Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday Dinner, March 22, 2009

Before I get into the menu for this Sunday's Dinner, I have a confession to make about last Sunday's Dinner.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it didn't happen. Not on Sunday anyway.

My sister CECIL and her hubby Brian treated me, Lamar and our sister Ducky to Sunday lunch at Colton*s Steakhouse. Cecil and I got steaks, Ducky had the country fried steak, and Lamar had the grilled salmon. We all shared a bloomin' onion as an appetizer.

And may I say, it was all wonderful! And it was great not to have to spend a big part of Sunday afternoon in the kitchen.

However - the potato salad and butter beans that I prepared for Sunday Dinner didn't go to waste. I took them to my church ladies' meeting on Monday night as my contribution to the food for the evening.

Now for this Sunday Dinner it's going to be back to my usual standard Southern cooking, unless somebody wants to treat us to dinner out again, which would be fine with me.

As you probably gathered by my Sunday Dinner graphic this week, I'm going to cook a pot of pinto beans. I have some potatoes that I'll probably slice and fry, and I'll make either some of my CORNBREAD or some PANBREAD, possibly a skillet of each.

I managed to save one quart-sized freezer bag of garden tomatoes from my freezer when the ice storm happened back in January. I may fix a pot of macaroni and tomatoes with the tomatoes. I'm craving fresh veggies and those are rare as hen's teeth right now.

Every time I think about all the garden veggies I had to throw out of my freezer during the power outage from the ice storm it just makes me sick all over again. *Sigh..........*

So, pinto beans, fried potatoes, macaroni and the last of the garden tomatoes from the freezer, and some homemade cornbread and/or panbread. That's the menu here at Diane's Place.

Now, what's on the menu at YOUR place for this Sunday Dinner? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like to participate this week.And before I take off rambling and forget, a big THANK YOU to all of you who comment here on the blog and by email. I appreciate all my readers, and I love it when a lurker who never or rarely comments delurks to comment or email me.

Readers and commentors, y'all are the reason I write this drivel week after week, year after year.

My 3 year blogiversary passed without mention back in January because of the ice storm and power outage. When I started this blog journey over 3 years ago, I honestly had no idea that I'd still be blogging this far down the road and that I'd make so many good friends, most of whom I've never met in real life, but who've become dear and beloved friends to me nonetheless.

Blogging buddies, Y'ALL ROCK!!!In other news, the story of the defective wireless router has proceeded this week. I called the Indian tech guru on Thursday and had it out with him. I let him talk me into trying one last time to get the frazzlin' thing to reset, so I was on the phone with him for 45 minutes before I finally told him, NO MORE! I'M DONE!

So he transferred me to the guy who was in charge of sending out replacement routers, who tried to talk me into trying to reset it again, just one more time.

Not the thing to do with a frustrated, done with it, tired of fooling with it, Christian, Southern fat girl. I thought I showed remarkable restraint by not cussin' or yellin' or name callin', but apparently the hapless techie finally got it through his foreign skull that I'd reached my limit, because he kept telling me "please to not be so upset, please to be calm...."

Yeah, right. TOO LATE, BUSTER!

So anyway, the defective router was mailed off Friday and they're supposed to send me another one back. We'll see how that goes.

The Lord be my helper, I'll never buy another product from a company whose name rhymes with Jetgear.Moving on.....Poor Emmy is sick, bless her little heart. Jessica is feeling a little better and back at work, but just as she started feeling better, Emmy got sick. She's got a runny nose, congestion, fever, and just generally feels icky. Her ears are stopped up and she's pulling at them, but not crying with them so far. She's not her normal, sunny self at all.

Jessica called Emmy's doctor but he wouldn't call in antibiotics for her. More and more these days they're not giving little ones antibiotics for ear infections and such.

I kept Emmy for a couple of hours Friday afternoon so Jessica could do some grocery shopping and Jason could sleep. Emmy kept him up all night Thursday night. She was so miserable and congested that she couldn't sleep, so Jason didn't get any rest either.

While Emmy was here she just wasn't herself. She played a little, but mostly she just laid on me and then slept in her playpen for almost 2 hours. Jessica had to wake her up when it was time to go home, and that's unusual for Emmy.

I just talked to Jessica for a few minutes and she said Emmy's still puny. Hopefully she'll be better in a few days.I've still got our supper to cook tonight as well as cooking the beans for Sunday Dinner, so I'm going to get this posted at a reasonable hour and get busy cooking.

Y'all have a great Sunday. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share is my prayer for all my family and friends.


Susie said...

