Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunday Dinner, April 5, 2009 & Random Pics

Anybody care to take a wild guess what I'm cooking for Sunday Dinner this week?

If you took your cue from the graphic and said homemade meatballs and gravy, you'd be absolutely correct. I'll make the meatballs tonight and make the gravy tomorrow so it won't taste leftover and warmed up. I'm also going to make some jasmine rice to serve with the meatballs and gravy.

I've been craving carrots so I'm going to peel and slice some carrots and then cook them with some water, butter and a little sugar. I'll do that tomorrow when we get home from church.

I saw some bags of sauerkraut in the refrigerated section at Wal*mart, located conveniently near the hot dogs, so I decided to fix some weinies and kraut as well. I'll cook the rice, carrots and heat the weinies and kraut after I get home from church.

My menu for Sunday Dinner this week: Homemade meatballs and gravy, jasmine rice, candied carrots and weinies and kraut. How's that for a mixed bag?

What's on the menu for your Sunday Dinner? Share your plans/menu if you'd like in the comments.Cecil, Sue, Lamar and I spent a few hours with Jessica, Jason and Emmy at their place last week and I took some pictures.

Sue took Emmy outside for a little while to explore a little and enjoy the beautiful Spring sunshine. Sue helped Emmy pick some grape hyacinths, dandelions, clover and other wild flowers (or weeds, according to your opinion) and I followed along to take some photos.

Sue with Emmy and her bouquet.
Emmy's finally got enough hair to make
a decent ponytail. Ain't she cute?And this pic is just weird. Look at Abby
the cat. Emmy's bouquet makes her
look like she has some kind of really
odd Easter bonnet!Who could resist that smile?
Not this Grandma!Note that Emmy's shirt says, "Spring Fever!"
And there's Abby again with flowers on her head!I've been so disgusted with my computer and router that I haven't even tried to configure the wireless router to my laptop. I've been busy this past week but I've also been in a funk over my computer issues so I haven't been online much at all.

I guess I'll unhook my ailing desktop computer and try to get together with my brother in law Johnny to see what needs to be done with it. I've done all I know to do with it besides beat the demons out of it, so I guess it's time to let somebody who knows what they're doing get ahold of it.

Once I get it unhooked I'll have to load the software for my printer onto my laptop and see if I can get it going. I have some things I need to print and I need to do it fairly soon.One thing that I've been spending some time on this week are these crocheted dish cloths. I didn't use a pattern for these. I just made up the pattern as I went along. It takes me about 1.5 hours to make a dishcloth, so some evenings I can make 2 while I watch TV.

This is simple single crochet with a
shell pattern around the edges in
Sugar*N*Cream cotton yarn. This one is similar, but I worked in the
back loops only to give it a ribbed effect.
This one is half double crochet.This one is single crochet with a white
shell border around it. Not my favorite
color combination, but hey, it's a
dishrag folks, not a fashion sweater.I really like this ombre color variation.
This is half double with ribbing and
the shell border is the same color.And this is a dishcloth in progress
in half double crochet.
Thanks to BEV and BARB for inspiring me to make these dishcloths and/or washcloths, or as Barb calls hers, "spa cloths". And Barb, you were right: a size 8/H crochet hook gives the perfect guage for these cloths.

Barb has A REALLY NICE DISHCLOTH PATTERN posted on her blog and I want to make it next, but first I have to get my printer going so I can print off the pattern. Otherwise I'll have to crochet in front of the computer with Barb's blog open on it so I can keep up with the pattern.

So that's yet another reason to quit procrastinating and work on my computer issues. Next week, hopefully.....Now I have to go make meatballs for Sunday Dinner, but I want to leave you with this pic of Cecil getting a hug from Emmy as we were leaving last week.As a bonus for visiting us here at Diane's Place you get an Emmy hug, and as a special treat, with each Emmy hug you also get free Emmy sugars! Get yours while they last!

