Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday Dinner, May 3, 2009 & The Usual Ramblings

Time for Sunday Dinner again, and boy is my oven going to be busy this evening!

I'm going to cook my BEEF ROAST, POTATOES & GRAVY for Sunday Dinner, and I'm also going to make 2 pans of brownies and 2 OLD FASHIONED COCONUT CAKES tonight. One cake and one pan of brownies are for a bake sale my ladies' group at church is sponsoring, and the other cake and pan of brownies is for dessert after Sunday dinner.

I'll probably fix a vegetable to be determined at a later time to go with the roast and fixin's. Nothing really appeals to me right now, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

That's my Sunday Dinner menu: Beef roast, potatoes and gravy, an as yet undetermined vegetable and coconut cake and brownies for dessert.

Got any special plans or making a yummy recipe for your Sunday Dinner? Bare your soul and make us all jealous in the comments if you'd like to participate this week.I've been on a hot tea kick lately and BIGELOW'S EARL GREY is my favorite hot tea. When I did my monthly Wal*mart shopping on Friday they were completely out of my Earl Grey, so I bought some STASH EARL GREY to try.

I hope I'm not terribly disappointed, which I will be if the Stash Earl Grey doesn't live up to my exacting standards.

I also noticed on Stash's website that they have a double bergamot Earl Grey which I'd love to try, but Wal*mart doesn't stock it and I haven't seen it anywhere else. I may have to order at least one package online just to sample it.

In general I'm not a what-not or knick-knack type of girl. I'm not much on lots of stuff on all my tables and walls that need to be dusted and washed. But for some reason dainty tea pots and cups and saucers appeal to my feminine side.

There's just something about good tea poured from a pretty tea pot into delicate tea cups that calms me and makes everything perfect for just a little while.For those who've asked and been concerned, the finger I pinched so badly last Saturday is much better now, and thank you for your kind thoughts. It's still tender and a little swollen but I can wear my ring now. The swelling only went down enough on Thursday that I could get my ring on again!

My crocheting kick is still in full swing, and I've made lots of dish cloths over the last several weeks. I've lost count but I've probably made at least 3 or 4 dozen dish cloths both for myself, as gifts and for my sister who bought the yarn for hers.

I have arthritis in my hands so after crocheting for several hours I have to take a break. When it's rainy like it is now my arthritis gives me fits, as I'm sure it does many of you. Speaking of rain, it still is. Raining. Here, that is. A lot. We've gotten somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 inches of rain in the last 10 days or so. We've had rain and thunderstorms every single day for more than a week, with more to come according to the weather geeks.

All our rivers and ditches are full and running over, and we've got everything from minor flooding to water in homes and businesses across the area. Our apartment is on fairly high ground and we've never had water in our home as long as we've lived here. I'd like to keep that record for a long time, but all this rain has me wondering about it.

And just to keep the record straight, I'm not complaining about the rain. I know from experience that in a few weeks or so the rain will dry up for most of the Summer and the farmers will be wishing for rain for their crops, not to mention those with flowers, gardens and lawns.

I just take each day as it comes, wet or dry. I'm pretty philosophical about the weather, knowing there's no point in worrying about it since it's in God's hands, not mine.Sometime in the last few weeks I've been exposed to the fever blister virus and I have a cozy little cluster of them in the left corner of my lip. I have a feeling Emmy may have gifted me with them when she was here last weekend. She was running a low grade temp and it takes a few days or so for the blisters to appear after you've been exposed.

I couldn't tell you the last time I had a fever blister. I rarely have them and I'd just as soon not have these, whereever I may have been exposed.MY DAUGHTER JESSICA started a new full time job at a local hospital as a CNA. She hasn't actually passed her state test to get her license yet, but her test is scheduled for June so she can legally work until she takes her test.

Here's praying she passes her test and gets her license. She'll be able to work as a CNA anywhere in Arkansas, and I think some other states also honor Arkansas' licenses, but we won't discuss the possibility of her ever moving to another state.

Jessica has great benefits with her new job and she'll be working 3-11 pm, her choice so she can spend more time with her family and other interests.

I'm very thankful for your prayers and positive thoughts while Jessica was looking for another job.It's time to start our Saturday Supper, even a little past time, so I'm going to get busy. I'm going to stir up the brownies and get them in the oven to bake while I'm cooking supper.

