Sunday, February 12, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside.........!

Hello, All,

Mercy, it's cold out tonight! It's 25 degrees and falling pretty quickly, on the way down to 22 if the weather geeks haven't changed it lately. I'm glad I don't have to sleep outside tonight, that's for sure.

How do you like the ultra-modern pic, here? This was taken about 1973, if I have my dates right. That's my sister, Donna holding her son, Frankie, then my sister, Lisa, and me. I was 9 and Lisa was 8. This pic was taken on Easter Sunday. Check out the fashionable jumpsuits and the knee socks, and the trendy black patent shoes with the big buckles. We were the height of fashion, I'm telling This pic was taken at the house I mentioned a few postings ago, the one about outdoor toilets and wringer washing machines. I hope my sisters especially will get a kick out of it.

Church was good this morning. Went to Taco Bell/KFC with Martha, Genna, Danny and Mikki. It was good at the time, but for some reason I am hungry again. Don't know why, it's only been 10 hours since I ate.......ha ha.
After I finish posting here I will go whip up something vienna sausage and crackers, or some more taco soup, or a baloney sandwich, lol. Anyway, now that I know how to do this, I will try to add more pics here and there along the way. Gonna go ahead and post this, and I will try to post again tomorrow. I need to get off here in a bit and let Jessica get to bed, it's almost 10 pm. Later........


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