(Shout out to my dear SisterFriend, GREENEYES! Hope you enjoy the Emmy hugs and sugars, and hope you and your Princess are doing well and Spring finds you soon. Don't be too envious of our sunshine and shirt sleeve weather. ;-)

Have a blessed Sunday. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share is my prayer for all my dear family and friends.


Aunt Jenny said...

Love the dish rags!! I knit them quite a bit too...I should crochet some..I love yours. They are such a good mindless project to knit while watching tv for sure. I don't think you can ever have too many either..I love to give them as gifts too.
Your Sunday dinner sounds yummy.
We will be having a ham that I got on sale yesterday..spiral cut with brown sugar glaze, redskin potato salad, and fresh broccoli. Probably some home canned applesauce too..and for sure some homemade bisquits.
have a wonderful relaxing Sunday!!

Mary said...


Sunday dinner at your house sounds great. We're having cottage roll. I'm not sure if it is something you can purchase in your neck of the woods, but it is delicious. I will be putting it in the slow cooker first thing in the morning.

The dishrags are very pretty. I had never thought of making my own. I can't crochet much anymore because I can't look down for long periods of time. Wish I could get a few of these made up though.

Take care, enjoy your Sunday and the love of family and friends.

the voice of melody said...

Oh, I love jasmine rice! Serving it with homemade meatballs sounds like a good plan. Enjoy your Sunday dinner and that cutie pie Emmy! :)

Mother Mayhem said...

I'm all for the hugs and sugars! :o)

I'm all for weenies and kraut too! LOL

Maybe beating the demons out of the computer wouldn't hurt...

Dawn said...

Sounds like an interesting combo at today! We're fortunate to have been asked by the pastor to take the missionaries to eat after church. I love doing that and it is the one "chore" I miss since I resigned as the missionary president. I hope to take them to Applebee's.

Emmy has such nice curly hair. The four girlies all have hair just a straight as mine and Kristen's. That little pony tail is adorable.

After another snowy blowy day yesterday, I'm desperately hoping for nice weather this week - especially Saturday when we have the big Easter Marketplace on our church parking lot. It is a big deal every year and brings in lots of neighbors - a really great outreach for our church. Then of cou.rse, it's always nice if Easter is a nice day - often it's not around here.

The sun's shining this morning, so there's hope!

I hope you get your computer junk worked out this week - I've been missing you over here at Grandma Dawn's place

Just Terrific said...

I LOVE Emmy's pony tail! It is so cute! I especially love the sweet little profile pic. Precious!

The dishclothes are very pretty! You've been busy this week. I've only tired crocheting once in my life.....when I was in high school YEARS ago! I'm usually so tedious and uptight about stuff like that, mine would curl up on the corners :) You'd never be able to lay them out flat to use!! But, I do admire other people's talents.

Hugs and sugar from grandchildren have got to be the best! My little grandson, Levi, is 4 months old. He is so pleasant and sweet. He has the most precious little smile and soft, cooing voice. It just makes my heart melt.

God bless!

Sammy said...

Hi Diane!
Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious! Have you ever posted your meatball recipe? I'd love to try making them sometime!

I've been having computer problems this week, too! I'm thinking it may have something to do with the fact that my computer is over 10 years old. It's all just so frustrating and of course, with Nghia out of work the last thing we can spend money on is a new computer. Sigh.

Emmy is just the cutest little gal. She's so pretty. I have a real feeling that kid's gonna go far! :-)

Happy Sunday Diane and have a wonderful week! Lots of love!

Lucy Stern said...

Morning Diane! Your Sunday dinner sounds wonderful...I like making meatballs too, only mine end up in spaghetti sauce. Still not sure if I am going to cook chicken or a roast for dinner...I suppose I had better make up my mind soon.

