Saturday, March 18, 2006

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits & Hog Jowl..............

Okay, everyone that might be turning your nose up at hog jowl..........Don't knock it until you try it. If you like regular bacon, you would like jowl, if you can get past the mental stigma attached to it. As for the biscuits, I make them just like my Mama did for over 60 years. I made my hubby some cream gravy to eat with the biscuits, and I skipped the eggs. I had enough with the hog jowl, biscuits and butter. It sure was good, ya'll.

Now Irma is home, and she is hinting real hard for some chocolate gravy. Myself, I'd just as soon have a big pot of mud, but I will probably make it for her. I eat chocolate occasionally, but for the most part, the chocolate gene skipped over me. Please don't hold it against me, though. The other girls make up for what I don't eat. ;)

Hope everyone has a good Saturday. :)


owlhaven said...

What pretty bicuits!


Joe Goodwin said...

I like to think that I'll try anything once, so a hog jowl sounds right up my alley.

I will, however, draw the line at mountain oysters. I'm not grossed out so much as feeling sympathy and solidarity for the bull.

Diane said...


Thank you very much! I owe most of my cooking skills to my Mama.


I'm with you on the mountain oysters, rooster fries, etc. But I AM grossed out. I think it's something about any residue left, and cleanliness and all that.
For instance: beef tongue.......How can you POSSIBLY get that clean?

That's all besides the point of what the bull, rooster, etc. has just lately been using them for........

I love shrimp, but if someone happened to drop my serving in the commode, just nevermind. I don't care how much they scrub and clean, for my part, they are now ceremonially unclean, and are now fit only for the dungheap, LOL.

They might be magically delicious, but I think I'll pass.

Welcome, Joe, and come back.

Yasser Rahman said...

ok...Biscuts are good! But your right, I need to get that mental fear of Jowl..or anything hog for that matter :$

And thank you for those kind words of yours....Now i have one more person expecting stuff of me, but I always take it with pleasure :)

Thank you for the challenge :)

Diane said...

Sorry, friend, are you Muslim? Maybe we didn't gross you out too much with the pork stuff, LOL.

And, Yasser, it's more of a loving expectation, rather than a pushy demand, if that makes any sense to you. :)

It's always a pleasure to hear from you. ;)

Nasty Nashe said...

hey hey hey! im willing to eat the chocolate if you airmail it here to S'pore! wahahahhaha

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

OHHHHHweeeeeeeeeee! I am comin for supper , hope some jowls are left :) I mean it , we eat really strange things around here as well , COD TONUES, with fried hard pork fat , or hardbread cooked into Brewis , Salt cod, Fish Peas &Chitlins (ovary and sperm of fish ) all together now ewwwwwwhhhhhhh! and alot of other things salt pork hocks , moose heart, chicken heart stew& dumplins etc anyway I dont eat (all) that stuff , the people around here do (family) but your jowls look good are they fresh or salt like bacon? sorry to be all about food but it late at night here and I am starved , must go feed the beast that lives in my stomach! LOL
BIScuits , throw me one please
Take care

Diane said...

Green Eyed Girl,
We eat the salt pork, fried hard, and we eat smoked pork hocks, but being landlocked as we are here in Arkansas, we don't see too much of the fish items you mentioned.
I wouldn't eat the fish eggs and sperm or the chicken hearts, either. Just sounds nasty to me. Now others around here do, but not this old girl, LOL.

As for the jowl, it's smoked and cured like bacon, but sometimes you can find fresh jowl, and I love it, too. It's a tradition in the South to eat hog jowl and blackeyed peas and greens on New Years. The jowl stands for health, the peas for coins, and the greens for folding money, or bills. I buy it anytime I can find it, fresh or smoked.

Too bad I can't stuff some biscuits through the modem and e-mail you some of them, ha ha.

Diane said...

Didn't you know, chocolate is not good for kitties!! LOL

However, if the occasion ever arises, I WILL make an exception for you, ;)

mommy to four j's said...

I also don't like chocolate I do however like home made biscuits.

Diane said...

Mommy to 4 j's,


I don't have any absolutes where chocolate is concerned. I will eat different kinds at varying times, but as a general rule, I'd rather have another kind of candy or dessert.

