Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday Dinner, April 26, 2009

Saturday night and this week has gotten away from me again. Time now to turn my attention to Sunday dinner once again.

Well, actually, I've been thinking about my Sunday Dinner menu all afternoon and have finally made my choices. I think.

As you may have gathered from the Sunday Dinner graphic I chose, I'm making a mondo pot of pinto beans for Sunday Dinner. I'm also going to make a big pot of stewed potatoes and some macaroni and tomatoes. I want to make some cornbread but I'm out of meal, so JESSICA offered to bring some cornmeal with her tomorrow.

Unless something happens to change my mind, we'll be having pinto beans, cornbread, raw onion to go with the beans and cornbread, stewed potatoes and macaroni and tomatoes.

What's in the works for your Sunday Dinner? If you'd like, share your menu/plans in the comments.Not much going on around here that I deem blog worthy. It's not that I think my life is boring, it's just that there's nothing special going on or anything out of the ordinary. How many times can you blog about the "same ol ' same ol'" before it gets old?

I've spent a lot of time this week crocheting more dish cloths for myself and for gifts. I have to watch how much time I spend crocheting every day because it causes the arthritis in my hands to flare up more than usual. As long as I take frequent breaks I make it okay.Emmy is spending the night with us tonight so Jessica and Jason can have some time to themselves. We love having Emmy and they need some time alone together without a 2 year old to cramp their style, so it works out great for all concerned.

Lamar likes to take Emmy out in her stroller so Jessica and Jason usually bring it with them when Emmy is going to be here for any stretch of time. As I was unfolding the stroller earlier I caught my right ring finger in a hinge and pinched the pee waddin' out of it.

Not fun. It is however swollen to twice the usual size and turning a particularly lovely shade of purple and green. That may hinder my crocheting this evening.Lamar and Emmy are at the tiny neighborhood park so Emmy can play on the swings and slide and they're due back any minute. Lamar's parents will be here anytime to visit with us too.

Oh, who am I trying to kid? They're coming to see Emmy! ;o)

I'm going to finish this post and go love on my baby girl. I'm sure you all understand.

Y'all have a fabulous Sunday. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share is my prayer for each of you, dear friends and family.


Sammy said...


I keep meaning to mention that you look really nice in your new profile photo. (It is relatively new, right? Or am I just terribly unobservant?) Anyway, it's a beautiful photo.

Your Sunday dinner sounds great! We're having a heat wave here, so whatever we end up eating will not involve much cooking. Perhaps a big salad (I love eating big salads in the summer.) and something else.

How nice you're having a sleepover with Emmy. I bet Jason and Jess really appreciate a night to themselves. I can't imagine what a night of uninterrupted sleep would feel like.

It probably says something that what I would most love about having a night without baby is the sleep! :-)

Hope you're well, Diane. Have a wonderful week!


Sammy said...

Woo-Hoo! I was first!! :-)

Lib said...

Hi Miz.Diane,
Hope that finger is better!"OUCH"
Well guess what I'm having for Sun. I have a pot of pintos cooking, :O)
I made slaw, and we're having fried okra,and cornbread. Of Course we'll have raw chopped onion. Chow-Chow.
I like mac & toms. been so long since I made them.I'll have to check out your recipes.
I know ya'll will have fun with Princess Emmy, shes so pretty and growing fast!
Hope ya'll have a good wk.

Boo-Bah said...

Hi Diane,

Your dinner sound delicious as usual. You must be a fantastic cook.
Tomorrow we are having a roast cooked in the crockpot with barbeque sauce, baked beans, cole slaw and homemade biscuits.

Have a great time with Emmy. She ia precious.

Hugs from SO. CA.

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

Your Sunday dinner sounds like my kind of meal. I love macaroni and tomatoes. Trouble is, I can eat the whole bowl full by myself hot or cold.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Dawn said...

Yep, those strollers can really ding you if you're not careful! Have fun with Emmy and take care of that finger.

