Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunday Dinner, February 7, 2010 & Some Yammering

It doesn't seem possible that a week has passed since my last post, but the calendar doesn't lie. My week has been really busy, so I suppose that made the time pass faster than usual.

Lamar left Tuesday night on Amtrak for Fort Worth, Texas to visit his brother and attend a mutual friend's Superbowl party. It's become pretty much an annual event and is a pretty big deal, according to Lamar. Not my thing, but more power to you if it's your idea of a good time.

Anyway, since Lamar's gone and I'm a bachelorette until next Tuesday, I made the executive decision that I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week. As usual, I won't know where we're eating Sunday Dinner until I discuss it with my sisters after church tomorrow afternoon.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place this week? Share your plans in the comments if you'd like.I know several of my blogging and Facebook friends are snowbound at the moment, so those that are blessed to still have electricity will more than likely be cooking at home. The last of the snow in my yard finally melted during our rainy day on Friday, although there's still plenty of snow on parking lots where it's been pushed up in heaps.

We're forecast to get more snow on Sunday night through Tuesday, and again on Thursday and Friday. For the first storm the weather geeks are saying we may get 2-4 inches of snow. For the second system they're not giving any snow totals yet, but it's supposed to be cold enough that whatever falls will stay for a while.

I'm prepared as well as I can be. I bought groceries on Friday and have canned milk for snow cream and more lamp oil in case the power goes off. I have plenty of toilet paper which is just as important as food in my opinion.

One thing that may become an issue if the snow materializes is getting Lamar home from Texas. Amtrak has already curtailed many of its trains due to the historic snow storm in the Northeast, and if we have snow here it may be difficult to retrieve Lamar from the Amtrak station on Tuesday morning.

No need to worry about it now, though. We'll just have to wait and see how it all unfolds and deal with the situation then.I've had Emmy every day this week except Wednesday, which was Jason's day off, and Emmy was with her Daddy that day. I got a lot done Wednesday and I've managed to do quite a bit every day during Emmy's nap time and after she goes home in the evenings.

I've also taken advantage of Lamar's absence this week to get a lot of housework done. I've done 10 loads of laundry so far, among many other things. Some of that was bedding that had been stored in the closet and was musty, not dirty. I washed it anyway just to refresh it before using it.

I also took the opportunity to rearrange some things in my pantry, which is actually my inside utility room in which I've placed some inexpensive but sturdy plastic shelves. My ancient plastic canisters have outlived their usefulness so I pitched them and bought some clear plastic containers with screw-on lids to use as canisters.

Unfortunately, they only come in 2 sizes, but I'm making them work for me. The biggest container holds 5 lbs. of flour, sugar or cornmeal, large amounts of pasta or beans, etc. The smaller containers will accommodate 2 lbs. of beans, rice, pasta or other foods.

Because they're clear you can see what's in them at a glance, although I did have to use a permanent marker to label self rising flour, plain flour, and other things that might be easily confused.

I still need a few more to put rice and some other things in, and I still have more to do to reorganize things, but it's looking much better. Another afternoon's work in there should have everything reorganized to suit me. I'll try to remember to take some photos to post when I get everything situated.I've managed to fritter away the evening on Facebook and trying to get this post typed at the same time. It's nearly 11 pm my time and I still have things to get done before I go to bed. Time to get this posted and study my Sunday School lesson, and I do believe I hear a pot of hot Earl Grey tea calling my name.

Y'all stay safe and warm and have a blessed Sunday. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share is my prayer for all of you, dear family and friends, as always.


Jen said...

Hope Lamar has a nice time with his bro

enjoy being a bachelorette :)

stay warm my friend

wow go Diane with all that laundry and housework

have a lovely Sunday and a nice new week


Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I don't blame you for not wanting to cook... When the cats away, it nice to eat I hope things go well getting Lamar back home safe....

Did you buy the Rubbermaid jars, 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon sized? Those are awesome jars and I use them too. Next time we do a lid order, I will get some for you and send them to ya... The lids that come on those jars do not seal them down proper for storage, so we buy lids that will make a proper seal... I can email you and explain more about that later...

Glad you got so much work done around the house... When TF is gone for a few days, I get a ton of work done...I wonder why that is? I guess, not having them under foot

Here's hoping that you next winter storms keep you high and with power... Have a great week!

A Merry Heart said...

And may it be the beginning of a blessed new week for you as well! :o)

Not snowbound, but crud bound. UGH.

the voice of melody said...

It sounds like you have been quite busy while Lamar has been gone. Did you really do 10 loads of laundry? My goodness, that's some serious folding and hanging!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and the new week ahead. Sending you love and hugs dear friend!

Dick said...

I think our dinner plans for today are about as unknown (to me at least) as yours are to you. I would guess that we will eat at home but am not even sure about that.

El Nino continues to deliver great weather to us for this time of the year. Jan set a record average temp in Seattle and Feb looks like it may do the same. The trees are budding out & the flowering ones will likely be out before much longer. In fact some of the early ones are already out. You can have our cold temps this year & I'll keep these that we have been getting.

My son keeps pushing me to open a Facebook account but I've been doing such a poor job of posting on my blog that I wonder why I need something else that is supposed to be updated regularly. Oh well, maybe.

