Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sunday Dinner, March 15, 2009 & The Usual Rambling

Diane's Sunday Dinner is in the works as I type this. Most of it anyway.

I'm cooking a good-sized pot of big yellow butter beans as we call them in these parts, otherwise known as large white lima beans. I buy these dried in 1 or 2 lb. bags at the grocery store, right beside the dried pinto beans, great northern beans, dried blackeyed peas and other dry beans and peas.

I just boiled some whole potatoes to make some of MY HOMEMADE POTATO SALAD. The potatoes are cooling and the boiled eggs for the potato salad are done and cooling.

Remember last Sunday when I said I was making Brussels' sprouts for dinner? Well, I lied. I decided to fix corn on the cob instead, so this week Brussels' sprouts are back on the menu.

Big yellow butter beans, HOMEMADE POTATO SALAD and Brussels' sprouts and possibly some cornbread or panbread. Just depends on how many want the bread.

As of right now, as far as I know, it will be me, Lamar and my sister Ducky for lunch, and possibly my sister Cecil. Cecil's hubby, Brian, has been out of town for work so if he's home tomorrow Cecil will be spending her day with him. Jessica, Jason and Emmy weren't sure what they were going to do for Sunday Dinner, so we'll just have to wait and see if they show up or not.

Now, what's on the menu at your place for Sunday Dinner? If you'd like to participate this week just share your plans/menu in the comments.Believe it or not, I remembered to take some pictures of last Sunday's Dinner. I know a few of you were curious about the butterpeas, so here's a closeup of those, and also a pic of the Italian flat green beans, bacon and potatoes and the corn on the cob.

I trust you can decipher which is which, or else my photography leaves even more to be desired than I already suspected.

Oh, and those pots the food is in? They're on my table. We stand on ceremony a lot around here, and serving the food directly out of the cooking pots is a favorite ceremony of mine to stand on.I have some photos to share and another story that's related to the photos, although you probably won't see it coming.

Wednesday night into Thursday afternoon, this is what was happening around here. Again.See that? Yep, more ice. We got about a quarter of an inch of freezing rain that froze on the trees, power lines and raised surfaces, along with probably an inch or so of sleet and a couple of inches of snow. It was all mixed together and as Thursday wore on it gradually melted off as the temp rose above freezing late in the afternoon.

If you'll click on those pics to enlarge them you'll see that my poor redbud tree is in bud and about to burst into bloom, and my flowering quince IS blooming under all that ice. Poor things. My redbud in particular had already lost most of its upper branches and several more in the January ice storm, so I hope it survives.

Now I should mention that this ice storm was NOTHING compared to the one we had back in January, but our electricity did go off for a minute or so, just long enough to mess up all the clocks in the house. All the clocks that we just had to reset when we did the Spring Forward thing when Daylight Savings Time started. I'm sure you remember that.

Well, before the power went off, my internet service was working fine. When the power came back on, my internet service didn't. I couldn't access the internet for over 24 hours and it was almost physically painful for me. Not that I'm addicted or anything of that nature.

And when I did get online again on Friday night, I had about 60 updates on my Facebook and almost 70 new posts in my Bloglines! Why can't you folks just hold back a little when I have to be offline?!?

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. After the ice storm in January I became very familiar with having to reset my modem and my wireless router for my laptop and desktop computers. Just about every time the power flickered or the linemen turned the power off and back on, I had to unplug my router and modem for 5 minutes, then plug them back and and wait for them to cycle back on and everything was hunky as well as dory.

So I did the unplug and wait thing a half dozen times before I finally admitted the problem was beyond my ability to diagnose, so I called in the big guns. First I called my internet provider and gave them the lowdown and they had me do some stuff with my computer and they figured out that if we bypassed the wireless router and hooked the computer directly into the modem, my internet works dandy.

Of course that means that the problem is with the router, which I bought brand new in October. It also means that I knew I had a stressful time ahead of me dealing with their tech geeks, because this particular router manufacturer outsources their geeky biz to India.

The reason I knew that is because I had to deal with them when I initially set up the new router. I was on the phone for 2 hours with a guy in India who could barely speak and understand English, and I don't think I have to tell you that Indian dialects aren't my specialty. Not to mention that I'm from Arkansas and my English is distinctly Southern accented.

It wasn't purty, y'all.

But we persevered and eventually got things working. After 2 hours that is.

Knowing what was in store for me this time, I made sure I took a potty break, got a cold Coke*Zero and settled in for the duration, and let me tell you brothers and sisters, I DO mean the duration!

I was on the phone with an Indian tech guru who could barely understand me, and I didn't even barely understand him. We were on the phone the first time for an hour and a half. He had me do stuff to the guts of my desktop and laptop that I didn't even know was possible, and I was perfectly happy to remain ignorant of those things. Not that I remember what I did any of those times, but I do have my IP address memorized now.

