Saturday, February 25, 2006

Won One, Lost One

As everyone has probably surmised from the title of today's blog, Jessica's Mock Trial team won their first round, and lost in the second round, so they won't be advancing to the State competition. Jessica was on the prosecuting team, and by coin toss, we drew defense both times, so she never even got to speak. All that preparation, and she never got to compete. Now that's real life in action, folks. It seems to me, the tests we study for most of the time never come to pass, and the ones we aren't prepared for are the ones that we end up being tested on anyway.

The first round was very interesting, and since most of the parents and other audience members weren't familiar with the case, kept our attention focused very well. Our team did make their points and kept ahead of the prosecution all the way through the trial. It was obvious to me that our team had the case won. The second one was more ambiguous, and I thought both sides were pretty evenly matched, and the verdict could go either way. The judge and jury (all real lawyers doing this as a service to the Arkansas Bar Association) said basically the same thing, and that in the end, the prosecution won by very few points. The judge said it was a shame there had to be a clear winner to advance to the next round, because both sides were so evenly matched, they both should have been able to win. Since J's a SENIOR this year, this will be her last time to compete in Mock Trial, so it's a little sad for her. Another one of those milestones she will pass in the next few months.

Overall, though, this has been a long, boring day, especially the second round. We were sitting on hard, uncushioned pews, and since we had already heard all the testimony and evidence once this morning, it was difficult for them to keep my attention for the second round. Mercy, I was glad to get home to my office chair and my warm throw in front of my puter.

I have a big package of ground chuck thawing for supper. If I don't change my mind drastically, I am going to make some hamburger soup and some cornbread. I will make a big pot of soup, enough for tonight and Sunday dinner, too, and make some more cornbread after I get home from church, while the soup is reheating. I never know how many are going to be here for dinner, so it's hard to know how to cook so that I have that elusive amount---enough, but not too much. I really need a nap, but I don't see it happenin'. J is gone on to work at Kroger, and Lamar is gone for a walk. I still have to make supper/Sunday dinner, and study my lessons for tomorrow, too. That bed will be looking good later tonight, I tell you. It ain't looking too bad now, lol.

It's cloudy, 49 degrees now, probably the high for the day, after a high of 60 yesterday. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be 45 after a low of 30. It's hard to know how to dress. I took my jacket today, and it's a good thing I did, I nearly froze, inside the building, too. I have something going on healthwise, I guess it's my high blood pressure. I am notorious for always being hot, and in the last 4 or 5 months I have done a complete turnaround. I am almost always cold, unless I am in the bed, and that is very unusual for me. Hmmmmmm................who knows?

I need to go and make my vittles, so I will close for now, and I may try to post again tonight. If not, it will be Sunday night, or more likely Monday sometime. Love to all.......

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hellen said...

Hey Diane, Sorry you froze today..I didn't have time to freeze--we were booked and triple-booked-- worked an hour over-time..And I didn't sleep a wink last night.. came home and took a 2 hour nap..had no choice-I was getting sick... Anyways, guess I'll see you tomorrow.. Tell Jess sorry she didn't make it to to Lamar from Marilyn..C Ya Sunday..Lord willing..