging winds, and violent, long track tornadoes for us specifically in Northeast Arkansas and the Missouri Bootheel.

A dear friend of the family's Dad died Thursday, and the wake is tonight at Trumann at his church, so we are going to pay our respects and be with them. I hope we are not dodging tornadoes all evening, and tomorrow, too.

I still need to feed my face and shower, then get ready, so I will post this and try to post again later tonight, or tomorrow, weather and power permitting. Ducky is here to visit until time to leave, and we are riding with her.


Yasser Rahman said...

Its not good when someone passes :/

Hope you have a safe drive there..

Faith said...

Our weather is so unpredictable too. Today was beautiful though. Be safe.

Diane said...


Thank you, we did have a safe trip there and back home. I was happy to hear from you again.... :)


Storms are approaching from the west, but looks like they may track to our north right now. As for Sunday evening, the jury is still out, but thanks for your concern. Always glad to have you visit and comment..... :)

Andre said...

Being a Michigander, I can totally attest to the bizarre weather anomolies. 60 degrees and gorgeous one day, a foot of snow and miserable the next...

I'm really sorry to hear about your (and your dad's) loss. But, stay encouraged. I think that, in a strange way, you sorta juxtasposed the up and down weather with the idea of dealing with grief. I think that we should learn to find inspiration in things like the weather. One day, it's stormy and miserable. But, eventually, all storms give way to the sun. Winter doesn't last always (unless you like in Antartica, but I digress...).

Stay strong!

Nasty Nashe said...

Geez! The weather's THAT whack? man... here in singapore we only have 3 seasons: hot, hotter, hottest!

easy enuff! haha