I think you had way more patience than I would have with the India techie guy. Hopefully your new router will put things to right.
Your dinner for tomorrow sounds good. C and family are out of town, so Bill and I are on our own. I'm thinking something with shrimp but not sure what..
So sorry little Emmy is sick, bless her little heart. There are just so many bugs everywhere this time of year.
Have a wonderful week :)

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Sounds great Diane. I had a diabetic episode early this week and now I am on the trail to recovery. So no more cheating and fun stuff for me. Thank goodness I live with a computer guru, so he fixes most of our computer and tech problems. But I know how you feel, I feel the same way when we have problems with our cable equipment and service.

Have a nice Sunday. We have gloomy, cool and damp weather too. The price of spring, I guess.

Lisa Roach said...

I love Saturday nights so I can come see what good southern food you are going to be cooking on Sunday. I just browned a roast and put it in the crockpot with some carrots and lots of seasonings. I'll make some garlic mashed potatoes and make some gravy from the juice off the roast. Perhaps some macaroni and cheese for my little one. I'm hungry just thinking about it. I love that you mentioned macaroni and tomatoes. I love that and it always seems to soothe me when I feel bad! Have a wonderful Sunday!


Dawn said...

Well, DC is going to grill burgers tomorrow (even if it's snowing or raining, as predicted - which I wouldn't mind, since we need it so badly). He wanted to grill last night, but I held my ground for our Friday night out. It's been beautiful today and I have enjoyed sitting on the patio reading my book. We'll see if e get the big change tomorrow.

Have a wonderful time at church tomorrow!

Raymonty said...

I like your front page; can I mention it in my article here at Google Blog?

BigDadGib said...

Any meal with hot cornbread and butter is a good meal to me.
Love ya Diane...

Gib :)

Brenda said...

Hi Diane,
Well, the computer company we will no longer buy from rhymes with Hell! (And I don't cuss either.)
Sorry I am, that frustrated you are!
I will mention that my husband absolute can not understand them and kindly insists on speaking with an American. Usually they'll finally comply.
My husband and I will be going out to Chili's for dinner compliments of our daughters for our anniversary.


Lisa Sherrill Roach said...

I got my blog up and running again!

Jess said...

Like your new header...and congrats on the guy wanting ot mention your blog!

Yes I'm alot better and Emmy is better than she was...but milk is so gross when it sours let me tell you!

Have a great night...
love you

nancy said...

Oh, I love those bloomin' onions! I think it's Outback where I got one last. Sorry your girls have been sick, but it's probably a blessing that Emmy slept like she did. I think it gives the body a better chance to heal.
Since we moved, we have WOW! for a service provider. Their techies have been awesome, as twice I called to try and figure out something. Our brand new modem did go blooey, but they came with a new one the very next day. I've been so satisfied so far. Roadrunner had me pulling my hair out half the time.
Hope everyone is well by now.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, nothing like a good pot of beans and some cornbread....Yummmm!

I think you showed more restraint than I would with the "tech guy"...Good luck getting a new working router.

I hope Miss Emily is feeling better soon... Is running the vaporizer to help her breath better? I know it helped TF when he had the same symptoms....Awwww, poor Grandma's baby girl....

Well, have a great week!

Aunt Jenny said...

I am sure sorry to hear that little Emmy is feeling puny!!
I am still trying to decide what to have for Sunday dinner. I am thinking we will likely have chicken. I think. Maybe Shoyu chicken with rice. I got some sweet potatoes though..and that sounds really good to me so it COULD be fried chicken, sweet potatoes (I like them baked with butter) and some sort of green something and corn bread or bisquits. mouth is watering..I think it is that choice!!
have a nice rest of your weekend!

Dick said...

Thanks for your suggestions on BlogRolling. I checked and you were right, the number to display was set to 10. I cleared it as instructed which should put no limit on them, but then ended up with none showing. I checked back & found it had zero, not blank! So I set it for 100 and it seems to be working.

Rachel said...

That's a yummy southern dinner! As usual, I'm not sure what I'll have yet.

Sorry about your router problems! Sounds like the techs got on your last nerve! Heehee!! I hate problems like that and having to deal with them.

I'm sorry to hear that Jessica and Emmy have both been sick. I'm behind again in my blog reading and trying to catch up!

Hope you have a wonderful week Diane!!

Dana~Are We There Yet? said...

Things are jumping around your place as usual. I still need to decide what I'm taking to church for the potluck lunch tomorrow...may just thaw a couple of pans of rolls...

If Emmy's ears are still bothering her, geranium oil is a natural antibiotic, as is colloidal silver. We've used both with great success, since we try very hard to avoid using antibiotics.

Best to you all!

kkryno said...

Hi, Diane! Happy Saturday (what's left of it, anyway!)

I'm so sorry that Emmy is not feeling well. Ask her if she would tolerate an old, clean sock with some salt in the toe-end up against her ear. Tie a knot in it. (the sock) Heat it up in the microwave for a bit (30-60 seconds and check it.) Test it against your ear for heat. If it's just right, place on her soar ear. The heat soothes her ear, and the salt draws out the congestion. If anything, it gives her some relief and that alone can be enough for her to get some sleep. Can't hurt.
Also a couple of drops of camphor oil can help loosen any blockage.

