Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday Dinner, January 31, 2010 & Snow!!!

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, the weather geeks were forecasting snow and ice for us on Thursday night through Saturday morning, and this time they nailed it, folks. We did indeed get ice and snow, and lots of it, so our church is canceled for Sunday, along with most other churches and events in our area, but more on that in a bit.

Since the roads are so bad none of my sisters and other family will be here for Sunday Dinner this week, but since Jessica lives just across the road now, she and Emmy will be here for Sunday Dinner, along with Jessica's friend David.

David has a 4 wheel drive pickup and has been taking Jessica to work and picking her up while the roads are so treacherous, bless his heart, so he's had very little trouble driving on the ice and snow.

I'd already taken a 3 lb. beef roast from the freezer to thaw when I got the news that church was canceled, so it's cooking in the oven right now. After it gets done a little later on I'll let it cool and refrigerate it overnight, then put it back in the oven about 11 am Sunday morning to reheat.

I'll peel and quarter some potatoes and add them to the roast pan before I put it in the oven. When the potatoes are done and the roast is hot, I'll take them out of the roast pan and make gravy with the pan juices.

I may cook a vegetable to go with the rest, maybe some corn on the cob, or I may just leave it at beef roast, potatoes and gravy.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place this week? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like to participate this week.As I said earlier, we did indeed get ice and snow from Thursday night into Saturday morning. It started with a half inch of freezing rain, and then changed over to sleet. We ended up with an inch of sleet on that half inch of ice, then the snow started, and I do mean it snowed!

It didn't fool around when it finally started snowing. Most of the snow fell throughout the day on Friday. As you can see from the picture, we had 9 inches of snow when I snapped that at about 4 pm.

There was a lull for a few hours with little or no snow, then it started snowing again after dark and we got another 2 or 3 inches before it finally quit snowing sometime after midnight. Lamar had been out walking and had gone to the mailbox before dark, and his foot prints were completely filled in, so I'm sure at least another 2-3 inches fell, for a grand total of 11-12 inches of snow, which is a record setting one day snow total for us.

The sun came out and it melted a bit today, but just enough to make the sidewalks, parking lots and roads even more treacherous and icy when it refroze tonight. Now we have freezing fog to add to all the mess, making me very happy that I can stay home in my warm apartment and not have to worry about driving in this icy mess.

I'm also very happy and thankful that even though we got some ice and our electricity flickered several times, we never lost power. I was so worried we'd end up sitting in the dark with the kerosene lamps lit and 3 layers of clothes on, eating our cold baloney sandwiches. Brings back bad memories of THE ICE STORM OF '09. (Shudder....)

One good thing that came out of the snow storm was that I finally got to make some HOMEMADE SNOW CREAM, although I didn't have any canned milk, so it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be.

This snow was dry, icy and grainy too, so the snow cream had big grains of ice and was a little gritty. Lamar ate a huge bowlful of the stuff though, so I guess it wasn't all that bad.Time to wind this up and get it posted. My roast is ready to come out of the oven to cool and I've got a few other things to do before bedtime.

Y'all stay warm and safe, and have a blessed Sunday. May God meet your every need, and may you have enough to share is my prayer for each of you, dear family and friends.



I love snow Ice cream. It snows very rarely here in my part of Texas but when it does since childhood there has been snow ice

I also add carrots with those potatoes that I put into the roasting pan, that is also good. That way, I don't have to make another vegetable. Stay warm and I enjoyed as always your post. Thanks. connie from Texas

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, we are going to have crock pot chile for dinner... I put it on yesterday and we will eat that till it is I will make a small pan of rice and some cornbread to go along with it... Depending on how I feel, I might make a salad too. Your roast sounds yummmmy... I bought one at the store yesterday for $ 1.69 a pound...I'll save it for when the kids come over....

I have never had snow cream so I don't know how it tastes... Hope you enjoy yours...

Stay out of the weather and have fun playing on the computer and drinking your Earl Grey...

amelia said...

Pasta with mushroom sauce for us today.
I love seeing each week how and what people cook from different parts of the world. Your southern cooking is so different to mine and I love it.
I'm making a blueberry crumble for dessert as well today.

Nancy said...

Wow! You sure did get the snow! Your pics are beautiful, even though none of us really likes the cold temps that comes with the snow. Our street was one sheet of ice last night, (I meant to get a picture, but it got dark on me by the time I got the cats fed and scooped) and now this morning it is covered with least the snow will give cars a little traction to get up the grade. Our street is never plowed as it is a private street, so we get no county help with it at all...YET we all pay county taxes. I don't understand that at all! I just know the roads weren't safe for beast or human yesterday, but I made it to the vet and back safe and sound. My knees were shaking when I pulled into the vet's parking lot! And I am used to driving in it, being raised in northern PA.