Whatever is wrong with my router has that guy stumped. He hung up and called me back twice so we could work on it some more, for a total of 4 hours phone time and this piece of junk still won't work.

He finally said he wanted to call me back at a later time so we could try again. He called back this afternoon but it wasn't a convenient time for me (Emmy was here, more on that in a bit!) so I'm supposed to call him back when I'm ready to get back on that merry go round again.

I had a sick headache that wouldn't quit when I got off the phone with that goomer yesterday, and it almost made me physically sick, trying to deal with all that technical geeky stuff.

For now I'm using my laptop and it's wired directly into the modem. It works for now, but I'm tied to the desk in here where the modem lives by the desktop. It didn't take me long to get used to blogging and surfing from my recliner! Now I'm spoiled to it.

I sure hope it doesn't take much to get the wireless router going, but if it doesn't work after this next go round with the tech guru I'm going to take it back to Wal*mart and whine a lot. Maybe they'll have mercy on me and exchange it or give me my money back so I can get another one.
As I mentioned earlier, Emmy visited with me and Lamar again today. It was cold and rainy here most of the day so Emmy didn't get to go out for a walk in her stroller with her Papaw. Don't think she didn't try to talk him into it though!

We had a good visit together and Emmy took a 2 hour nap at noon, after her dinner of Vienna sausage and green beans. Her choice. Not that she ate very much, but she did eat. Of course that's besides the granola bars, cereal bars and pretzels she nibbled on all day.

While Emmy was napping I did a couple of loads of laundry.

About 3:30 pm Cecil, Ducky and Sue came by to visit with us for a while, then Jessica and Jason came to get Emmy. After everyone went home I made pancakes for our supper then started the potatoes and the butter beans cooking for Sunday Dinner.And now you're caught up with what's going on in my little corner of the world. I've got to assemble the tater salad and get it and the butter beans in the fridge for the night, then I'll be heading to bed soon. I got up early this morning so I could be ready when Emmy got here, and Sunday means it's another early start to a long and tiring day for me.

Y'all have a great Sunday. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
It's good to catch up on all your news. That router problem sounds so frustrating.
When my brother had a similar problem he insisted they connect him with someone from customer service in the US who spoke understandable English. They did it!!
It might be worth a try..
Sounds like you have some of your favorites planned for your dinner.
We'll be going out for N's birthday for Mexican (his choice)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

moreofhim said...

Wow! You've certainly had more than your fair share of ice! I hope that's the last of it and that your beautiful trees come back. I also hope you get your router back online. I know what you mean about trying to get help from the computer companies - I can't understand them and they can't understand me. Very frustrating and exhausting! You might have better luck just going to WalMart. They are quite nice about returns.

Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious, as always! I just love beans and so does my hubby. Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow!

Love ya - Julie

Lucy Stern said...

Yes, your Sunday dinner does sound good. I love the pictures of last weeks dinner, now I'm hungry and it's way too late to eat

Four hours on the phone with an Indian guy, no way in China! I'd take it back to Walmart and explain that you don't speak Indian....

I have been watching the radar in your area and I could see that you were getting some rotten weather... Hope you plants survive.

Dinner tomorrow: Roast, potatoes, carrots, steamed cabbage and chocolate pudding pie... Bonnie is home for Spring break and I am cooking her favorite dinner.

Have a great week, Diane.

Cheerio said...

Those photos make my mouth water already and those photos of those ice. At this time of the year?

Aunt Jenny said...

Wow..looks colder there than here right now!! We had a warmish sunny day (although it was sure cold this morning at milking time!)
For Sunday dinner we will have homemade philly cheese steak sandwiches. I got some nice asiago cheese rolls at the grocery store bakery and will saute onions and peppers and broil up some seasoned cube steaks, top them with jack or mozzarella cheese (most likely both) and the peppers and onions. I will probably serve tomato soup with them...easy dinner. I am a little under the weather so it won't be a complicated one.
I love butter beans and should cook some soon. We had some little baby limas (green ones) with supper one night this past week and I want MORE!!!

Karen H. said...

gGood Morning' Diane,
I'm sorry you have been having such problems with your router. I do ope you can get it fixed soon. It wouldn't have done me any good talking to someone I couldn't understand. I would have hung up and took the blasted thing back to Wal-Mart and had it out with them. LOL. You have much more patience than I do for sure. I'm read headed so I have a bad temper at times. LOL. I really need help in that area most of the time. Your menu last week is just making my mouth water. Your menu for today sounds yummy as well. I fixed Steak Fajita'a for our supper last night and today me and the girls wil have either some leftover Homemade Chicken Nooodle Soup or a Sandwich. Ss you would say, I am way past TARD. LOL. Our oldest daughter is a picky eater at times and she has always been that way. Our youngest daughte will eat just bout anthing. LOL. She gets that from me most likely. LOL. We didn't get tht much Snow here on Thursday that stuck. Mostly Ice is waht stuck around here. I did get some pictures of it Snowing but it necer really stuck to the ground. I'm ready for Spring now, i've had my Snow for this Winter and I didn't ask for the ICe that' for sure. Take care my friend and have a Blessed Sunday. May GOD BLess you and yours.
Karen H.

