Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Blog, Therefore, I Am

Hello, all. Not much to report on tonight. Cecil and Sue came up today and we played our game till about 5 or so. Irma had to work till 9, so she started on her homework as soon as she came home. It was still almost midnight when she got to sleep. I was in here with her, so I know she was really working, not just piddling. I am afraid this job is really going to take a toll on her, possibly health-wise, and also her grades if she is not really careful. Her Papaw is supposed to sign the car over to her this week, maybe Thursday, and she has to license and tag it, and get insurance on it, too. I do worry about her, but I guess I always will, even when she is 42 and has kids of her own. I know Mama worried over us till she died, that is just a true Mama's lot in life, it is bred into her genes. I have known several women who have children, but they are not mamas. They gave birth, but they don't have that Mama instinct at all. It's really sad for their children, too.

Talked to Bill, Cecil and Ducky tonight. Ducky goes to the Dr. tomorrow, checkup, and also with her sinuses. Bill didn't get his steroid shots in his back, the Dr. said it was too inflamed: he is supposed to go back Thursday and they will try again. Polly still doesn't know when or what kind of surgery they are going to do on her, yet. The timing of their visit down here will depend on when they schedule her surgery. Also talked to Johnny tonight, and Mar typed to him a while, too. Mar types so slow with that one hand, it really takes a while to carry on a conversation, but he gets it done. I think I would get really frustrated sometimes, and he probably does, too. Johnny turned on his web cam and showed me one of the pups. The one he showed me looked like a stunted beagle, shorter nose, but very cute in that puppy kind of way. They have 4 to find homes for in a few weeks. Any takers? I will pass the word on..........lol. He said one of them looked like a rottweiler. I told him apparently Buttons was a busy girl about 10 weeks ago, ;)

Mar leaves Tuesday night about midnight to catch Amtrack for Dallas/Ft. Worth to see his brother and his Dad. He'll be gone for a week. I plan to get some things done while he's gone, but my procrastinator may overpower my planner, lol. Check back with me in about a week..............:) Please help me pray for him, for travelling mercy there and back.

Well, I hooked up the scanner/copier that Bobby and Regina gave me, but just as I suspected, only portions of the program will work for me. The copier will work, but not the scanner. I don't have the right ports, it needs to go through my printer, and it will not hook up right. I have it run through the puter itself, so some of it works, but not all. Oh, well, I guess I will have to keep saving for a printer/copier/scanner after all. I will have to see if I can find anyone who can use this one, or give it back to them when I manage to get my new one, I guess.

I did sleep better and longer last night, but I am really tired tonight, too. I don't feel real good, for some reason. Not really sick, just not myself. I can tell something is out of sorts, but I am just not sure exactly what. Maybe a touch of something, or something I am coming down with, don't know. I sincerely hope not, I was just about to get back to normal. Well, okay, normal for me, all right? lol

I think that'll do it for me, for tonight. I am tired, and I still have to feed the frogs, the betta and the furkids. Love to all........


zztop357 said...

Well I hope J can afford the insurance on the car.Its pretty high at her age.
Hows Polly? Or have you heard...
Ask Charles if he was kin to the
McIllwain that died here. I wondered.
I hope you get to feeling better.
Love You Donna

Diane said...

Hey, donnasis,

I feel about the same, no worse at least, thanks.
Irma will have to afford it, and the gas, it will be her transportation back and forth to work after this week. We have shopped around a little, we figure around $100 a month, give or take.
As for Polly, they are weighing their options, as far as surgery, what procedures, etc, and as of Mon. night, no decision was made. If I talk to Bill later and find anything out, I will post it on the blog, and send you an e-mail, too.
I think you were maybe thinking of the McElyea's weren't you? I don't know of them being kin to any McIlwains, anyway. I went to school with some, but they were 3 or 4 years younger, haven't heard anything about them in years, tho.
I am trying to give away the pups for you, but I haven't had any luck so far, :)

Love to all,

Sister said...

Hi Diane,
I meant to leave a comment after your trout post the other day (my husband has been gone doing some fly fishing), but my busy life got in the way! After reading your most recent post about women who have children, but are not mamas, I thought you might like to read a couple of blogs I've been reading lately. I've especially enjoyed this one: www.holymama.typepad.com
("true confessions from the everyday life of a sorta shallow Christian mom").
She also has links to some other really cute "mama sites". I just had NO IDEA there was such a network out there. There is also a little group (anybody can join) called "Thursday Thirteen", where you list (on your blog) 13 new things about yourself every Thursday and then go from site to site and learn more about each other. Very cute idea. HolyMama has a listing of "Thursday Thirteen" participants on her site, not to mention her links to the other sites she reads. Some sites are better than others, but it's always nice to see that everybody is not "Super Mom"!

Diane said...

Hey, sister,
Happy to see you post a comment again. I have missed your comments on my blog and on boomama's. I read a comment of boomama's where she said you have been really busy lately.
Thanks so much for the blog links and info. I will check them out posthaste. I so enjoy boomama's blog, and I have been looking for other blogs that are worthy, and fit, to read.
Also, I hope I didn't come across as meaning that those who choose not to have kids are not worthy to be moms. I only meant that some women do not have that nurturing instinct. Some women who cannot or who choose not to have kids still nurture their friends and family, or their pets. Others just lack that instinct, somehow. My sister Cecil chose not to have kids, but she has African dwarf frogs, Eldon and Edith, and furkids (cats), Patches, Zaboomafoo, Amos and Percy. She mothers them and her hubby. :)
Anyhoo, good to hear from you again, sister.