I bought some chicken livers yesterday and I'm going to fry them for supper. Not sure what else I'm making, but I'll almost certainly have to make Lamar some cream gravy with his fried chicken livers. I'll come up with something to go with the livers.

I still have to make those cakes and cook that beef roast for Sunday dinner after supper too! Busy evening for me. Hope y'all have a great evening as well.

May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share is my wish and my prayer for each of you.


RennyBA said...

I might be the first one this time as I saw you on my Google reader :-) You will have to be the last one for me to visit tonight since its far past midnight.

Sometimes I wish I could sit by your oven the whole weekend :lol:

Wishing you a wonderful end to your week!

Love and hugs from Renny :-)

Susie said...

Your dinner sounds yummy as usual. Bill absolutely loves chicken livers, but I truly don't care for them one bit. He often order liver when we eat out.
(fine by me since I don't cook that either!)
Glad your finger is healing. I haven't had a fever blister in years. I remember how painful they are though. Glad Jess is on her way to getting her license. I know that will give them some much needed job security as health care workers are always in demand.
Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend!

Staci said...

Ah, coconut cake.

It's been raining here in Oklahoma too, but nothing like you've been having! It sounds like you might need a boat!

My absolute favorite tea was a kind that was sold by "Pampered Chef". I don't have any of their kitchen things, but I did love that tea! I've tried to find it recently and I guess they've quit selling it. Kind of an orange/lemon blend.... I've tried others and it's just not the same.

Have a good weekend, Diane!

Lynne said...

Hope your finger and your fever blisters all get better soon. Not fun I'm sure.

And that's great news about Jessica's new job. Any job in the medical field is a good one to have - there will always be a demand and there will be so many different places she could work (all in your state!). 3-11 is a good shift to work.

Boo-Bah said...

I can only imagine the wonderful aromas coming from your kitchen. As usual your menu is making me hungry.
Usually on Sunday's as of recent we go to Hometown Buffet.

I am glad your finger is getting better. Wow! you have been doing a lot of crocheting.

I wish we would get some rain here in my part of CA.

Enjoy your weekend.
Hugs from SO.CA.

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,

I'm a big tea drinker and I love earl grey! I drink a big mug of it every morning. I've never been into coffee, but a big cup of tea in the morning is honestly the most important part of my day.

So sorry you've got an outbreak of fever blisters. I feel for you because I definitely get them too. I've gotten a few a year ever since I was in high school. They're terrible. A couple of years back I got a prescription medication that really helps.

Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious! I have no idea what will be going on here in terms of food. Perhaps take-out? I'm always so exhausted by the end of the week!

I'm certainly keeping Jess in my prayers, but I have no doubt she'll pass the CNA exam.

And by the way, I have to tell you that Khai has become very attached to the blanket you made him. He holds it all the time. It's so sweet. We went upstate to visit my mom a few weeks ago and Khai held his blanket the entire time. It must have made him feel safe and secure.

Have a wonderful week, Diane!

Lots of love!

Jess said...

So cute what Samme wrote about Khai and the I type this Emmy is in my lap singing like crazy at the top of her na na bugs something then she sings a'b'c's then yo gabba gabba and something about i'carly and spongebob...LORD!

She is a nut today. Hope all is well and we will see you in the morning.

Love you, and thanks for the link and prayers.


the voice of melody said...

I hope you enjoy the Stash tea Diane. I've had many of their teas, and they've all been very good.

Mmm, those coconut cakes sound wonderful! You always make all sorts of yummy things. :)

Hope you enjoy your Sunday dinner. No cooking here for me tomorrow. Hubby is treating me to a belated birthday dinner at one of my favorite spots. Have a wonderful week! {hugs}

Dawn said...

This is the week-end of my mom's birthday celebrations. We siblings will sing for her in church in the morning. We had our family party today and tomorrow afternoon is the reception at church. So we'll be winging it for lunch..

Tea is my hot drink of choice. I cannot stand coffee at all - never have. I have delicious Kenyan tea from Sema - it is so good. Wish I could share some with you.

It's raining right now - it's been a lousy bunch of weather since Wednesday. The family from out of state is not getting a glimpse of the mountains - we might as well be in Kansas!