Born and raised in the North, but I have never had snow ice cream! It looks and sounds soooo good, as I looove condensed milk right from the can! Our snow is too close to the ground and I would rather eat it if it were a little deeper...too many animals around here, if you get my drift. LOL

I always cook carrots along with the potatoes and beef and then instead of making gravy, we use the juice (cooking broth) over the potatoes and is soooooo good! And much easier, plus a good change from gravy once in awhile. That has always been my kids' favorite meal from the time they were little...they call it beef, potatoes and carrots. No matter how you cook it, beef roast is always a good meal on a cold, winter's day. Tammy is having lasagna for her dad and me today at her house, but I don't think it's going to take place, by the looks of the roads out there this morning. I know I don't care about driving on them again today! To get down to 16 here tonight, so they'll refreeze again! Maybe they will thaw and dry as it is to reach 42 this afternoon, but I doubt they will have time to actually dry. So there will, no doubt, be some black ice tomorrow morning.

Glad Jessica has dependable and safe transportation to work...can't beat those 4-wheel drive vehicles in snow. From one mother to another, I know that is a worry off your mind that she isn't driving those roads all alone. Mine drives a 6-lane interstate every day, and I worry all the time over her.

So nice that Jessica lives within walking distance of you! Enjoy your Sunday with little Emmy...I bet she loves all that snow! ;-)

Love you!!! xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Gigi said...

Diane, stay warm, stay dry, stay "powered!" Enjoy your Sunday dinner with loved ones (hug Jessica and the Princess for me!)...not sure what's on tap for dinner tonight on my end. Matthew and I will be having dinner out this evening, so at the moment it's anyone's guess!

Have a blessed week!

Jerri said...

Enjoy your delicous supper! We are having a church spaghetti feed today. This is the 35th year.....we feed close to 2,000 people. Parishioners are asked to bring 2-dozen cupcakes for dessert. So tonight it will be spaghetti and meatballs for us....


Lib said...

We have the saem weather but Thankful we didn't get the ft. of snow they were calling for.
We're Iced in this morning.
Lunch is Baked chicken breast, alfreado noodeles, steamed broc.&garilc toast.
Yesterday we had your today meal.:o)
Hi to Jess and I send my Love!
Have a great day!

Jen said...

was watching the news last night and thinking about U

wow - Jess lives that close - cool

bless David

Oh I am so pleased you didnt lose the power and answering my question

stay warm and safe
love Jen xoxox

Dick said...

It is still morning here in the northwest and we haven't yet talked about dinner, but I am inclined to go to a local steak house where we have a coupon for half off a second dinner that ends today. Half off the price of a second dinner is a pretty good deal.

You have indeed gotten the winter weather this year, all through the East. We have been setting records for the warmest January on record in the Seattle area and those weather geeks are saying it should be the same through February. After the winter we had last year, I'll sure take one like this one (for us) instead!

RennyBA's Terella said...

Enjoy the supper and indeed the snow Ice Cream (sounds like a Norwegian dish :lol: )

We've a bit of snow during the weekend too and in total its about 3 feet and around -10C. The winter hang on strong in Oslo, Norway too.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!

Linda said...

It sounds like a great day to just stay indoors and be lazy. It is cold and gray here, but we don't have a single flake of snow. I, however, regard cold as a great excuse to stay indoors and be lazy.
The snow ice cream looks good to me Diane. In all the years we lived up north we never made any. I think I definitely had a deprived childhood:-)

Have a blessed week Diane.

Brenda said...

I'm glad for you, Diane, that you didn't lose your electricity like last year.
Yay! You got your snow ice cream!
We had 5 inches the other day so Grace got her bowl of ice cream after breakfast.
Have a safe and warm week.

Belizegial said...

Diane, your sunday dinner sounds appetizing. Mine was rice, beans, baked chicken with fried plaintains.

Sending you, via teleportation, warm sunshine from the tropics.

The Old Gray Mare said...

I'm so glad you haven't lost power. The ice/snow combo is the worst.

We ended up with 4 or 5 inches. Brownie got around 8 inches down south, but they still have power.

It is really cold, so I have no plans to get out. I have a nice big puzzle to work on between Blondie's lessons.

Stay warm & have a great week!

PEA said...

Diane, I think you have more snow than we do now! lol I had heard on the news that parts of the US that doesn't usually have much snow had been hit hard and they weren't kidding. Touch wood but except for a few flurries, we haven't had a good snowfall since before Christmas. The snow we have on the ground is what we had already before then. The temps sure are frigid though, 18F here at the moment. I just went out to pick up my mail and brrrrrrr....!!

I love a good roast beef dinner and actually bought a roast of beef the other day when I went to buy the groceries so will be making that one day this week.

Take good care of YOU and stay warm! xoxo

Daniel said...

diane, still don't know how jess is doing emotionallt, keep us informed...the putz

Mountain Mama said...

Your Snow Cream looks yummy. We used to make something like it with snow when we were kids but didn't use the egg.
My Sunday dinner was half a tuna sandwich and an oatmeal cookie. This is not as exciting as your roast, but the fact that I was with my daughter and her family made it seem like a meal fit for a queen.

Michael Manning said...

Diane: A good hot meal with family and friends with the bad weather pulls people together. lol! Have a great weekend! :)