Monday, March 13, 2006

Looks Like The Storms Have Passed

It appears the storms passed us by again, not that I'm complaining, you understand. Our western and northern neighbors got their share and ours, too, I'm afraid. Lots of reports of hail, wind damage and tornadoes, with some damage and even a few deaths. Forecasters are predicting this year to be one of the most active in years for severe weather in our area. I suppose we are overdue, it has been several years since we have had a really active storm season. Watch this space for more on this season as it occurs.

Cecil and Sue are coming up to play games, but I don't know how much fun we'll have. Cecil is still sick, but a little better, she is not as hoarse as she was earlier in the week, but now Sue is croaking and not feeling so good. I may just declare an afternoon nap for everyone if we start sniping at each other, or if we can't stay awake. I can just see us all in the same nursing home. They will have to separate us to keep us from whacking each other with our canes, running over somebody with our wheelchairs, or throwing our teeth at somebody. I know at least 2 of the sisters will be doing the old heave-ho if dentures are airborne in their direction, LOL. Can you imagine it, sisters? Boggles the mind, it does.... :)

Well, I need to go make the sisters some iced tea, and a pot of coffee for me. I will drink the tea with whatever they bring in to munch on, and the coffee is for this afternoon while we play our games. Gots to hab my coffay, I does.

Hope everyone else is having a good Monday, if there is such creature, especially for you working folks. I will try to make a longer post later this evening, and I hope to get inspired sometime between now and then. Maybe the sisters will spark something, who knows........


zztop357 said...

I hope the storms aren't clearing every thing around us,so it'll have a clear path to us next time.
We've been lucky so far,but Lady Luck is fickle you know.
Have you heard from Billy Ray yet?
When you do let me know.Later Sis.
Love You.

Diane said...

Yep, Bill e-mailed me yesterday and said they got home fine, just in time for the storms there. Polly's surgery is set for Tuesday, as far as I know. Don't know what time, though. If I talk to Bill tonight on yahoo, I will ask him and post it on my blog.

As far as the storms, we are long overdue, as you know, but I am thankful they have passed us by so far. Several other places weren't as fortunate as we are, though.

Anonymous said...

i am go glad thet zztop357 hab inproved her tiping. Is somb beter and easer to red now. Whey to go ZZTOP, i's luv's u.

Diane said...


Okay, redneck boy, the jig is up, I know who you are, and so does zztop. I have a little thing called site meter, so I always know who leaves the comments and visits, dude.

Just remember 2 of my sisters, with whom I am on very good terms, work for a vet........Get my drift? I make Scottish shortbread for the Doc, too, so I figure she can accomodate most any request I make of her. :)

Thanks for visiting, though!

Johnny said...

ok i been caught...its true i am zztops husband and do love to kid with her and my favorite sister-in-laws. Please don't sic all them nice people on me, especially the "cat doc". My only excuse for doing this is the good Lord in all his infinite wisdom made us smart enough to be dumb!

Diane said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.......I'm thinking just a touch of mischief, not dumbness, ;) (is dumbness a word?) LOL

Comment anytime, Johnny. Kidding around keeps the creative juices flowing, after all. Love ya,


Yasser Rahman said...

hmmm, interesting that you always have people comming over :) You seem a very socialble type :)

How did the evening go with the sisters ?

Diane said...


Actually it was afternoon here. We had lunch, then played our games till about 5:30 pm. We always have fun, and laugh a lot. I have 4 sisters, no brothers. We have always been close, even though we range in age from 57 to 41. I am next to youngest, at 42. I really don't have people over that often, usually just Mondays and Tuesdays, little sister Lisa ( or, Cecil) has those days off most weeks. Sundays I have family over quite a lot, too.

Thanks for asking, though, and feel free to ask about my life anytime. I enjoy getting to know you, and about your life, and I don't mind at all sharing about mine, though it seems ordinary and boring to me, LOL. :)