Sunday, March 19, 2006

Been A Good Sunday

It's been a good day today. Went to both services, and the youth led the services for worship tonight. They did an excellent job, and their songs made me cry, like usual.

It was sprinkling rain as we got out of church, and the damp weather just makes it feel colder. It's 44 degrees as I type this, but it feels colder. I think I need a pot of coffee to warm up. I 'll get to that as soon as I finish with this post, and find a snack of some sort to go with it. I'm getting hungry again.

Jessica put together Mexican Chicken Casserole for lunch, and had it in the oven when we got home for dinner. Ducky, Genna-bob and Cecil were here, and Jessica's boyfriend, Chris. It was good at the time, with enough cayenne pepper on it, but it's gone now. I must go forage for food soon.

My visitors have kept the comments hopping lately. Kudos to everyone commenting, and keep up the good work! There are also several regulars who are visiting but choose not to comment, and that is cool, too. I don't mind at all. I visited around quite a bit reading other blogs before I got up the nerve to comment, and then starting my own blog. I'm all about quality over quantity, anyway, and I really appreciate my family, and especially my new blog friends who come back for more of my random meanderings. One thing about me, you never know what the pics or the post might be about at any given time. Heck, I surprise myself sometimes! LOL ;)
There's lots of times, like now for instance, that I don't know until I start typing what I'm gonna drone on about.

I am tired tonight, and I think this is about as spectacular as it's gonna get. I will try to come up with something noteworthy for tomorrow's post, like maybe a comic tragedy, or a post-modern expressionist melodrama, or some such nonsense. Stay tuned! ;)

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