Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Welcome, Friends

Some of you more observant visitors may notice I finally got around to alphabetizing all but the last 3 links on my side bar. The last 3 are just links to my local newpaper, a weather map and the local ABC affiliate's weather man's blog. Notice the 2 new ones I have added? Allow me to introduce you to Joe and Mike Goodwin. I don't think either of them want it bandied about too much, but they are brothers. Brothers who blog. Joe is helping Mike set up a new blog, and he is already off to a good start.

I highly recommend that you visit Mike and leave him an encouraging comment. Like most of us, even those who have been blogging a good while, he is a bit unsure about keeping his blog relevant and entertaining. Heck, I think I'm doing good if people don't "boo" and heckle me in the comments, much less actually return for more of my drivel and leave me (gasp!!) compliments.

Joe has been blogging for some time, and I am reading a little more of his archives each time I visit his blog. I enjoy his writing style, possibly because I see a lot of similarities to mine. Yes, Joe, that was a compliment, ;)
Check out Joe's blog and leave him a comment, too. Be sure and tell Mike and Joe, "Diane sent me." :)

I have in requests to add a few more links to blogs I read, so watch for more as I get permission to link to them.

Today's news: Cecil and Sue came up to play games this afternoon. They brought pork barbecue, slaw, baked beans and buns for lunch, so I felt obligated to make them some tea. Also, Cecil begged kind of pitifully for me to make it, too, and that was an ugly experience. I was humiliated for her, but what can you do when your little sister insists on begging you for something? LOL ;) The barbecue was good, though, so I guess it was worth making a gallon of iced tea in return for dinner.

Supper was chicken and dressing and green beans. While it was cooking, Cecil's hubby, Brian stopped by and brought me a big tray of Baklava. Oh. My. Word. It is SO good. It's a triple whammy in the calorie department, what with philo pastry, walnuts, pecans and almonds, and honey and syrup. But, my lands, I love it. Like the pic? B got it at Sam's Club. I have been threatening for years to make my own baklava, but the evil prognosticator has prevailed up to the present. It's on my to-do list, though, along with umpteen jillion other things I want to do but have never gotten around to.

Hey, I think that's a personal best: umpteen and jillion--2 non-words in one sentence!! And I ended the sentence with preposition. Ms. Richardson, my high school English teacher, would be appalled. She might even hunt me down and repossess my 2 English medals. ;)

Blogger almost never gets the time right on these posts, but it's 4:30 am, Tuesday morning. I was wound up, but now I am getting sleepy and tired. (Could my hyper state have been on account of the baklava?.......Nah, surely not! ;) Cecil and Sue will probably be back today for more games, so I'd better get at least a little sleep. I'll be checking in later today, though. Hope everybody has a good Tuesday!!


Andre said...

Dude, you're starting to become your own HTML billboard! It's only a matter of time that you'll have links to Microsoft, Cialis, Amazon.com, Pepsi, and the University of Phoenix.

But, at least I can always count on you to have some good stuff to refer me to.

On an unrelated note: Mmmmm... Backlava...

zztop357 said...

You would have baklava,i wish i had some.But...the dieting bug is still with me.I went last nite and looked at Mikes blog..he's doing a good job on it.
Your starting to get a handle on this pc stuff,keep on and i'll get you to do a web-page for me..
Love you sister

BooMama said...

Great new links - I checked out and enjoyed both. Thanks!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

My last post on my own blog was about trying to cut out sweets, and in that post I warned that , bloggers dont hold the sweets to close to the computer because I will pop through , well Sweetie here I come ,,,,,,,dang it my ass wont fit through the screen , your lucky! OMG BACKLAVA sniff sniff , I wonder if I like the screen could I taste it?????oh boy this sweets withdrawl is making me nuts ,,,,ahhh nuts covered in chocolate ,yummmmm................ ..........sorry I was dreaming for a second there ! LOL
I will check out the blogs ,Take care

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

that was suppose to be LICK the sreen,,,,,I need a typist LOL

Diane said...

The baklava will make you want to slap your Mama!!

Hey, sis. Web page?? Have you been smoking crack? LOL Love you, too. :)

Welcome back!! I missed you while you were enjoying the Fiesta de Boo.... ;)

green eyed girl,
Girl, you've got it bad!! You might ought to have your hubby chain you to something sturdy, or anybody passing by with donuts or fudge is in mortal danger, ;)
Good luck with the diet, though. :)

Anonymous said...

hi its me agin,
I habent seen zztopers coments on her
in a lung tim. wher is she at? did
i runed her off? oh well mabe she well
return son. i sur lake your picter of that gud luking food. do you stil habe any left? i can come ober anytime to help you eat sum. tanks for letting me write on yor paper.

ps i sure like zztopper. is she maried?

Diane said...

Sorry, zztop is happily married to an old geezer. I don't know what she sees in him, but they seem to be well-suited and content together. ;)

You might ought to be careful what you say about her on here. He is 6'5 and weighs about 260 lbs. He used to be a professional wrestler, and he still can do a mean piledriver if you rile him. You've been warned. :)

There is still a FEW pieces of the baklava left. Turns out just about everybody likes it now, when they used to turn their nose up at it, and I could keep it all for myself. Figures. Rats.

Joe Goodwin said...

Aww, shucks. Thanks for the plug. As if my ego needed any more inflating... :-)

Diane said...

No problem, and it's well-deserved.
Consider yourself well-inflated. ;)

Mike Goodwin said...

I too would like to thank you for the plug. In fact, even before I read this, I had someone link over from your blog. She left some nice compliments and some great encouragement. (Thanks, Greeneyes) :-) I also appreciate those in this particular post that made mention of visiting it. I appreciate it. I still think big bro does a much better job. After all, he does have the "wit and wisdom of the informally educated" as he says. I'm just the poster boy for a cereal tag line. ;-)

Diane said...

No problemo, amigo. ;) And that is about the extent of my Spanish.

And don't sell yourself short. There is room for more than one good blogger in a family.
Confused me twice today already with the new templates. I thought I somehow got the wrong blog, but then I saw what was going on, and figured you were trying out some new templates. I'll be visiting often to see what you settle on. :)