We're having meatloaf, baked potatatoes, fresh green beans, crescent rolls (thanks to the Pillsbury Doughboy - or a reasonable, less expensive facsimile), and brownies, if I get them made in the morning.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

Can Emmy really be 2 already? How time flies!!

I'm fixin' to go put a pot of 15 beans on to soak...15 KINDS of beans, not just 15 little know what I mean, right? Anyway, soaking some beans tonight for supper tomorrow.

Our covered-dish lunch at church tomorrow has a Mexican theme, so I'm bringing a pecan pie. They have pecans in Mexico, right? Don't tell me if they don't. I'm also taking some chicken and beef taquitos because the kids just eat them up.

Have a blessed week!!

Lucy Stern said...

Beans and cornbread.....yummm. Beans are so easy and so good for you. I cooked a big chicken in the crock pot on Friday night and we have plenty of leftovers... I will do something with those leftovers...Not sure yet, what I will do but it will be good.

I'm glad you are having a great time with Emily...You are right that the Jessica and Jason need some time to themselves here and there. I will watch JJ and Jocelyne and have them spend the night just for the same reason. I remember those days and know that it is important for some personal time.

So sorry that you pinched your finger on the stroller. Drink some pineapple juice and it will help with the swelling and discoloration...It really works. Have a great week Diane.

MightyMom said...

I dunno...that's a pretty skimpy post there girl....I don't think it's gonna past muster at all!

and is it just me or have you gone all vegetarianinininin on me here lately??

Eleanor said...

Hey, guess what, I actually know what we're having for Sunday dinner today. I know! It's a miracle!! Hehe. The reason I know is because I have my days and nights mixed up again, so I did the cooking in the middle of the night. Then it can be reheated whenever each of us gets around to eating it. It's my own version of chicken stir fry/chow mein/whatever, with rice to the side. And no, there isn't a recipe. I just use whatever stir fry-type vegetables I happen to have on hand at the time. This one is particularly 'licious, if I do say myself. ;)

I grinned when you talked about Lamar's parents visiting mainly to see Emmy. Whenever we went to visit my parents, my dad only had eyes for his granddaughter. She'd make a beeline for him when we got there, and they'd be lost in each other for a while. Eventually he'd ask her where I was ... having only been sat there in the same room the whole time. Man, how to make a body feel insignificant!! :)

Have a great Sunday, my friend!!

Susie said...

I know you must have enjoyed having Miss Emmy stay over (well all except the pinched finger, ouch!)
So good for Jason & Jess to have some alone time..
Your dinner sounds just yummy. We're having leftovers from the party. I scheduled my post to publish last night, but looked at the date wrong, so had to go back and deal with blogger this morning.
Anyway, the party is over and was a huge success, but I'm glad for a day of rest :)
Enjoy your Sunday.

kkryno said...

I can't believe I missed your post yesterday! I guess it's because I was getting K. ready for a trip up further North (is it even possible to be more North than here?!)


Have a great Sunday; and week.

Love, Vikki.

Aunt Jenny said...

Yum! Beans always always sound good to me!!
I made a new stew in the crock pot. Harvest pork and parsnip was really good! (I put the recipe on my blog tonight) and youngest daughter made a double batch of cornbread to go with it.
Have a great weeek!! How nice that you get to love on that baby for awhile. I miss my little granddaughter so much!

Jess said...

So much for that corn

Had a good day! Love you,


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you hurt your finger , hope it feels better soon :-) Big BSH to make it alll better and some extra sugar for Emmy since your having her over for a night . HUGS and Kisses dear Sister friend Love you


Rachel said...

The dinner sounds great! I had pizza for dinner today. I had a craving flung on me and ended up at Pizza Hut! It hit the spot.

It's never good when you smash the pee waddin' out of anything!! I hope it mends soon. Ouch!

Hugs, Rachel

Mother Mayhem said...

I'm coming to get some of those beans! Reckon there'll be any left by the time I get there? :o)

PEA said...

