Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Think We Need To Shoot It........

On the other hand, I suppose some of you might say it's already suffered enough, lol. I sat down with just a wee bit too much force earlier, I guess. I heard an ominous crack, and almost immediately the chair started listing alarmingly to one side. Fearing the worst, but determined to finish the task at hand, I lopsidedly made my way through the job of burning some pics onto cd's. Kahildabob needed to do some online schoolwork, so I got up to let her surf, telling her as I got up to be careful of the broken chair. She promptly plopped down as I was walking off, and I heard a loud, unladylike Squeal. Yes, folks, that's right, she sho-nuff Squealed, and her feet flew up over her head. She barely caught hold of the footboard of her bed in time to save herself from flying backwards to the floor, tail over teakettle. Shortly thereafter, I sat down again and finished the job the ominous cracking earlier had started. The poor leg finally broke completely off, as seen in the photo above. "Taps" should have been playing for the faithful old soldier as he died in battle, lol. I am currently using an OLD office chair that I got from Ducky several years ago. It will probably outlast any new chair I might acquire. It is approximately 40 years old, and made like a Sherman tank. It's heavy and unwieldy, but brother, it is sturdy and solid. It is also the approximate size of a tank, and there is precious little room for maneuvering in here, so I will be on the lookout for a new office chair. Brian says they may have one in the storeroom he can bring me. I hope so, FREE is my fav word, dontcha know, :)

Mar is chomping at the bit, ready to leave for Texas. He has had his bag packed since Saturday, and he has triple and quadruple checked to see if all his cd's, dvd's and tapes are put away. He's rarin' to go. He is supposed to be back next Tuesday morning early. Please help me pray for him for safety and travelling mercy.

Nothing new on Polly, I haven't seen Bill on yahoo messenger at all today. More news as I get it.

If nothing happens, I am planning to ride the Senior Citizen's van tomorrow, just to get out of the house, and to pick up a few things. Lord willing, Lida is supposed to take me to Jonesboro Thursday to do my monthly shopping. They have already got a new car, a 2006 Mercury Grand Marquis, white. Kahildabob should get her car licensed and signed over to her either tomorrow or Thursday. Ya'll help me pray for her and the other drivers on the road, lol.

I need to post this and go say my goodbyes to Mar. Hopefully, I will post again Wednesday afternoon or evening. Later......... ;) :)

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