Thursday, March 9, 2006

It's A Rainy Day ...........

Note: I have no idea why blogger stacked these pics, but if you click on them individually, you can view any of the pics on my blog full size.

Remember the pretty daffodils from a few posts back? Well, this is what they look like just after the latest in a series of storms, downpours, showers, monsoons, and whatever other adjectives you might think of to describe the wet conditions of late in this area. We have had severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings since the wee hours of the morning. Corina left a comment that she likes storms, they make her sleepy. Well, if she had been here, she would no doubt be comatose, ;) :)

I am posting a pic of the backyard, showing the minor flood, which had receded quite a bit by the time I ventured out to take pics, by the way. Also a pic of the front and side view from the apartment, just outside the front door.

Yikes!! I just checked the local television station's online radar, and there are more storms coming. There is a lull in the action right now, and I had hoped the worst was over, but not so. My hubby hates storms, and is terrified of lightning. He just kissed me "bye" and walked over a couple of blocks to a friend's house. He thought all the bad weather was over. If you hear a loud racket anytime in the next while, it will be him when he finds out more storms are coming, and he's 2 blocks from home. :) He'll come running home like a scared turkey any time, lol.

Thanks to boomama for mailing me some links to help with adding links on my blog, and for her time and concern. I am learning, painfully slowly, about all this geeky puter stuff, but I am still woefully computer illiterate. The electricity is blinking now and then, very iffy, so I will wait until later to try to add any links. As I told boomama, I don't want to risk getting almost done with loading a new link, and the power blinking and deleting all my work. I don't want to say anything, maybe, umm......uh........."shoot", or anything like ;)

Well, have to go cook for the starving masses. That is, a teenager who rarely eats in the high school cafeteria, as it is VERY uncool, you know. She has to work tonight, and I haven't eaten anything yet today, either, unless half a pot of coffee counts, :) I think the menu tonight will consist of cheeseburger macaroni burger helper, purple hull peas from the freezer, and maybe some corn on the cob. I may try to post again later, time and storms permitting. It has been my experience, puters just work better when the power is on......... ;)

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Faith said...

AWWW. The flowers. That's sad. I do love storms though.If I'm at home!