Donna said...

Facebook really is a time-waster, but I do enjoy it.

kkryno said...

I hope that you try to fit some relaxation time in there along with all of that productivity!

(And if you get bored, we could have a pantry party at my house!)

Have a beautiful Sunday, and a fun and safe week.

Love; Vikki.


Linda said...

It sounds like you've had a very productive week Diane! It always feels good to get those sorts of jobs done.
I hope the weather doesn't get too bad. We'll just pray that all goes well with Lamar's trip home.
We're having steak and salad for dinner and then throwing caution to the wind and snacking like crazy while we watch the big game.
Have a blessed week dear friend.

Lib said...

Hope you Dh has a wonderful time.
We had gulosh, pot. salad, baked beans and cornbread for dinner.
Sound like a busy wk. for you!
I use clear storage also great to reach and get what you need without hunting.
You have a good wk.

Rachel said...

Hi Diane! The weather has certainly been different this year, to say the least!

I hope your dinner was wonderful and that you got to go eat some place exciting. I actually ate at Captain D's today. I very seldom ever eat there, but it was okay for a change.

I hope Lamar gets home with no difficulties.

Hugs, Rachel

Brenda said...

Well, our Sunday is over, but we did enjoy a nice evening eating Nachos and a bunch of other stuff as we watched the Super Bowl. A fun evening.
It snowed here a couple of inches. So, unless it snows some more during the night I don't think we'll be enjoying our snow icecream!
Have a safe week.

amelia said...

Good for you to not cook!! If I didn't have a husband I swear I'd never cook again. It gets so boring as to what to cook to be fairly healthy and tasty at the same time.

MightyMom said...

we had your portuguese bean soup. it was way yummy!!

I'll have to tell you the changes I made...IF I remember them...hahha

seems to me you always go on a cleaning spree when he's gone...maybe he should leave more often? you'd get a ton of things done! hahaha ;-)

Bev said...

One of the things I kept from my MIL's kitchen, when we moved her to assisted living, was a set of dark green metal canisters that she got as a wedding shower gift, before I was even born. I still use them today and absolutely love them. We're still freezing and snowbound here in PA, and round 2 is on it's way with another 10" of snow, apparently. Guess I'll pull out those canisters and bake something! Stay warm. BTW I have never, ever washed 'clean' sheets - absolutely hate to wash them and fold them so I'm super impressed at your for washing them because they were MUSTY!

PEA said...

Well hello there Ms. Groovey Squishey-Tiger Twinkies! hehe I've been giggling so much at the names that have been posted!!

I hope Lamar had a good trip and a fun time at his brother's place. I can't get over how some people go all out for the Super Bowl...personally I don't see the excitement. lol

I'm amazed at all the snow so many of you have had lately and yet over here we have had no fresh snow since before Christmas. What we have on the ground is what was there then! Only 5F right now but at least it's sunny:-)

Isn't it funny how much housework and such we can do when the hubby isn't home? lol I reorganized my pantry a few weeks ago and got rid of everything I no longer use or haven't used in over a year. I'm talking about pans, baskets, etc that I also keep in there.

Frittering away an evening on Facebook has become a bad habit for me! lol I actually got rid of all the games I was playing and only kept FarmTown, FarmVille and PetVille. I was just getting too involved with the other games and was spending way too many hours on there. Now it's more controllable:-)

Take care my friend and stay safe!! Love you. xoxox

Pearl said...

Stopped in to say hello. While the man is away you are suppose to have some fun too!!!! Sounds like you are working so hard!
Tea time was a good idea.
Take good care.

Anonymous said...

Sunday dinner for my husband and I rarely come the form of a homecooked meal. Call me lazy, but it is my favorite time to go out and eat. One of the perks of being a Pastor is an occassional ivitation to lunch. The first Sunday of every month we are invited to one family member's house for their "birthday luncheon". It is a feast likened to Thanksgiving! You only have to look to my thighs to understand!

Mountain Mama said...

Sometimes it's good to have some time alone. Gives us time to draw closer to our creator I think.
I hope you had a nice Sunday dinner. If I remember right I believe I ate a sandwich of some sort. I have been trying to eat more vegetables, but sometime I just don't feel like preparing them. Laziness overcomes me I think!
We have not had snow in quite a while but there is a cold wind today!
My Friend John in Maryland has over 30 inches of snow and it's still coming down.
I'm sure glad we don't have it here!!
God bless you and yours Dear Diane.
Love you!

Reva said...

I am getting my new computer up and running and trying to catch up with old blogging buddies that I haven't been in touch with for awhile. Hope you won't be totally snowbound for long.
Will check in again soon.

moreofhim said...

How fun to have the house to yourself for a few days. :) I hope you had a nice Sunday dinner out with your sisters. I like to cook, but it's so nice to get to go out once in a while and let someone else do the cooking!!

We are finally seeing the sunshine, and I'm SO glad. I think I've shared, I live on dirt roads and hate that mud!

I love your idea of the clear containers for your pantry. I think I'm going to have to do something like that. So nice to see what you have at a glance!! You've been busy, girl!!

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you!!

Love, Julie