MightyMom said...

oooo girl, now that's one yummy sounding Sunday dinner!!

never had fried livers though...might have to try it sometime.

hubby doesn't know yet what our Sunday Dinner will be..I'll have to get back at ya

He did make some DEEELICIOUS peppers the other day.

jalepenos sliced in half lengthwise, cleaned...filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon..stabbed with toothpick, baked in preheated 350degree oven for 30 min.


Mother Mayhem said...

Roast? Chicken liver? Coconut cake? You're killing me over here! Drool.

Green beans would be good with those meat and potatoes. MMM.

Can hardly wait for fresh green beans and tomatoes. :o)

Gigi said...

I knew I liked you ;) I'm an Earl Grey fan myself....mmmmmmm, bergamot! Hope you enjoy your new found Stash tea. I like the Trader Joe's brand of EG for teabag use. But there's nothin' like brewing a lovely pot of tea and sitting down to enjoy cup after cup of nirvana!

Have a blessed week, Diane!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

We just finished the last of our pot roast yesterday. Made 3 meals from it. How was the stash tea? I love Constant Comment tea. Hot or iced, either way. Take care with the fever blisters, they are no fun indeed.

Have a terrific week.

Just Terrific said...

I LOVE reading your weekly posts. You just sound like my kind of people :) I've noticed on the weather map that my bloggin' friends are getting drenched in Arkansas. I hope and pray that you get a break soon. We have a day here and there that is sunny and nice but too many rainy days in between. It is getting critical here in southern Ohio for our farmers to get their crops in the fields.

Praise the Lord for Jessica's new job! As mothers, we worry about our children and their well-being, don't we, no matter the age. I hope she likes her new job. Enjoy the wonderful meal you have planned and God bless you for the week ahead.

Linda said...

I'm so glad to hear about Jess's job. I've been praying about her test. I know she's going to do well.
I'm working on dishrags too Diane, but I'm knitting them. It's such fun to be able to finish them quickly and then start a new one. I love all the different wools.
Have a great week Diane.

Brenda said...

Hi Diane,
You're (now-consumed)dinner sounded delicious.
I'm finally able to get around to do a little 'visiting'. My house is cleaned and ready for the next tenant. I only have one housecleaning job this week (unless something else comes up in the meantime) which makes it hard 'cause I miss Sunny so much I can hardly stand it and staying busy helps.
We've managed for a week, so I guess 2 more won't be bad.
Not liking this limbo thing at all!
Well, stay as dry as you can. We're finally seeing pretty new green leaves, I love it.
God bless

Lib said...

Hi Miz. Diane,
Hope your fever blisters are better SOON!
Your dinner sounds yummy.
We had gulosh, gr.beans,corn,and cornbread. Onions too.
I drink alot of tea.Sometimes I can find a sample pack , which is a great find.
We've had a lot of rain with more to ocme.
Hope ya'll have a great wk.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Have you ever tried Constant Comment by Bigelow? It's my favorite of that brand, but I'm a HUGE Stash fan. Never had one I didn't like. Hope yours works out for ya.

Hope you dry out soon!!!

violetlady said...

We also had pot roast and potatoes and gravy for Sunday dinner. I usually make it in the crock pot, but this time I was home all afternoon and was able to make it in the cast iron pot on the stove like Mom used to. It was delicious, if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, I didn't have any cakes or brownies.

nancy said...

Somehow it seems like a lot of trouble to make tea. I'd love to get over that, because I do enjoy it once I get it done. I love Earl Grey, but I think my favorite is English Breakfast. Coffee is my drug of choice, though, with lots of milk and sugar (Splenda).
I'm real happy about Jess's opportunity. I know she's a smart girl and the test should be no problem for her. Having the benefiets is such a blessing -- health insurance being what it is -- grrr!!
I'll have a little package off to you in just a few days. In fact, I'll let you know when it is sent. I want you to see if it is what you need.

Mary said...


Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious, as always. We had roasted chicken. Chicken was on sale and I got this roasting chicken for $6.00, which is a far cry from the $16.00 they wanted last week. I wouldn't pay that price and would go without first.

Praise God that Jessica found a job. Sounds like she has it all together. I'm rejoicing with your family for this blessing.

Take care, my friend and have a great week.

Aunt Jenny said...

Yum...dinner at your house sounds like it was great!
We had chicken strips that I breaded with panko crumbs and lemon pepper...with different dipping sauces, red potates and collard greens and some homemade applesauce..the last two pint jars I had stored. DAng. I have to make alot more next year..hopefully my trees will do well...last year they didn't.
Have a great week!!!