Miss Emily looks like she had a great time picking flowers. I took Jocelyne over to the temple last week and we walked the grounds. She loves flowers and I let her pick up the ones that had fallen on the ground. Yesterday she was picking weeds in the yard and I let her go for

Sorry you are having so many computer problems...I hope you are able to get them fixed soon. It is not fun when the computer gets a mind of it's own.

I wish Emily and Jocelyne could have some play time of their own but it would be a long trip just to get them together... Have a great week. PS: love you dish cloths.

Linda said...

I always, always enjoy a visit with you Diane.
I'm so sorry about all that computer stuff. I can imagine how frustrated you feel. I wouldn't know where to begin and can fully understand the urge to beat the daylights out of it!
The dishcloths are just adorable. I've been knitting some over the past couple of weeks. I found a website that has both knit and crochet patterns. It's
Of course you'll have to get your printer revved up to get the patterns, but they have so many cute ones.
Emmy is so sweet. I love her little ponytail. Precious, precious moments.
Have a blessed sunday dear friend.

Linds said...

The dish cloths are great! I must learn how to crochet. I can't remember why I never did before! Grilled salmon and salad here today. Easy and quick and I just love salmon.
Emmy hugs are good! Such lovely photos of her, Diane! I hope your meatballs turned out brilliantly and that you had/are having a great Sunday lunch!

kkryno said...


Sounds like dinner at your house is an awesome one once again; and with Emmy hugs and sugars all around what more could anyone ask for!?

Have a great Sunday!

Love, Vikki

Susie said...

Your Sunday dinner sounds good as always! What adorable pictures of Emmy. She poses so pretty :)
Sorry to hear about all the computer woes. We all become dependent on these electronic gadgets and it's so frustrating when they don't work right.
Our Sunday dinner is Swiss Steak with mashed potatoes, fresh broccoli and salad.
Happy Sunday my friend!

Barb said...

I can't wait until Avery has enough hair for a ponytail like Emmy's. She's so cute, Diane.

Look at all your dishcloths - I love all the different color combinations you've come up with and like you said, they're dishcloths so it really doesn't matter much, right? I wanted to tell you, I tried some of the Peaches 'n Cream from Walmart - it all seems to be pretty much the same and it's definitely cheaper.

So hold onto your hat - we're having Hamburger Helper (cheeseburger macaroni) tonight. LOL I'm making it as easy as I can tonight - I'm busy getting ready for Mandy to arrive tomorrow evening. It's OK though - Rob loves HH.

I'm sorry you're having all these computer issues. I know it's just nerve wracking and I'll be glad when it's all fixed and you don't have to deal with it any more.

Have a nice new week, and someday after Mandy leaves, you and I have to chat about all the cool stuff you've managed to do with the sidebar over here. I'm scratching my head over my new template and all this "widget" stuff. Arrgggghhh.

Rachel said...

Good food at your house! I had biscuits, gravy, and sausage for my dinner today. It was just dandy too!

Love all those cute pictures of Miss Emmy!!

Hope your BIL can help you with your computer. They can be such a pain! I mean the computer, but some BIL's can be pains too!! heehee

Betty said...

Your Emmy is so cute and I love her pony tail. Kitty does look nice with it's easter bonnet made of flowers. Your Sunday dinners sound very tasty.I had an egg beater omlet with mushroom and onions and jalapino peppers and a small amount of cheese.Home made coleslaw with pineapple. Sugar free Ice cream with Lite whipped cream. Thank Emmy for the hugs and sugar. ~~Hugs back at you~~

Gigi said...

Always LOVE Emmy pix...and those crocheted dishcloths are the BEST!!

Have a blessed week, my friend!

violetlady said...

Your dinner sounds yummy. I love those dishcloths. You should sell them! I'd buy some!

Brenda said...

