Friday, March 17, 2006

Nevermind, It's Just Me

Hey, everybody. It seems like a week since I posted, but it's only a day. Demon blogger has been on a rampage, mysteriously launching posts into internet oblivion, and belching up at least one 12 hours late. I wrote the last post before the Why? post, but for some reason blogger hugged that post to its electronic breast and didn't release it until after I had posted again, making it the latest post. Grrrrrrr........I do take some comfort in the fact that faith, jeana, mary and SEVERAL others were complaining about the boondoggles in blogger, too. I just hope this post doesn't go begging, as the British are wont to say.

In other news this hour, B and Cecil called me this morning to invite me on a play-date. As they were paying, I was more than willing to come out and play. We went to H.T. Ponder's for dinner (we've discussed this before----dinner is at noon here, folks) and it was purty dang good. B got the grilled poke chops, Cecil got seafood pasta stuff, and I had the breaded fried shrimp, with corn nuggets and hushpuppies, and a fried catfish filet on the side. The shrimp were great, but the hushpuppies..........the hushpuppies..............they were, shall we say, ummmm...........overly brown? Uh, we might even go so far as to say, BURNT. The shrimp more than made up for the incinerated hushpuppies, though, and the bite of B's pork chop I sampled was delectable, too.

Shall we speak about dessert? Cecil got the turtle cake, B got New Yawk cheesecake with caramel sauce, and I got the plain cheesecake. It was very good, all of it. We sampled each others', dontcha know, ;) Sisters, family, friends, Romans, countrymen..........I know you'll find this hard to believe, but we couldn't finish our desserts. There, I said it. I know, I know............very out of character for me, but we were so full from the main course, we just couldn't hold anymore. We ate at 11:15 am, and I am just now getting hungry again at 10 pm.

Anybody else hear that? I have a chunk of smoked hog jowl in the fridge, and I hear it calling me now. Just hold on, cheek bacon, I'll get to you just as soon as I can get this post done. Might even fry me some hen fruit to go with it, and perhaps make me some homemade buttermilk biscuits to go with it, with real cow butter. I think I feel my arteries clogging just thinking about it, LOL.

I want to welcome some new blog friends aboard my lumbering potential wreck of a blog, LOL. (See several previous entries.) Joe, Mike, Alex, Green Eyed Girl, Andre and anybody else I might have missed, Welcome, and make yourself at home. There are not that many who love me enough to keep coming back, but I appreciate all of you who bless me with your presence and your comments. I know there are several who have been visiting regularly who haven't chosen to comment, and Welcome to you, too. I personally am honored anytime someone visits my blog, and honored and amazed if they actually return for another visit!! It would tickle me to death if you commented, but I am secure in my bloghood if you don't. :)

I know there was some other random thought I wanted to inflict on everyone, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was now. If I think of it later, I might post again. That's if this one actually gets by demon blogger and gets posted. For now, the vittles, they call to me, LOL.

By the way: HAPPY WEEKEND!!!!!!!

Later, all................

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