Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Just Another Day in Mundania

Almost 9:30 pm on Wednesday night, and so far no storms. A few thunderstorms skirted to our north, and lots of storms and tornado warnings to our west headed this way, but so far we have been fortunate. Later tonight into Thursday morning is supposed to be the greatest threat for us here in Northeast Arkansas. I don't look forward to the early morning hours at all. :(

I have visited several blogs today, including holymama's, Corina's, Mary's, Faith's, Yasser's, Nashe's, boomama's and several others. Several have visited mine, too. Thanks for your comments, they encourage me from day to day. :)
I am going to try to add some links to some other blogs, including some of my visitors, when I get a chance and have the time. I know to plan for plenty of time. The only 2 links I have on my blog took me most of a day to install so they worked right. I certainly hope practice makes perfect, and maybe it won't take me nearly as long to get it right this time. We shall see.............However, please.......NOBODY HOLD YOUR BREATH. I am not responsible for any asphyxiations incurred in association with this blog. :)

I must report that nothing of any particular note happened anywhere in my vicinity today. I cooked supper tonight--Fried pork steak, turnip greens, broccoli cheddar rice, and gravy for Lamar. Went to church, then back home. Ducky hasn't been feeling well, had a stomach virus or some such ailment, but she is much better, although still a little weak, she said tonight. Haven't heard from Bill and Polly, so I assume they are either on their way here, or already here at Charles and Maxine's in Trumann. I hope to visit with them while they are here. Polly's surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 14. Let's all pray she does well and has a speedy recovery.
Lamar is washing the supper dishes, and after he is finished, I will vacuum the living room, sweep the kitchen, and mop. Okay, okay--------family, fan yourself, take a deep breath..............Yes, you read that right. I did say I was going to vacuum and mop later. I DO clean occasionally, you know. I already straightened out the utility room and put up all the groceries, and picked up most of the living room. I just need to straighten up some more and dust a little. Of course, I will pay for it, too. My shoulder is giving me fits--my bursitis. I suppose it's because of the bad weather moving in. I cleaned the stove top Monday night, scrubbed the burner pans and rings, and inside the stovetop. I will clean the oven sometime soon, but it was too big a job to do in one day. I dread it, but it has to be done, and the Cleaning Fairy somehow just doesn't seem to know my address, lol :)

Irma went to Weiner to go to church with Chris, and should be back anytime now. We hesitated about letting her go, but the weather looks like it is going to hold off until at least after midnight, so we told her she could go, but to be prepared to head for home early if it started to get bad.

Won't be long now before Lamar is done in the kitchen, and I want to get the floors done before too late. Although, if the storms get bad, we may be awake all night anyway........Oh, boy......Hope not, but, anyway, I will post this for today and post another installment on my exciting life tomorrow. :)


Corina Bowen said...

I love storms! I sleep like a baby in them... only problem.. even at work I wanna sleep if it is storming!

BooMama said...
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BooMama said...
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BooMama said...

I kept creating weird links in the instructions, thus the deleted comments...but it's all on the Blogger help page, which is here.