Hi Diane,
Dinner sounds yummy...'cept I could do without the 'kraut--but I'll take the wienies!
I saw on another blog about crocheted dishclothes. I'm assuming they work well and they're not just for looks, I just never heard of using them that way.
Love seeing the green lawn, give us hope over here in the still cold Northern AZ!
Hope your computer troubles come to an end soon. Hate to see ya hurt yourself 'beating the demons out of it'!! ;)

MightyMom said...

very stylish dishrags you got there girlie!

glad you're staying busy. now get that computer fixed and come leave me a ton of comments!!


love ya.

Hootin' Anni said...

Y'know? I've never done dish cloths with crochet before, I may just do it now that I've seen your projects!

And the meatballs and gravy.........mmmmmmmmmmm! Brown gravy. Actually, ANY gravy is something I never turn down.

I just LOVE Emmy's pony tail!!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
Your Sunday Dinner sounded very good. The girls fixed them a Grilled sandwich for their lunch and i fixed Fish Sticks ans instant potatoes for our supper last night. I was just too tard to do alot of cooking. We ball gamed all weekend. I've got some pics on my post today. Love Miss Emmy's ponytail. She looks adorable and it does look like the cat has some kind of bonnet on. Your dishtowels are lovely. I wish I knew how to crochet, but i never did learn to do that. I'm glad Emmy got to enjoy the outside last week. We are under a Freeze Warning tonight and until 9:ooa.m. in the morning. Gonna be a frost on the pumpkin for sure. Take care my friend and have a great Monday. May GOD Bless you and yours. I do hope your Brother-In-Law can help you with your computer. I imagine you are way beyond aggravated at itby now.
Karen H.

Greeneyes said...

Hello Sweet Diane ,
Thank you for the shout out , I take em everytime and cherish it , And the sugar ,ahhhhhhhh it always gives me a great feeling of love ! who could ask for more , ME LOL More sugar please , I want that hug I see in the pic LOL I am not greedy , willing to share just wanna squish on her and love love love ! She is such an angel , look at that ponytail , , she has a birthday coming soon doesnt she .HhhhMMMMMM , email me with some hints would you ,what size is she now ??????still teeny put hard to judge from here LOL
ANd GIRLLLLLLLLLLL your talented , love the teacloths /dishcloths , very purty !I would love to know how to do them ,it is croch.not knitting right? I can knit (Bad-medium bad LOL )I wonder could ya knit em? LMBO
Well guess I should leave room for others to comment :-)
just know I miss and love you sister friend , and yes I envy the shortleeves , whilst I wear a winter coat and boots , (getting better though)(SHIVERS)
SUGAR for Princees Emmy oxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxxooxoxoxoxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooo

Staci said...

Not to repeat what's already been asked - but if you are selling those dishcloths, I'd buy some! I don't know how to crochet!

coreymom40 said...

Hi Dianne,
Hope your dinner went well.
We had Chicken Fettuccine for our Sunday meal.
It was ready by lunch and then I read and ate all day. I took a "lazy day". I woke up to it thundering, lightning then the rain came. It stopped for a while and came back in the same fashion. It was wonderful.

PEA said...

I've always loved meatballs and gravy:-) I haven't made any in a couple of months and now you have me hungry for them again! Yesterday for dinner we just had leftover homemade chicken fingers, perogies and rice.

Emmy looks so darling with her little ponytail:-) I hadn't noticed about the cat with his "Easter bonnet" until you mentioned it! LOL

Nothing more frustrating than computer problems so I do hope your brother in law can come over and get everything configured. I'd have thrown everything out of the window by now! lol

I just love the dishcloths you've been making! Whenever my mom would come back from spending the winters in Florida she would always bring me back some like that, that a friend had made. I found they worked so much better than the bought dishcloths. Now that she no longer goes to Florida, I miss getting them! lol

Hugs and sugars from Emmy are so precious, thank you for them:-) xoxo

Reva said...

Loved your crochet dishcloth idea. I remember making those when we were kids. I'd forgotten that until just now. I am going to show that to my daughter since she is trying to be frugal and use what she has. It'll make a great craft idea too. Thanks

Jess said...

