Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunday Dinner, October 26, 2008

That Sunday Dinner button is not a hint about my Sunday Dinner this week. I made the button back at the start of the Summer, thinking that I'd probably serve fresh corn on the cob for Sunday Dinner at least once during the season.

But I didn't, and I really like the button so I decided to use it today. Even though I'm not serving corn on the cob for this week's Sunday Dinner either.

Actually, I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week. Not to serve at home, that is. October is pastor appreciation month for our church and we're having a noon fellowship tomorrow to honor our pastor and his wife.

The menu for this shindig consists of sandwiches, chips, dip, finger foods and desserts. I already took a 2 liter soda earlier in the week so I don't have to worry about taking a drink.

I think I'm going to make a big batch of deviled eggs. And that's as far as I've gotten with it. I'm thinking about making some homemade salsa to take even though I don't have any chips to take with it. Surely someone else will bring chips. If not I suppose we can dip our sandwiches in the salsa. Or something like that.

I have some frozen chocolate chip cookie dough and I think I'll press that into a baking dish and make bar cookies to take.

And I think that's the crop this week. Deviled eggs, homemade salsa and chocolate chip bar cookies. Now that's a combination, don't you agree? Good thing it's a pot luck and we're all pooling our food offerings, ain't it?

Your Sunday Dinner is bound to be better than my menu this week. Why not share your menu/plans in the comments?
Today (October 25th) is my 23rd wedding anniversary (THANK YOU, JESSICA!)

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but it IS 23 years old, and also it was scanned.

That's my Mom, Dad, me and Lamar of course, and Lamar's Mom.

We were both 22 years old. In some ways it seems a lifetime ago, and it was. Jessica will be 21 next week.

In other ways it seems like I just blinked and 23 years have flashed by in an instant.

It hasn't always been easy. There've been some really hard times. Times when I didn't know if we'd make it through intact.

But the good times have outweighed the bad times and we've made it 23 years together.

You know when the Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins? Well, brothers and sisters, they ain't just whistlin' Dixie! And I do mean on Lamar's behalf and on mine.

To my hubby:

I love you, babe.

Now, you can go back to watching your college football and I'll keep on blogging.

Did I mention that we've been married for 23 years?My dear blogging buddy BRENDA @ IT'S ALL GOOD! has honored me with an award that comes with a short meme, so I'll take care of that right now before it completely slips my mind.

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?
A few, but most of my friends now have come along as I've lived my life.

2. What do you value most about your friends? Love, loyalty and support.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards? Sometimes, but more often it's my sisters. I'm blessed that my sisters are also my dearest friends. :o)

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?
Just spending time together is enough, no matter what we're doing.

If I were following the rules for this award, now is when I'd tag 4 people to do this. But I'm such a rebel, I'm not going to tag anyone. I will say, if you decide to do this award/tag let me know so I can read your answers.I need to update my awards page and I'll probably do that after I get this posted to my blog. Thanks to everyone who's given me an award lately. I haven't forgotten and I do appreciate the thought. It's just easier for me to let the awards accumulate for a bit and then add them to my awards page all at one time.
Before I leave you this evening I want to share a very worthwhile effort that my friend MARY @ MARY'S WRITING NOOK has undertaken. MARY is collecting Christmas cards from her readers to send to a young woman who is serving in the military. If you'd like to help shower this young soldier with cards you can find the details HERE or by clicking on any of links and the button.I want to thank everyone once again for all the birthday and anniversary wishes for me and Lamar. I do appreciate each and every one of you.

And with that I'll wish everyone a great evening and a wonderful Sunday. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

what a yummy finger lickin sunday lunch
CONGRATULATIONS to you and Lamar
you were beautiful
have a nice Sunday :)


Aunt Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!! The picture is adorable. I love wedding pictures!!!
Our Sunday dinner will be simple...a pot roast in the crock pot with Chipotle Southwest seasoning just to be different..with yukon gold potatoes and carrots and big old yeasty rolls.

Mary said...


I'm not sure what we are having for Sunday dinner this week. I'm thinking stew. On the other hand I'm thinking roast. Only time will tell. lol We kind of do things on the spur of the moment around here.

Thanks so much for adding my button card shower button to your post today. I'm sure S will receive a lot of lovely cards. I appreciate your participation and value your friendship.

Enjoy the dinner at church tomorrow and remember to take along the camera.


momteacherfriend said...

Happy Anniversary!!

the voice of melody said...

Hope you're having a nice anniversary Diane, and your church pot luck sounds like it will have a nice variety of foods. Enjoy it!

As for my Sunday dinner, I think I'll be serving a pork tenderloin (marinated in an apricot glaze, my hubby's favorite), baby carrots and mashed potatoes.

Many sweet blessings!

Lucy Stern said...

