Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday Dinner, February 21, 2010

I had to post this Sunday Dinner button because after this long drought of garden fresh tomatoes and other produce, I'm craving fresh ripe tomatoes and other veggies.

Howdy, all. Time for another Sunday Dinner post and a little catching up. This will be a brief post (for me, anyway!) because I already know I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner, and there's not much else going on around here.

My sister Ducky is at home and slowly improving, but she's still not up to driving or being up for very long at a time, so she won't be here for Sunday Dinner again this week. I have no idea what Jessica's doing for Sunday Dinner this week, so that leaves me, Lamar and my sister Cecil (Lisa).

Given those circumstances, I decided not to cook anything ahead of time for Sunday Dinner. It's possible we'll end up back here at my apartment, in which case I'll drag something from the freezer to reheat, or we may have a sandwich or scrambled eggs. It won't be anything too complicated, that's for sure.

It's also possible we'll end up eating out somewhere, in which case I have no idea where we'll be eating.

How's that for some decisive plans?

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like.It's been a busy week, but just usual business, nothing out of the ordinary.

Today I pulled some homemade enchiladas from the freezer for our Saturday Supper. It was nice to have something already prepared so I didn't have to cook. They reheated in the oven while I did some other chores and were really good.

I think homemade enchiladas are going to go on my regular menu plan. They're really easy to prepare, so I'll probably double or even triple the ingredients and freeze several for later meals.

Right after supper I changed our bed linens. Lamar's Mom gave me 2 sets of flannel sheets and I put one set on our bed tonight. I've never used flannel sheets and have a suspicion that they're going to be too warm for me. I love 100% cotton sheets but I don't know if I'm going to like the flannel sheets or not. We'll see.

I also put up some clean laundry, cleaned the toilet and changed the cats' litter pan, and a few other thankless and unnoticed chores.

I hate "invisible" housework. You know, the kind that nobody notices unless it's not done? I haven't done much more on my cleaning and decluttering, but I hope to work on it more this coming week.Jessica's been transferred to another floor and work shift at the hospital, so her schedule will be changing, which means my schedule will also be changing. After this coming week, I'll only have Emmy on Fridays, unless Jessica works extra hours for overtime. She'll be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday, then off Monday through Thursday. She'll be working 12 hour shifts on those 3 days but getting paid the same as for 40 hours.

I'm sure I'll still see Jessica and Emmy quite a lot though, and I'll have Emmy from 6:30 am until 7:30 pm on Fridays. Jason will have Emmy on the weekends for now. Hopefully this will work well for all of us.Do you see why I said it was going to be a "brief" post for me? For anybody else this would be an epic work of prose, lol. ;o)

Time for me to study my Sunday School lesson, take my shower and make a pot of hot Earl Grey tea. Y'all have a great Sunday. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share is my prayer for each of you, dear family and friends.


Brenda said...

Wow, I'm the first commentor (unless someone else sneaks in before me!)
I like those kind of weeks... nothing heavy, deep and real happening just life stuff, even if it's cleaning the toilet!
It's been freezing here and tonight while coming home from errands on the freeway a car a ways in front of us spun out pretty good and hit the guard rail. Thankfully there were no cars immedietely around them and everyone else had time to slow down and basically just watch it happen (and pray!) They weren't hurt but you can bet some britches were wet for sure!
Have a great week, Diane!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

youve been busy :)

I love flannelette sheets in the winter

when I eat my next tomato I will think of you

although it will tire Jess out until she gets use the 12 hour days I think its neat that shell be with her daughter during most of the week:)

I hope Emmy enjoys her weekends with her daddy

what are you teaching in your sunday school lesson??
I taught this morning - Sunday in New Zealand - we looked at the books of the bible before we start working our way through this book
Route 66: A Trip through the 66 Books of the Bible

Belizegial said...

Sounds like a plan Diane LOL

Glad to hear that your sister is back on the road to recovery.

Happy Weekend!

amelia said...

I'm making split pea and potato soup today. Seasoned with cinnamon and cumin.

I keep flannel sheets on our bed year round. They are warm but light so in the summer we just have the sheet and nothing else.

Granny Annie said...

Just getting over stomach flu so the thought of food is not pleasant right now. However my poor husband is probably starving to death because he has pretty much been fending for himself.

Tell me the powers of Earl Grey Tea? My spouse does love that and I am not a tea drinker. I thought tea was tea. Caffeinated or non- caffeinated, green or black.

Gigi said...

Have a blessed Sunday, Diane, and a wonderful day with your family!

Donna said...

In winter, flannel sheets are a MUST for me! I turn the heat down to 65 or less at night, and I'd freeze without my flannel sheets.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I hope you ended up with more than just scrambled egg I will be going over to my sisters for dinner today...

Sounds like a good working schedule for Jessica and Miss Emily. Have a great week...

Dick said...

We also like the flannel sheets in the winter. They seem a little warmer especially when you first get into bed.

Tomorrow is Pat's birthday and she got a free meal certificate from a restaurant that is one of our favorites. It is in Bellingham, about 25 miles north of us, but since it was a beautiful, sunny spring like day with 57 degree temps we drove the back route up there for great lunch. She picked a guacamole burger with steak fries while I had a half rack of ribs. Very good. She says we will eat dinner at home as we've been eating out too much.