Eleanor said...

I slept through Sunday dinner, so had a sandwich and some salad when I woke up. As expected, the long day out on Friday flattened me again. But we achieved all that we set out to do, so no regrets. :)

Much as I love hot tea, I can't stand Earl Grey because of the added bergamot flavour. I don't like flavoured teas of any kind, though, so I'm not picking on your favourite. ;) I just love the flavour of black tea, as is. Hopefully you're enjoying the Stash brand. I really like a couple of their varieties, especially the Christmas Morning blend. I stock up when it's available.

Good luck to Jessica with her exam. I'm sure that she'll do just fine on it. Health care is a great field to be in, for the job security and benefits. I don't know if Jason has ever considered it, but there's always a demand for male health care workers, too. Judging from the bit that I know about him, he'd be a natural at it. I'd hire both of them in a heartbeat, if I were still in the profession myself. Not that you'd want me to lure them up to my neck of the woods, of course. ;)

Have a splendid week, my friend, and hopefully that rain stops soon!


Mountain Mama said...

I had swiss steak, potatoes and vegetable salad for dinner.
I wish I had made some of that Coconut cake you told us about. Gosh that sounds good!I don't spend much time in the kitchen these days so don't do much baking.
I sure know what you mean about having a good cup of tea in a proper tea cup. It makes all the difference. I can read a good book and watch the rain fall while sipping from a pretty china cup and it makes me feel like a refined lady but when I'm doing house work or computer I'll take it in a mug!

Praise God for Jessica's new job. I pray it works out really well for her.

Barb said...

Great news about Jessica's new job, Diane. With that license, she'll never have to worry about getting a job again - CNA's are worth their weight in gold.

We've had a lot of rain here too but it's a blessing - rain will be very rare once summer arrives in western Colorado.

We kept Sunday dinner very simple - brats on the grill. Sure as heck, Rob was out there grilling in the rain. But dinner was good. And no clean up. :-)

Happy new week, sweet friend.

PEA said...

Why do I always end up drooling when I come visit you???? lol Your dinners always sound so delish and you had me at brownies...yummmmm!! They always bring back great memories for me because growing up, my favourite meal mom would make would be on Saturdays...she'd make fried baloney, mashed potatoes, cream corn and for dessert, it was brownies:-)

I'm not much of a tea drinker but I do really enjoy Apple Cinnamon tea:-) I'm more of a French Vanilla Coffe kinda girl! lol

I heard about all the rain you've been getting over there. It's either feast or famine, isn't it! As you say, later this summer you'll be praying for rain.

I was so happy to hear that Jess got herself a new job. I wish her the very best of luck with it.

I've had a fever blister only once in my life and that was one too many times! lol Hope you're able to get rid of yours soon and glad to hear that finger is healing!! Lots of love to you. xoxo

Cecil said...

Dinner was good Sunday! Hope the storms aren't too bad tonight... I've missed too much sleep here lately ... Guess I'll see you tomorrow night... Love, Cecil

Pearl said...

Pot Roast just sounds so good!! My mother used to make one quite often on Sundays. Used to love to come home from church and smell all the wonderful aromas.

I haven't had a cold sore for so long but I remember they can be very painful. Hope you heal quickly.

So happy for Jessica...You must be very proud of her. Wish her all the best in her new job.

Take good care.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Diane....

I'm so far behind in visiting with you what with the house work/painting that Bud and I have been doing, I just can't keep up with my friends.

Sorry to hear about your 'owie'. Hope it's healing fine by now tho. And I too need to take long breaks from fact, after a few hours of needle work, I have to put on my brace.

The brownies? Got milk? And any leftovers? Makes me want to bake a batch of them for Bud and me now.

Hope your week is treating you well. Sending hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,
It has been some time since I have left a comment but I continue to be a faithful reader of Sunday your posts! I was watching 18 and Counting (the Duggar family from Arkansas) and one episode dealt with the ice storm. I am wondering if they live anywhere close to you? Oh my gosh, you kept us informed with narrative and pictures, but to see it on TV was just something else! I, too, love Bigelow Earl favorite tea! Let us know how the Stash tea compares. We are beginning to see signs of spring here in north Idaho. V from Idaho

Bev said...

Fantastic for Jessica - sounds like a great job, in demand, and will fit in with raising her family.