Ouch on the finger! Hope it heals up quickly!!! I remember getting my finger pinched in a car door...I said swear words I didn't even know I knew! lol

Your dinners always sound so delicious and always makes me wish I lived near you so that I could come over:-) For Sunday dinner I just made myself a Western sandwich, complete with ham, green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

I can well imagine you don't mind babysitting Emmy overnight one bit:-) You're one terrific mom and grandma!!! xoxo

RennyBA said...

I know what you mean about what to report and blog about?? - all is said...

But please keep it up Diane as I love to read your Sunday posts and your dinners too :-)

nancy said...

Hey, I love your new photo! You look so pretty, with a healthy glow and an inner peace in your eyes.
I sure hope your finger heals quickly. I know you're like me -- always doing something with your hands -- and it drives me nuts when mine are crippled up.
I deal with that arthritis pain in my hands, but I made myself a little oil blend that really helps as a rub. Would you like some???

Barb said...

Ouch, Diane. Your poor finger. I haven't heard "pee waddin'" in ages. :-)

Lots. The answer to your question is "lots." I post about the same old same old a lot. LOL

I hope your finger gets better soon - I've done that too and it puts a real cramp in your plans.

Have a great new week, my friend.


Judith said...


Since the first day I posted, you have always been so supportive, and I want you to know how much I appreciate that.

Mealtime here is far from being "homemade". I'm giving new meaning to "T. V dinners", while both my daughters enjoy homemade fruit cobbler.

Your sweet, sweet little grand daughter just gets more beautiful.

kansasrose said...

Happy Thursday hon!

I think it's so cool you and Lamar have your darlin' Emmy stay over so mamma and papa can get some r and r. She'll be gettin' a good dose of that grammy/grampy good spoilin' too! :) Hon I can't remember what I had for Sunday dinner...I think it was sandwhiches cause we had no power for hours due to a lightning crash on our transformer. It's hot and sticky today. Just got in from mowing and pullin' the dang weeds. wheeeeew I am ready for a shower now. More rains headed our way and prolly your way too. I love the rains and what a good blessing for the wheat crops and all but the Good Lord can turn off the tap for a spell now. I'm startin' to get green around the gills. God Bless ya hon and same to your dear hubby and precious family.

Love, Jen ( soggy in KS)

Trying Hard To Cook Mom said...

Your meal sounds good as usual. I have to add some variation to our menu, I can't seem to cook other delicious meals LOL. For this Sunday, I am preparing salad (not decided what kind), lasagna, and chicken cordon bleu (my daughter wants only chicken) because my friend is visiting us. I haven't seen her for so long.

Reva said...

You always plan such nice Sunday dinners each week. Do you ever get tired or run out of ideas on what to fix or just wish someone else would figure it all out sometimes? Decisions, decisions, decisions......

Nancy said...

Finished my deadline during the night last night! Now maybe I can read a few blogs and get caught up a little.

You always seem to come up with something different each week! When you live alone like I do, you don't think much about cooking. LOL

Sounds like a fun time was had with Emmy! Bet she loves the park! She is growing up all too fast! Just cute as a button!!! You are so fortunate to have her! So nice that you help Jessica and Jason have some time for themsleves like that. Every young couple needs that, too.

Hope your pinched finger is better by now. Know that hurt!!!

((( HUGS )))

moreofhim said...

As always, your dinner sounds so delicious. Food like we always had at home. :o) I hope your finger is better by now and you're crocheting up a storm. I'm making crocheted dishcloths, too, as well as some baby stuff. I love to crochet!

Enjoy your weekend, dear friend, and I hope the weather improves and you have a bright and sunny weekend!

God bless you!

Love, Julie

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Thanks for visiting. We are having perfect weather today. Lots of things planned around the house today. Soem fun, some not so fun.

Hope you have a great weekend. I find those pictures all over the web. I have 100's saved and I'm always searching to new and beautiful ones.

Michael Manning said...

Very nice Diane! That must be fun having Emmy over! Sending you Love and Smiles for your Sunday. MIne will be spent riding horses. :)