Sunday, February 26, 2006

Even More Memories

It is now 12 am, Monday morning. Just talked to Cecil for a while, and then talked to Bill for a good while. He says that Polly's carotid artery is blocked from her brain all the way down one side of her body, to her foot. She has to have surgery, they are not sure what they are going to do in particular, yet, or when. Bill says if it's going to be a few weeks, they are going to try to come down pretty soon. If the surgery is going to be immediately, it will be according to how long it takes Polly to recuperate. He has to be at his Dr. at 7:30 Monday morning for a steroid epidural injection in his back. Sisters, other family and friends, please help me pray for them.

The pic above was made around 1950, I believe. Sisters, if you have a different date for this, post a comment or call me so I can change this date. The man standing is Mama and Bill's Daddy, Fred Headrick. Sitting, Lena Headrick, (I am named after her - Lena Diane), Fred's second wife and Bill's Mama. Then Martha Hervey, Fred's first wife and my Mama's mama. Next, Katherine Headrick, Martha's daughter-in-law. Next, Katherine's Mama - I don't know her name. (Sisters - anybody know her or her husband's names?) Sitting on the ground, background, left, is Katherine's Daddy, I don't know his name, either. Sitting in the middle, Martha's Mama, Cora Belle Halcombe. (Did I get her name right, sisters?) She is my and the sisters' great-grandma. Sour-looking old heifer, ain't she, Lol? I have never seen a photo of her smiling, and I have seen several pics of her through the years. Martha and Lena had a good relationship and friendship with one another, considering that Martha was Grandpa Fred's first wife, and Lena was his second wife. He had children with both of them, too, and they were all raised together, back and forth between sets of parents. Of course, divorce wasn't that common in those days, either, so that was something unusual about the whole family combination to begin with. This picture was scanned by Donna, and I wish it had more detail, but the pic wasn't that great before it was scanned.

Speaking of scanning, Bobby and Regina have given me a Cannon scanner/copier. I will have to see if I can hook it up tomorrow, and try it out. I hope it does work, but if not, I still have a printer/copier/scanner on my wish list, along with an office chair. Kahildabob needs a new foundation or bed, too. I have my eye on one at Walmart that I think I may try to get. I may have to put it in the layaway. It's a bookcase headboard, with drawers underneath the platform for the mattress, no foundation needed, the mattress just rests on a solid piece of wood, for lack of a better word. I know it's not wood, it's prefabricated pressed fiberboard or something like that, that is supposed to pass for wood these days. We shall see.....Watch this blog for developments................

As for the pic of Mama from a few days ago.........I asked if anyone would like to guess her age, but no one posted a comment besides JOHNNY, and he already knew, As far as I know, she was 14 in that pic, but to me she looks much older, maybe 20 or so. I always looked older than my age, too, and so did Ducky, at that age.

Cecil has managed somehow to get two different blogs going at once, so B will have to straighten that out in the next few days, after he gets back from Memphis. She has a Dr.'s appt. Monday morning at 10:30, so she is not sure when they will be here, or what we are doing for dinner. More on this tomorrow, maybe.

It is supposed to be unseasonably warm this week, maybe even into the 70's, after the snow and ice and temps in the single digits last weekend. Like I said, strange, weird weather......Shannon S. said their county farm agent told him we are supposed to have a really bad tornado year. He says the drought in Texas and Oklahoma is causing the weather patterns to shift east, and tornado alley is directly over Arkansas for the foreseeable future. On that note, I just read Ryan Vaughan's blog on KAIT8, (click on the link to see the blog), and he has a link on his blog to The National Weather Service that is predicting a severe weather outbreak for next weekend, March 3-5. Yee ha, I am thrilled. That there is a little sarcasm, folks. I could do without the tornadoes. Every year, I fear our number will come up. We have been blessed for so long, I expect every time it storms, we are bound to be hit. Thank God for his mercy on us thus far. That forecast is a week off, yet, so I will keep an eye on it in the meantime, I assure you.

I am extremely tired, not enough sleep the last 3 or 4 nights, so I will preview this and publish it. I will try to post again tomorrow morning, or tomorrow night, we'll see..........


Anonymous said...

hey aunt diane this is tami i love reading your blogs there so cool and so great they make my day just to read your blogs and to learn about our family,i love you all god bless you and i want you to know that i have been your niece for 29 yrs and your one of my favorite aunts in the whole world thanks for making my day we all love you jon,josh,and luci and tami

Diane said...

Hey, Dean Dean,

Welcome, and thanks for the kind words. Feel free to visit and comment anytime. I love ya'll, too.... :)