I'm not all together sure what's for Sunday Dinner 'round here, but it will definitely involve chicken, carrots, noodles and potatos in some sort of fashion.

Wish me luck; and have a beautiful week.

I do hope your router difficulties get resolved soon!

Love, Vikki

Hootin' Anni said...

I do hope everyone starts to feel better and getting sick is not the fun part of life at all.

Ohhhhhhhhh, don't get me started on the 'foreign' techies that you get connected to...I'll just leave it at that and say no more 'cause I could go on and on right now about them. So, so frustrating to say the least.

Your dinner sounds so delicious as always Diane. I think I'll take out a whole chicken and boil it this morning and get it all primed for some dumplings. And of course a favorite side dish with that is green beans with bacon.

You always make me so hungry...and your 'down home cooking' is such a nice thing to read on a peaceful Sunday.

Lynne said...

What's for Sunday dinner? That's a good question. All I know is that it will have to be low in calories for me. I made a big bowl of 3 bean salad, so I'll probably have that and maybe some grilled salmon.

I'm so sorry that Miss Emmy isn't feeling well. Hopefully she'll be able to shake the bug soon. And since when aren't antibiotics given for ear infections?

kansasrose said...

Happy Sunday Hon!

Lord bless little Emmy and make her all well again. Those ear bugs are no fun at all for the little ones. Hope her and her momma Jess are on the mend this week.

Hon you must have the patience of Job cause I woulda lost it long before you did with the foreign techie. I am talkin' total meltdown. I've had to call the techies when I had probs with my Dell 6 years ago and couldn't understand a word they said, let alone fix a complex computer problem with my limited abilities. Ya done alright hon in my books with all this computer stuff. Hope the new router arrives soon...

Hmmmm...dinner won't be much this Sunday. Leftover sausage and scrambled eggs/cheese for omelet, applesauce. Just don't feel up to eating or cooking today. Your beans and taters and panbread sound wonderful. Good comfort food is what I crave. I might slice me some taters and mix them with spices, coat with olive oil and roast em in the oven. Yep...

Have a blessed Sunday and week Diane. Thanks for the prayers and good words for my girlfriend too. You are such a dear person...and good friend. So happy we "met" through blogging 3 years ago! Keep writin' and I'll keep readin' and enjoying every word/photo and recipe! Tell that sis Donna hey and to give me a shout.

Loveya hon,

Gigi said...

Ugh - I hope the replacement router will be the end of your computer problems,'ve been dealing with this long enough!!

Dinner sounds great! Me? I just had a handful of granola and called it good. I think I'll turn in for the night. Busy day tomorrow...

I hope you have a blessed week!

Lib said...

Trying to catch up again on visits!
Your dinner sounds good.
We had pasta salad and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs.
Happy Spring!HAve a great wk.

Barb said...

How nice to go out for a steak dinner when you thought you'd be cooking all afternoon.

So you've got the creeping crud there too, huh. We finally resorted to just doing everything we could to help Avery through it. Thank goodness for baby Tylenol and baby Vicks Vaporub. I hope we all stay completely healthy for a long time now - taking care of a sick baby is exhausting.

I'm trying not to laugh about the router. I imagine those guys were glad to get off the phone with you. Frustrating as all heck, isn't it? I hope you get it all worked out soon. May all your future phone calls be local phone calls. LOL

Have a great week, sweet friend.

Betty said...

Diane, everything you had for Sunday dinner yesterday are my favorites; pinto beans, fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatoes served with cornbread. Yummy. Wish I had been there to help you eat it.

I hope Emmy is better today.

Nancy said...

I know how you felt about the TECH!!! I have gone through that before myself...except it was my phone that was chewed by the cats! And he had me taking the cover off the tower and everything! He never even thought about the phone line! It does get aggravating!!! Glad you stood your ground with him and the guy after him.

You amaze me with all your cooking! I don't even care to cook least, most of the time I don't. I just don't have any ambition to do anything these days. I know I need to get back at the painting in the guest bath....maybe tomorrow!!! I keep telling myself that! That job is getting old now....

So sorry to hear little Emmy is so sick...bless her little heart. What is it with doctors these days, no antibiotics? My kids had antibiotics all the time when they were little, and they aren't any worse for it now. i think it's cruel of them to make a child tough it out like that. Hope she is doing better tonight. I used to feed my kids the chewable Vit. C and they loved them...they were orange flavored and those did help build up their immunity. KIss her for me....God love her!

Donna seems to be having quite a time...that has to be hard on her and then trying to work a job, too. Hopefully, all this sickness will soon come to an end and Spring weather will be here to stay!

((( HUGS )))

Dawn said...