Hey mom...had a good time today too...i know you got some great pics! LOL

I had a fun time with Emmy earlier... I curled her hair (it looks like she stuck her finger in a light a good way if that's possible!), then i put base, powder, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lipstick on her...then i painted her nails and toes and blow dried them dry. She loved it! that may be a bad thing or a start to what's to come, but i enjoyed playing and painting her up!

Love you,
I may call you later...

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...


It's always a singular pleasure to "set a spell" here at your delightful blog. Just wanted to let you know.


Michael Manning said...

Diane: God Bless You for sharing this sweet Blog with us. Emmy is just a precious gift and I was tickled to see her first pny tail! YOU ARE A JOY, MY DEAR!!!:)

Dick said...

Our Sunday dinner was at the Hot Iron Mongolian Grill in Arlington, WA with my son, DIL & Granddaughter. That was after going on a drive on a beautiful spring day where we tried to get lost. We were on roads that were new to us but we sort of knew where we were all of the time. It was fun.

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
Trying to catch up again!
Love the pics. of Sweet Princess Emmy!:o)
Your dinner sounds good.We had spag.
Love your dishclothes. I use those type and loved them.
Hope ya'll have a good wk.
Love,Hugs. Blessins',Lib

Pearl said...

As usual dinner sounds yummy.
Love that grandbaby of yours...she is just too cute!
You did a wonderful job on your crocheted dishcloths. My sister-in-law's mother makes those for the whole family. I use them all the time. A great gift.

Hope you are doing well.

RennyBA said...

I'm in - you know I love homemade meatballs or meatcakes as we call them in Norway.

I love the first pick with Emmy outdoors - shows spring is in the air. Therefore I like your new blog header pic too.

Happy Easter.

Nancy said...

Dear little Emmy is growing up to be a big girl with a ponytail!!! How cute is that!!! She looks like she is getting taller, too. And Abby seems to stick closeby to her, doesn't she? You are so blessed with such a beautiful little granddaughter!!!

Your menu sounds good, as always! You have made me hungry for sauerkraut now! I love that stuff, especially with hotdogs and mashed potatoes!

Computer problems can be so exasperating! I have had problems with my main supply cord, so my son got me a new one. With the old one, everytime the cats would bump the plexiglas I have against the wall that covers the cords, it would shut me down! So I would have to get down on all 4 and bend that cord over and over to get it to come back on again! Glad he sent me up a new one now! I had about had it, so I can just imagine how you have felt.

Your dishcloths are beautiful! I knit but do not crochet. I have a few that my aunt knit for me, but I never got her pattern before she died. If you ever run across a pattern for a knit one, please let me know. I would be ahppy to print that crochet pattern off for you and mail to you, if you like. Just let me know where to go to find that pattern!

Tile? I am tired of the work, but it is kind of fun to see the room finally coming together! I can't work on my knees so I do it all by bending from the waist....hard on the old back! LOL

Hugs and sugars from Emmy, eh? Now who could ask for anything sweeter than that! God bless her! Hugs and sugars back to her from SC!!!

Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Easter, Diane, to you and all your family!

((( HUGS )))

Mountain Mama said...

Hi Diane. I'm back!!!!

Your dish cloths are so pretty. It's a shame to use them for washing dishes. They would make nice little doilies.

I put my crochet up till fall. Too much to do in the yard but I still have lots of yarn to begin my projects then.

Hootin' Anni said...

Stopping by this weekend to send along my sincere wishes that you have a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful holiday weekend.

Diane said...

Your dishcloths are lovely. I haven't crocheted any for quite awhile.
Our local Humane Society is so good about setting up a crafts table that I buy knitted ones whenever I see some. It helps the critters, and saves my yarn for other projects!

I order most of the cotton yarn I use for potholders from the Elmore-Pisgah website, but I don't remember seeing the one combo there, and it is lovely.

Ah well, so many of the items I make go to charity, so the color doesn't always have to live long in my own eyesight.