Barb said...

The interesting thing about blogging is that now I'm actually going to sit here and worry about your redbud bush. Good grief, it's sad to see ice on those blooms.

Your computer problem gave ME a headache - I'm glad I'm not you right now.

I came over here all excited about telling you I finally got a cast iron skillet so I can make your cornbread and here I am worried about your shrubs and your wireless connection.

I'm going home now. It's just way too stressful over here. LOL

I hope your icy bushes survive and I hope you don't have to talk to anyone in India again for a long, long time because believe me, I know how frustrating that it is. It would be faster to just mail your computer to them and let them fix it and send it back to you.

Happy new week, sweet friend. xoxo

Boo-Bah said...

Good morning,

You have sure had more than your share of unpleasant weather. I hope the plants survive.

It's frustrating to have such problems with computer. I had problems with mine this week it kept telling me sorry but internet explorer had to shut down because of add ons now they expect me to know what that is? I installed latest flash player and then found my automatic window updates weren't working and there was something like 17 to be done. Now that they have been updated it seems to be working fine.

Last Sunday's dinner looked really yummy. Today's sounds good too. I love potato salad.

What ever we have today it will be on the bland side, my tummy is still suffering from the Mexican Dinner on Tuesday for Mr. Picky's Birthday celebration.

Maybe a meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a vegetable. Nothing too exciting.
Have a great week.
Hugs from Boo-Bah in SO. CA.

Nashe^ said...

Emmy is so biggg!!

I was connected to some Indian tech support guy when I first got my laptop, too. Could barely understand him, but I managed. Hahaha!

Linda said...

Wow Diane - quite a week!! I can totally sympathize about the techy from India! I'm not proud to say that the time it happened to me, if I could have reached through the phone I would have strangled him - and he was so absolutley polite the whole time! Not one of my better moments.
We haven't had ice, but we have had rain. Oh how we needed rain. I could have run out and danced in it - if I hadn't just paid to have my hair done:-)
I think Walmart will be kind to you. They are usually pretty understanding.
Have a restful sunday Diane.

BigDadGib said...

Are you guys done with the ice for this year? You have had your fair share that's for sure.

Love ya,

the voice of melody said...

It's been a while since I had potato salad, maybe it will end up on the menu in the near future since you just gave me a taste for it!

It's great to see pics of Emmy, she's such a cutie pie!

kkryno said...

Diane; I am so sorry about your Redbud Bush. She's already had enough! Hopefully, the warm weather to come will give her the strength to be even more beautiful next spring.

Your dinner descriptions and pictures have done the trick! My Grandma on my Mother's side was from the south and those two photos brought back some good memories! I can't wait to make all of those dishes.

We are just going to have a simple hamburger stroganoff and broccoli. It's easy and sicks to your ribs. We need the insulation because it was 4 degrees this A.M.


Sorry about your technical difficulties. I hate trying to work out problems like that over the phone. I do better with being shown how to do something rather than have a solution described to me.

Gosh; Emmy is getting to be such a big girl. It'd be so much fun to get her and my little Judle-bug together!

Sorry so long! Have a beautiful Sunday!

kansasrose said...

I feel bad your little redbud tree is getting hammered by the weather. They are so pretty. They are tough, so maybe it will recover. Your dinner looks yummy. I fixed a pot of my spicey chili and beans at Dh's request, with that I'll cook some honey cornbread. I don't have much of an appetite right now. The cornbread sounds kinda good though, with a tall glass of milk.

I just feel wiped out right now. It's always nice to visit ya hon. have a blessed week.

Love, Jen

Brenda said...

Don't even get me started on the outsourcing to India. I'll only say that I feel your pain!
Glad your icestorm was a bad one this time.
The other day we had lightening, thunder, pea-sized soft hail, rain, and then snow. Crazy!

Mary said...


Your dinner looks delicious. I would love to have some corn on the cob. It's one of my favorite foods.

We had fried loin (I know it's not good for us, but we love it) rice and asparagus. It was tasty and something we don't have often. There's enough pork for another meal and we'll be frying that up later in the week.

I know what you mean about getting techs in India. When we phone for Internet support, the same thing happens. It's challenging to say the least. I've been on the phone with them for 2 hours to get things rectified. It's not fun.