Your Sunday pot luck sounds fun. It is nice to show appreciation to the pastor and his wife for all of the work they have done for the church over the year.....

Happy Anniversary to you and Lamar...23 years, good job!

Congradulations on the award....I don't know what I would do without my fiends, they mean the world to me and are my support. I'll check out the Christmas card thing... Have a great week...

Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Have a wonderful lunch and a good week ahead.

Eleanor said...
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Eleanor said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Lamar! 23 years is definitely something to be proud of. :) It's a popular day for celebrations as my youngest sister and hubby celebrate their anniversary today, too, and it's the birthday of the sister next in line behind me.

As for Sunday dinner, I have no clue. Maybe leftovers as I made a big casserole this evening and there's tons left. Nothing fancy, just pasta and groudn beef in a tomato-based sauce, with bits of this and that thrown in. And lots of cheese on top. Of course. ;)

Thanks so much for making your way to my new blog. Yet again. I'm really very, very sorry about the sudden disappearance in August, but Daughter ended up with a stalker ex-boyfriend, who started hanging out around my blog, too, being rather creepy. So a quick skedaddle with no forwarding address there was in order. I meant to let everyone know what had happened, but then hit a rough spell health-wise, and shut down for a bit. Then, when I did get going again, I wanted to make absolutely sure that I was in it to stay before I let everyone know where I am now. I'm feeling a lot better and the writing bug is back, so all's well again!

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better these days, too. :) Thank God for modern medicine, eh?!

It's All Good! said...

First off, Happy Anniversary! (I can't remember if I told you already or not.)
Wow, I finally made it here before Sunday. I made homemade pizza tonight for supper. I was going to put on some pinto beans in the crockpot and start green chili for burritos tomorrow but realized I was missing a key ingredient AFTER I just got back from groceries :( and I wasn't going back. All that to say, I doubled up on the pizza dough and that's what's for dinner tomorrow too. But we love pizza.
Have a blessed week, Diane, and tell Lamar he's sure was blessed wthe day he found you!
God bless,
Brenda :)

Dawn said...

Sunday dinner will be with all of the kids and grands for the first time in a long while. We'll grill pork chops, have either mashed potatoes (which the girlies like best) and/or baked potatoes, some kind of vegetable (the girls want corn on the cob, which we've had often this summer, but sadly the time for that treat is over), crescent rolls (Pillsbury, not homemade), cookies and ice cream.

Happy anniversary!

MightyMom said...

OK, which meal is dinner?

the tuna fish sandwhich I'll have at 3am?

the sausage and cheese I'll have at11am on Sunday right before going to bed?

the glass of chocolate milk I'll have at 5pm when I get up to go to work?

or whatever it is my hubby puts in my lunch that I'll have at 11pm or so at work?

I never know.

Linds said...

Congratulations to you both! Oh, Diane, your post did make me grin....
I am on a diet. Groan. So i do believe lunch will be steak and tomatoes. Fascinating stuff. I hope to be more exciting next week! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Hootin' Anni said...

HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! How wonderful. I'm so happy for your both.

Now, nothing in my estimation, is better than having a gathering with friends and fellow worshipers for a pot luck luncheon!!!

Your deviled eggs ---yum!!!
And homemade salsa? Can I bring the chips?
Chocolate chip cookie bars? Oh, be still my heart....tho, I stopped eating chocolate because of the heart condition as was told to do so, but I WILL indulge every so often still. :o)

I joined Mary's card shower too! I think it's a wonderful and very generous gesture.

Happy Sunday Diane.

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,

Sounds like the pot luck will be great! I love deviled eggs. In fact, for my baby shower last week my mom asked if I had any special food requests. I told her that I'd love deviled eggs and do you know what her response was? That she hates making deviled eggs! So I didn't get any!! :-( I'll just have to make some myself. I'm sure yours are delicious!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 23 years is impressive and inspiring!! Congratulations to you and Lamar!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday from Idaho. And, Happy Anniversary. I hope you cotinue to be well and enjoy your day. Blessings from v. in n. Idaho.

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary again just for good measure to both of you. I think you've summarized marriage very well Diane. Life is just that way - there is always some good and some bad. It is what we do with it that makes the difference.
I love church get-togethers like that. I think you can rest easy - someone is absolutely sure to bring chips. Have a wonderful time.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Hope you and Lamar had a wonderful anniversary celebration. Your church potluck sounds like it will be full of good food and fellowship..
We're hosting Sunday dinner this week.
I'm making goulash with noodles, salad, broccoli and rolls. Not sure what C is bring for dessert.
Hope the coming week is a good one for you!

kansasrose said...

