Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunday Dinner, July 11, 2010

Sunday Dinner time again, and this week I'm back to some old habits.

I'm not cooking this week and as usual, I have no idea where we might be eating.

I may end up back at home eating a sandwich, or we may end up at a restaurant, but that will be decided after church tomorrow morning.

But for those of you with an actual menu and/or a plan, please share your plans in the comments.Just because I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week doesn't mean I haven't been cooking. We've had lots of fresh garden veggies given to us, such as corn on the cob, green beans, hot peppers and sweet bell peppers, yellow and zucchini squash, onions, okra, cucumbers, and my favorite, ripe garden tomatoes.

I've also bought lots of strawberries and some cantaloupes and watermelons, and I have a fresh pineapple that I'm going to slaughter here in a little while. I love fresh veggies and fruits almost as much as I despise the heat and humidity that come with Summertime.We had fried baloney sandwiches for supper tonight. We only have that about once a month, but it sure is good. I grilled pork ribs one night last week, and also grilled some pork steaks. Another night we had homemade breakfast burritos for supper. I love to make breakfast for supper occasionally.

Thursday night I grilled some hot dogs for Lamar and a small steak for me. Lamar doesn't care for steak so that's why I fixed hot dogs for him. I cooked some turnip greens with some diced turnips and sliced some garden tomatoes, and that was our supper that night. Might not sound like a good combination, but it was really good at the time, or maybe I was just really hungry.Life goes on, filled with the usual things that keep life busy. I've done laundry this week and need to do more now, naturally. I've spent time with my sisters and Jessica, Jason and Emmy, along with time with my church family. I have some more sewing to do, mostly hemming and sewing up some seams that have ripped out, nothing major.We're in the midst of a worsening drought. We haven't had any real measurable rain in almost 2 months. We did have a small shower on Friday but it barely even settled the dust. We're in dire need of rain, and I will be so thankful when the Lord sees fit to bless us with a refreshing period of rain.And on that note, I'll close and wish you all a wonderful remainder of your weekend. May God bless you with all you need and enough to share.


Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I don't have plans yet for dinner tomorrow but I'll cook up something good.... I've been on vacation with my two sisters and brother all last week...I got home last night around 11:00pm. We went to the beach and had a great time... Wednesday and Thursday were bad with heavy rain and rough seas from the rain bands from Tropical Depression #2...We stayed in the travel trailer and played games and watched My sisters grandson found two tar balls and we put them in a zip lock bag for safe keeping....Lots of seaweed but the fishing was good after the storm....I needed the rest and relaxation and that is what I got... Glad to be back home sleeping in my own bed....

Hope you have a great week...

Lib said...

Girl,You're on the ball tonight posting:o)
All your cookin' sounds good to me!
Tomorrow its all fresh veggies gr. beans, corn, slaw,buttermilk cornbread. Ill have to fix my meateaters some sort of meat. I cook and freeze for a month so they can pick something out to zapped for them.
Hope you have a Great wk.!
Love,Hugs, Blessins',Lib

Dawn said...

We're having a missionary from Mozambique tomorrow and DC and I have the privilege of taking him out for lunch, so am looking forward to that very much.

I sure hoe you get some rain soon.

Gigi said...

No dinner plans for tomorrow...just church in the morning and then to the hospital to see my mom. I went to the market yesterday and they were having a sale on chicken breasts - buy one package, get two free! Gotta love a sale like that! So, I'll bake them all off tomorrow and tear the meat off the bones. Some will be for salad topping and whatnot, and I'll make chicken salad with the rest. That'll make plenty to share which is always a good thing!

Have a blessed week!

amelia said...
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amelia said...

My mother is now in an assisted living home so today we bring her to our house for lunch and supper.
Lunch will be herbed chick pea salad, fresh garden salad, potato salad and salmon on the BBQ and hot dogs for dinner tonight!!
It sounds as if you've cooked all week so you can definitely take off cooking Sunday dinner!!
That was me who removed the post, major spelling mistake!!

kkryno said...

Wow; I haven't had fried baloney in forever! I see one in my near future. ;)

I wish I could send you some our cool temps and some rain. I can count on one hand the sunny days since June 1st. It makes me sleepy.

As for dinner; we will probably have grilled chicken wings and fresh garden salad, and maybe a pea and pasta salad. That's pretty simple and tasty. I can't do anythig that involves an oven as mine is on the fritz. When the part gets here, then I can make a mess in the kitchen again!

Have a great week. :)

Brenda said...

Yum! All that garden produce you're getting is making my mouth water!
Our fruit stands just opened this past week, just starting with a few veggies. I'll be darned if they didn't bring in tomatoes from somewhere else. I KNOW they weren't grown around here. Must not be ripe yet.
Can't wait for that first back-porch/salt shaker/tomato eating day.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

I am with you on the going out to lunch idea! As we leave the church the big question is...where are we going to eat today? My husband's favorite spot it Western Sizzlin...but we do go to other places once in awhile!