Hopefully Emmy is doing better! Have you tried the Baby Vicks on the bottom of her feet?? Worked for Avery and Barb, and I've heard of it several times lately.

boomama said...

Hope Emmy is feeling better - A. is struggling with allergies b/c of all this pollen so we are ready for some rain to make it all settle down a little bit.

Happy Blogiversary! I cannot believe it has been three years.

Merle said...

Dear Diane ~~ A belated Happy 3rd Blogiversarym My third was just over 3 years also. I hope your Emmy is better by now, and I hope your new router is working for you. Luckily, I have an Australian company who are very helpful (and one guy reads my blog sometimes). I am way behind with my replies as I haven't been well for about 4 weeks, and then the accident, but am just starting to feel better at last, Thank you for your sympathy on Gwen's and good wishes for my health. Our first day of Fall was
on the 1st March; we always start our seasons on the 1st of the month.Our Daylight saving time ends this weekend. I hope your Spring weather is getting nicer. I was so sorry about the Ice Storms you had and sorry you lost so much food. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Mother Mayhem said...

Emily and I went to Pizza Hut. She got pasta, I got pizza. It was SO good! MMM

Saying a prayer for Emmy.

Dick said...

We really lucked out in our meals last Sunday. We drove south to Auburn, about 85 miles, to attend my grand daughter's 12th birthday party and while there at lunch at one of my all time favorite places, The Longhorn Barbaque. AFter the party we had just started toward home when Pat's daughter called to invite us to dinner. We arrived at 17:00 for a great BBQed steak, baked potato and some special green beans. You can't hardly find a better combination of a menu than that was.

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Diane,
I 'm late for yours mouth watering sunday Dinner again. LOL. GOt any leftovers for me today? LOL. MY mouth is so watering now. I m ay have to fix a pot of soup beans this weekend and some corbread. It will just be me and hbby here till Sunday morning when he leaves back out. The girls will be h ome Sunday afternoon also. "THANK YOU" For your prayers and birhday wishes for me yesterday. I so appeciated them both very much. "PRSIDE GOD" I cam thru the proceduer fine and there were no blockages in my heart. I did put up a new post this morning and I have something for your on there today as well. "HPAPPY BELATED 3rd BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY" to you. I remember we had no power here for 8 days and we lost everythingin our freezer and rerigerator. I hate to see food go to waste like that, but I had no control over that situation. I love eating at colton's steak house too. The bloomin' onions are so good and the last time we ate there, I got one. It's about time I go there again. LOL. I sure hope that new router works. I am glas that Jessica ia feeling better and pray tht Miss Emmy gets to feeling better also. I will keeep her in my prayers. I hate to see them sick when they are little like that. Hubby mowed our yard last night before the rain came and he weed eated this morning and is going back over the yard again now. Take care my friend and have a great Thursday. May GOD Bless you and yours.
Karen H>

Sammy said...

Hi Diane!

I'm so late getting around here. Better late than never, right?

I hope sweet Emmy is feeling better by now. Poor girl. She's such a cutie pie. Khai hasn't gotten sick yet (knock wood!) and I know I will just be a basket case when he does.

I hope you're having a great week, Diane! And I hope you're feeling well.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

WOW!! sounds so good. I do love a good pot of beans with cornbread and a big slice of onion. My husband loves mac and tomatoes. I have not made those in awhile. Thanks for reminding me about them. I love dried Lima beans and I like a pot of boiled cabbage with them. Tonight New York Strip Steaks, boiled new red potatoes with parsley, butter and garlic , broccoli. Have a great night...m.

RennyBA said...

Sorry I'm late, but I try my best to catch up with all my blog buddy's too!

Belated three years Blogversary - you ROCK too. You where one of my first blog friend and it has been great following you! Many more to come!

Happy Weekend - love & hugs :-)

Pearl said...

What a wonderful surprise to be taken out to lunch on Sunday. I haven't had steak in such a long time...Now I am dreaming of one.

So sorry to hear Emmy is sick. It is awful to see a little one sick. I know doctors are trying not to send antibiotics but when it goes into pnuemonia they are not going to hold themselves responsible. Hope she starts feeling better quickly.

Take care,

miss G/Greeneyes said...

Diane , I do not know how I missed this post ! I check on a regular basis !?!?!?!?!!?I dont know whats with me latley .!!

I am so sorry that Little mush mouse is feeling puny and so sick , I wish I could help in some way . I will keep her in my prayers , well I already do but will say extra so she gets well ASAP and the poor little mite give her some sugar from me please , cover her all over and up and down and inside out with hugs love smoochies (AKA sugar) LOL
Let me know when you get the chance how she s doing please , Thank you !
Hope you dont get it either , keep healthy my dear sweet friend , love you and Miss you


Nashe^ said...

YAY I ROCK! We started our current blogs around the same time, didn't we? Heh.