Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Dinner, July 18, 2010

This will be short and sweet tonight. I'm TARD and will try to do a post in a couple of days but will only be covering Sunday Dinner for this one.

I made a huge batch of MY HAMBURGER SOUP for our supper on Friday night with full intentions of having enough left over for Sunday Dinner this week. I also made a big skillet of HOMEMADE BUTTERMILK CORNBREAD to go with the soup, and will make more if we end up eating at my place for Sunday Dinner this week.

I say "if" we eat here because Lamar is going to Ft. Worth, Texas today and will be gone for a week, so I'll be by myself. After our usual after church discussion of where we're going for lunch, my sisters and I may decide to go out to eat instead of coming back here for soup and cornbread. That decision could go either way, and I'm fine with either option.

Y'all have a blessed Lord's Day, and I'll see in a couple of days with another post, Lord willing.

May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share, dear family and friends.


amelia said...

Hi Diane,

I made your soup last night after you posted the recipe. My hubby says it's a keeper!!!

I hope everything is OK at your house...

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, have fun with you sisters... That soup will last all week and you won't have to cook while Lamar is gone if you eat out Take it easy and get some rest...

Putz said...

well at least hamburgler soup is better than taco soup by ali>>>taco shell, lettuce, tomatoe and chesse for 4.6 minutes on high boil and then eat

Mountain Mama said...

Gosh I haven't had breakfast yet and reading about your soup and cornbread sure made my tummy pay attention!
I have a little steak planned for my Sunday dinner with a green salad.
I'm trying to get some weight off so will be skipping the carbs as they tend to really do me in.
I hope youve a good time with your sisters.

Miss G/Greeneyes said...

You sound tuckered Sister friend ??xoxoxox BSH from across the cooler Atlantic xoxox and sea breezes just for you
Miss G
Love you xo
Sugar in cubes for Princess Emmy xoxoxox so she can plunk them into iced tea xoxoxoxox
love and hugs BSH

Lib said...

Guess whatLol We had veggie soup and buttermilk cornbread today.
2 GREAT minds.
HAve a Blessed wk.

kkryno said...

Get some rest, Diane; and enjoy your week!

Love, Vikki.

Jen said...

safe travels to Lamar

enjoy your new week

oddny said...

I have never made cornbread before - it's not something we eat much in Enland - but made your recipe to go with a pot of chilli (had a real struggle to find cornmeal though!!) and would like to tell you that we all enjoyed it.
Best wishes to you and your family

Sharon said...

I have made that hamburger soup and we love it.
Have fun with your sisters and eat out while hubby is gone.
have a great Wednesday