On the way home we stopped at Home Depot to look at new kitchen sinks and faucets. We are due to get our income tax refund direct deposited next Friday and are using some of the money to replace ours in the house. Also filled the VW with bettlejuice (diesel fuel), its first since Dec 31st and it still cost the same as it did then, $2.849/gallon.

Rachel said...

I have never tried flannel sheets, so I'll be curious to see what you think of them.

For dinner today I ate at Sonny's BBQ. I think you all probably have them down there?? I had BBQ chicken and ribs, mashed taters, cole slaw, and garlic bread. It was pretty good. After that I have eaten pretty lightly the rest of the day.

So glad to hear your sister is better.

Have a wonderful week! xox

moreofhim said...

Hi Diane-

So glad to hear your sister is feeling better. Isn't it awful when the medicine that is supposed to help you makes you sicker? *sigh* Will pray she feels better soon and gets over her pneumonia completely!

I use flannel sheets in the winter and I'm the type that can't stand to be hot either. They are not really that hot, but nice because they are a little warmer when you first get into bed and give you that cozy feeling. :) I hope you enjoy yours, too.

Sunday dinner for us was Navy (white) Beans with ham in them and homemade white bread. Yummy! Hubby has been wanting beans again so soaked them last night and got them cooking this A.M. They were so good as it's cold here again.

Have a wonderful week, my friend!

Love and blessings - Julie

Greeneyes/Miss G said...

Hey Sweet Di !
A word of wisdom !LOL never wear a flannel nightie to bed in flannel sheets , you may start a fire trying to over at night , or be strangled by the nighty they stick together relentlessly !not to mention the heat ! they are really nice though otherwise :-)
Gessssh seems like a great deal is going on in your world ,I hope your Sis is feeling better , and Jessica soon gets stable shifts and all gets relaxing for ye all !xoxox

Miss you my friend , seems like the time just evaporates doesnt it , esp with those un noticable chores we have to do , come to think of it I think the only time any one notices any chores around here is when they are NOTdone !LOL

Love you Sister
Sugar by the Barrell for Lil' princess E!xoxoxox

Dawn said...

I know I could not use flannel sheets - I get hot as it is - even when it's really cold. Not fun!

We had dinner at church today after welcoming and installing our new pastor. It was all good. Great day with our church family!

MightyMom said...

how'd those sheets do ya for??

The Old Gray Mare said...

It's good to hear that Ducky is doing better. I'll continue to pray for her complete recovery.

Blondie has flannel sheets on his bed and loves them. I've not tried them, but I do like my flannel pjs.

We had a chili supper last night at church, so I made a big crockpot full of taco soup on Saturday. We had it for supper then, and it got put back into the crockpot for reheating to take to church last night. It was pretty tasty with some tortilla chips.

Have a great week!

Jerri said...

Since I have a cold my dear sister brought over home made chicken soup, although scrambled eggs sound good too. I hope your sister is improving every day.


PEA said...

If you're like me, you will not like having flannel sheets on your bed! lol I'm always so hot, it's gotta be 100% cotton sheets. I only cover myself with a top sheet and pull down my comforter because even that feels too hot for me. Hmmmm...let's just say you and I are "HOT" stuff! hehe

Hopefully Jess will like this new shift better. I think having Emmy only on Fridays will be easier on you as well.

My prayers continue for Ducky and her full recovery! Have a great week, dear Diane. xoxo

Putz said...

first of all brenda at the top of this blog>>>colorado can be so stinky this time of year on the roads, my son had an accident and i am just below you in utar, 2nd it is glad to see lucy blogging to you, she stopped to me after i gave her a bad time on bigO and his coniving{she thinks} ways, 3rd, jessica, i pray for her all the timeand i know things will get better for her, but she is in my parayers>>>funny how she has been stuck to me emotionalwise for a long time>>>4th lamar, and his eyes, 5th gigi and her adjustments, and 6th daine, yes you, and all your sunday cookin....well let me know if i can do anything for those up above and especially for jessica, our darling.....affectionally the putz

Putz said...

i have to round off this as 20 comments, just have to...can't stop at an uneven number so ddaaddaadad>>>>number 20

Mountain Mama said...

I sure know what you mean about missing those garden fresh veggie's! I have been looking through seed catalogs and seeing all the things I'd like to grow and at the same time trying not to overload myself with more garden chores. I laugh at myself!

I've never used flannel sheets and sure wouldn't now bacause I have been having some serious hot flashes. I know I should be past all that but it's happening anyhow. Time for another appointment and I sure hate that.
I hope the snow will leave you alone soon. You have certainly had your share and even though snow cream is yummy, those daffy's and tulips are just waiting to pop out of the earth and delight you.
Love you dear fiend.

RennyBA's Terella said...

Wonderful reminder of what great food you always share - again my mouth is watering!

You know we look forward to spring and fresh vegies too - now we have -10C and loads of snow in Oslo, Norway.

Sorry I haven't been around lately: Work overload and busy watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver :-)

Michael Manning said...

Diane: Sometimes dinner out is a good way to relax with less work! :D)