The shot of you, Emmy and Lamar in the background is perfect. Glad you enjoyed her company. It's Spring Break here and I had the boys Friday and then yesterday we took them and Dakota to the dog park. I have photos for later in the week.

The ice photos are beautiful but ice can certainly be deadly. I hope your redbud tree survives. It would be gorgeous when in full bloom.

Take care and have a wonderful week.


Greeneyes said...

Hello Sister friend ,
What a cute pic of you and Emmy and lamar ! she is too cute , gosh her hair is really golden isnt it ?!
Sorry to hear about your tree , shame to lose its buds to jack frost, I thought it was really warming up there by now , it may not be too bad if the buds were big enough to survive .(HOPE)

I have had those calls to places for help and actually I think it was the same guy LOL I couldnt understand a word , God Bless his heart though , he tried ! some just say it is shot to bad for you , but I would have paid good money for an earfull of that call LMBO!!!!!! accents are US can use it for a teaching tool , just like here !
I hope your headache is better and the weather clears so Lamar and Princess Emmy can get out and BOOGIE LOL

Love and Hugs and sugar sugar sugar and more sugar for munchin little miss Emmy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

love you BSH

Mother Mayhem said...

Did he talk to you about Bollywood? The one I got did. LOL.

Save me some of those beans!

Jess said...

Thank you for keeping Emmy the past two Saturdays... Jason really needed the break and Emmy loved it too. Wish I could have been at church yesterday, but the creeping crud just wouldn't leave me alone!

And it's still here... my whole head is stopped up...and then everything starts running at the same time and i sneeze four hundred times then I stop up again... YEEHAW!

I'm not working tomorrow at lake city either...

I'm missing WMU anyways Hope I get better soon, and see you sometimes soon i guess.

Love, Jessica

Dawn said...

I"m sorry about the ice and about the router. Yucky stuff!!

Just got back from my little week-end trip, and now need to get busy on "stuff."

Have a great week!

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
Happy St.Paddy's day!
Your food sure looks good!
Love the pic. of Princess Emmy!She is Beautiful!
Have a great day!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
Just wanted to drop by and wish you a "HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY"!!!! also. I hope you are havin a good week thus far and able to get out and enjoy the nice Spring weather we are having this week. I hope you got your internet issues all fixed by now as well. Are you going to be cooking any Irish Foods today. I doubt I will since the girls wouldn't eat any of it anyway. I would like to have dome cabbage and corbrred myslef tho. Take care my friend and have a great day. May GOD BLess you and yours.
Karen H.

Pearl said...

We need spring!!! So sorry you are still having to deal with awful weather. Flowers will be blooming soon.
Emmy is just a doll.


MightyMom said...

well I'm definitely voting for bread!!

is that fucia tree a redbud? they're all in bloom around here I keep wondering what the heck they are.

bummed tonight. hope all's well for you

Anonymous said...

OK SIL spring has sprung, the flowers are coming up, the sap is rising and people are starting to put away the heavy coats so it's about time to change you
Your BIL

Nancy said...

WHEW! I'm tired jsut reading all you've been through there! LOL

I know about those tech gurus, too, as I've been on the phone with them before like that, too. Come to find out, it was my phone line! The cats had chewed through it! And I am the one who came to that conclusion, not this high-tech guy who couldn't speak English very well!!! I know it was so frustrating for you. I think Sue's brother had the right idea..insist on someone in the U.S. who speaks English.

Oh, my gosh! Little Emmy is getting that older look a little. She is growing up right before our eyes! You are so good to share her with all of us, and I especially love to hear about her, since I have no grands of my own.

I am still working on that blasted and on...more off than on lately. That job is getting old...very old!!! Hope to finish it tonight...then paint tomorrow!!! Then ceramic maybe Sunday night...maybe! Knees hurting so badly that I haven't been able to even unload my trunk of cases of cat food and 40# buckets of litter and 20# bags of dry food since Monday night. Have to try today, though.

Have a great weekend now!

((( HUGS )))

Hootin' Anni said...

Diane....that snow. Ewwww, I'm so glad to have temps in the 80s this past week. I just now posted an explosion of color that we find in our yard [being that it's Spring Break in our area and we have tons of College kids from all over the country here now!]...we stayed home this week to avoid the crowds and revelers.

That corn on the cob looks so deLICIOUS!!!!! I'm gonna have to go buy some now.

Hope your week has been treating you well. Thanks for stopping by to visit. And your computer, I do hope it'll continue to work for's the pits not having the access to being online, I know. hehehehe

Michael Manning said...

Ah, Diane! And here we have the 80;s in Arizona. Steve McQueen would have been very comfortable over at Dianes Place for dinner. In fact, we have a story coming up next week on the Festival about the General Store Steve wanted to open! lol!! :D)