I love white chocolate, however, and white chocolate macadamia nut is my favorite cookie. Although, my homemade sugar cookies and Scottish shortbread are favorites, too. I guess whichever I have made at the time is my favorite, LOL. :)

I make bon bons, fudge and truffles every year for Christmas, and I eat my share of them. Okay......probably more than my share, but after all, it is Christmas we're talking about, ;)

Yasser Rahman said... muslim..but thats not what keeps me from eating pork..I just dont like it , nor do I like mutton..Though Chicken..well, flu or not, il eat it ;)

You know, you comment gave me another idea..We have all heard of Money Managers...but sleep managers? hmmmm, im going to work on that one, thanks Diane :D

Slept loads today...LOL

Diane said...

Glad you rested today, it was good for you. ;)
I do like pork, most, anyway. Never tried mutton or lamb, not much raised around here, and it is very expensive if you do find it in supermarkets.

And I guess it is the entrepreneur in you that tends to evaluate things for money-making potential, LOL. If you think you can make a business out of sleep management, go for it, :)

Nasty Nashe said...

yahoo...!! *this is one special breed of kitty*

Mike Goodwin said...

"Mental stigma" is right. When I first saw the picture, before actually reading the post, I thought it was an autopsy photo. (I'm sick, I know.)

This coming from a guy who eats dried squid like it's a Slim Jim, and mixes mashed potatos and gravy, cottage cheese, and corn together because "it tastes so good." Talkin' about sick.

The biscuits sure look good, though.

Diane said...

With the mashed potatoes, gravy, etc.---Bud, don't even talk to me about my how jowl looking like an autopsy photo, LOL.
That combination HAS to look like something that's done been et once, and brought back up for another look, LOL. Shew!!! ;)
I have to admit to some cravings and combinations that might seem strange to NORMAL people, though, LOL :)

Anybody else want to offer their weird food combos or cravings?

Diane said...

Okay, you convinced me. IF you ever come from Singapore to Arkansas to visit, I will make something CHOCOLATE for you!! :)

Mike Goodwin said...

I know my food mixtures sound pretty gross, and yes it gives the autopsy photo comment a run for it's money. You asked about other weird food combinations. Mine seem to always center around Cottage Cheese. If we have spaghetti, I have one bowl for the spaghetti, and a separate bowl to mix a little spaghetti with cottage cheese. Ketchup and cottage cheese? Done that. Also dipping anything from Fritos, Ruffles, and Club Crackers is also a favorite of mine. Strangely enough, though, what would be the usual cottage cheese combinations gross me out. Cottage cheese with lettuce, peaches, pinapple? Forget it.

Diane said...

I like cottage cheese. The end. I don't want anything mixed with it, though, or dipped in it.

Matter of fact, that is one of my quirks. With a few exceptions, I don't even want my food to touch on the plate, so I use a lot of bowls, plates, etc. Usually each food is in its own dish so nothing touches.

I get the "everything is going to the same place" quote all the time, but I say, "It may be all going to the same place, but it doesn't have to all get there in the same bite." ;)
There's not too many combos I eat that might be unusual. Although I do like a grape jelly, toast and bacon sandwich now and then. It has been a while since I had that. I also like uncooked oats with Pet milk and sugar. I think both of those are family things. I remember Mama eating bacon crumbled in cooked oatmeal with butter, sugar and milk.

My grandma ate cold bacon grease and biscuits or bread. Eeee-ewwwwww!! :)

Those are all I can think of for now, but I am sure I will think of more later. I guess I'll keep you, even though you do have some strange eating habits. After all, I'd have to divorce most of my family and several friends if "normal" eating habits were the criteria for being accepted and loved by me, LOL. ;)

Summer said...

The bisquits do look wonderful! Do you share recipes? I'd love to know how you make the bisquits and the chocolate gravy.


Diane said...

Yep, I share recipes, but I will have to think on the ones for Mama's biscuits and for the chocolate gravy. I have never used a recipe for those. I just start slinging stuff together till it "looks right."

I'll try to get them on here this evening. My afternoon is booked, Cecil and Sue are coming back up to play some games.

Enjoyed your post on beading, and about your faith.
Welcome, and feel free to visit and comment anytime.