Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Well, The Flowers Think It's Spring

As I post this at 3:22 pm, it is 73 degrees, partly cloudy and the wind is gusting to over 30 mph. Apparently we are going to have some spring weather, ready or not. Tomorrow is March 1, and we still have lots of time for more freezing temps and winter weather. Last frost date is generally April 15, but the way this winter has gone, who knows what's in store for us. This is about the earliest I can ever recall my daffodils and other bulbs blooming. I have other bulbs up, but no blooms on anything but the daffodils so far. I'm still hoping they don't get their blooms froze off. The goofy flowering quince on the left has had buds all over it since January, then the freezing weather and ice a couple of weeks ago did quite a bit of damage to the buds. It will keep blooming even through freezing temps, though, and it usually keeps blooming all summer.

Lamar hasn't called me yet, but barring delays, he should be in Ft. Worth by now. He should be calling anytime.

Irma is home from school, and she has the "baby" with her. So far, not a peep out of him. I am not looking forward to tonight, though. She shared some horror stories her friends from school passed on about keeping him. Apparently he cries off and on most of the night, just like a "real" baby........Imagine that.......... :)
And she has to be the one to take care of him, I can't do it for her.......... :) Even better!
My baby girl is starving, she informs me, so I will post this and try to post again tonight after church.

Love to all.................Diane ;)

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Nasty Nashe said...

Hey there! Visited my blog didn't you? Well, cool! Hope to catch you hoppin over to my site again, Mummy Diane.