Happy Anniversary Diane! You were beautiful as a young bride and still are hon. I love your salsa/chocolate chip bar/deviled egg combo Sunday dinner! That sounds just right for some serious noshin' on this chilly Sunday! Oh I loves me some gooood deviled eggs. My momma made them so good, I could never quite get that "kick" that her deviled eggs have. Nothin' special planned's really cool and windy. I have a hankerin' for my spicey chili. Dh loves it...DD not so. Have a blessed day today congrats to Lamar too! Love, Jen

PEA said...

Happy Anniversary to one super duper couple!! I'm just so glad to hear that you two are still so much in love with each other:-)Love the picture...gosh, we're we all that young once?? hehe

Hope the noon fellowship dinner went well today? With everyone bringing something, I'm sure there was lots of yummy stuff to eat. xoxo

Bev said...

I always think of you when I'm coming up with Sunday dinner - we had chicken gumbo, salad, and rolls. Happy Anniversary to you and Lamar - anything over twenty is sure something to be proud of and thankful for.

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
Happy belated and Anna.!
THanks for your Love,prayers and support! I've missed my visits, but doing alot better now:o)PTL!
Hope ya'll have a great wk.

Barb said...

Happy anniversary, late, Diane. I love that photo - my word, look at Lamar. His hair is like a trip down memory lane - I love it. It's a great photo of you two and I'm sure the fact that both your parents are in that photo makes it priceless to you.

I know what you mean about all those years just flying by. We're looking at 30 years the end of November. Thirty years sounds impossible.

Have a wonderful new week, my friend.

Sister said...

Happy Birthday!
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Happy!

Mountain Mama said...

Happy Anniversary Diane. Sorry I'm late with the wish. As you know I have been pretty busy praying lately. 23 years is something to be very proud of. I pray you have many-many more and they are all wonderful!
I was traveling with my girls yesterday so ate out which I seldom do. We had Pizza, breadsticks and big garden salad and it was so good I didn't want to stop eating!
Your wedding picture is so sweet it just makes me smile. I am going to take it to photo*shop and see if I can brighten it up for you. If I can I'll send it to you in an e-mail.
Love you dear friend.

Susie Q said...

Congratulations on your anniversar Diane! We hit #30 in August. You are so right...a long marriage takes work but is so worth it. I LOVE the weddig picture!
I also remembered it was your birthday this week. I remember that from last year. Mine was Saturday...I guess that is how I remembered yours! : )

I hope both your special days were as sweet as can be!


Cecil said...

Hope y'all had a good day.. will be talking to you tomorrow sometime.. Love, Cecil

The Old Gray Mare said...

I'm a bit late, okay a lot late, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! I hope the year ahead brings many blessings!

Jeanette said...

Gday Dianne.. Firstly a Belated happy birthday wishes.
Congratulations to you both on your Wedding Anniversary with many more ahead..
Your Sunday lunch sounded good to me..

thislittlepiggy said...

Salsa? MMM...

23 years is a grand achievement. :o)

Mary said...


Thanks for the compliments about the apartment renovations. We didn't think we would ever get done. lol But done we are and it looks wonderful.

I would definitely think that after 30 years they would put new carpets in. How long to they expect one carpet to last?

Take care, my friend. I hope all is well. Praying for Emmy.


RennyBA said...

Awwwww - sorry I have not seen this post before now, but:

From all of me to all of you and your husband - all the way from Norway:
Happy Wedding Anniversary and what a nice contribution - the picture was really nice I think :-)

Btw: great meme too - always nice to know a blog friend even better.

Pearl said...

Happy Anniversary my friend. I wish you many, many more years of happiness.
Love the photo.


Mam said...

Diane - Hey there! I love the wedding picture. You are a shorty aren't you?! Or is Lamar extremely tall? He looked pretty tall in one picture I saw where he was standing in the church, but no one was really close enough to him to tell.
I like your award, and the meme.
How have you been feeling. I need to hear from you!

Nashe^ said...


Congrats all the way, D :))

Rachel said...

I hope the meal at church was great! We are having breakfast at church this Sunday. It is our high attendance day.

Happy belated anniversary and birthday!! Sorry I'm late!!!!!

Here a big birthday(((((((HUG)))))))!!

Rachel said...



Sharon said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you and to Lamar.
I agree that love and marriage do take some work for both partners.
Pray for many more.
We are going on 44 in August.
When I look back it does seem like times really does fly.
Have a great weekend.

Barb said...

I'm running back over here to tell you I'll bet you didn't even know Pea turned you into a peanut. You can see the proof in my Halloween post. LOL

MightyMom said...

Hey Birthday Girl!

come and see who won Thesaurus Thursday!

Nancy said...

Happy belated Anniversary! I feel like I've been away for a year or longer! Your wedding photo is beautiful, Diane! You looked so beautiful and very happy! It's a day none of ever forget...even if we're now divorced. I was married 34 1/2 years. I wish you many more years of happiness together!

Love you!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))