Friday, August 1, 2008

Just A Few Things Again...

...That I want to share today.

For those who are concerned or interested about the state of my formerly hairy legs, mentioned in THIS POST last week - You'll be glad to know that I bush hogged them Saturday night. But in a few days they'll be in need of another bush hogging. A woman's work toward beauty (okay, just presentability in my case) is never done. At least I shouldn't scare small children and people with weak hearts or stomachs now.

(Photo courtesy of
V. from Northern Idaho asked in the commments what I do with zucchini. I don't think she means do I take my squash out on the town, so I'm assuming she means recipes and culinary uses for zucchini.

Well, V, I use zucchini any way you'd use yellow summer squash, which means I flour and fry it with sliced onion, make squash casserole, add it to stir fry and many other things.

One of my favorite ways to serve fresh zucchini is to steam it about 5 minutes then scoop out the pulp, leaving about a half inch shell with the skin, then mix the pulp with a beaten egg, bread crumbs, chopped onion and parmesan cheese, then stuff the pulp back into the zucchini and top with marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella. Yum, and it's a great vegetarian meal.

I also make zucchini bread and muffins, though it's been a while since I made any.

I don't have any of the recipes I've mentioned posted on MY RECIPE BLOG but I'll try to get some posted soon. I'll let you know when I get them posted.I have to go to my doctor this morning to have a 2-hour fasting glucose tolerance test done. I have to drink some sickly sweet potion then have my blood drawn immediately after I drink it, then every hour afterwards to see if my sugar is staying too high.

I have to have at least 2 documented tests in the doctor's office with my blood sugar testing above the normal levels before my insurance company will pay for my diabetic testing supplies and any medications, even though my glucose meter stores my test results for 14 days worth of tests and they average in the 150's for my blood sugar levels, and some are in the high 190's.

I hate drinking the super sweet concoction worse than having my blood drawn!

(While I was searching Google*Images for graphics to use on this post, I came across this image of a guy who has a glucose molecule tattoed to his shoulder.

Can I just ask - "Sir, what up with THAT??" Obviously he suffers from delirium brought on by high blood sugar. That's the tamest explanation I can come up with anyway.)
After I get done with my sugar test I have to do my monthly shopping. It's bad enough any other time, but today's high is supposed to be near 100F. That's about 38C to all my friends who measure your temps on the Celsius scale. For the next several days it's supposed to hit 100F and above, or about 39C.

Can we all say, Ick! Just....Ick! So much for my shower that I just finished earlier. Once I set foot outside my door that's the end of the clean feeling from that shower. I'm sure by the time I get home this afternoon I'll be ready for another shower!If anybody ever finds a way to make out-of-season tomatoes and other fruit and garden stuff taste the same as it does when comes out of the garden in Summer time, that man will rule the world! While he's at it, if he can find a way to preserve tomatoes and other fresh fruit and garden stuff so that it tastes as good after it's processed, he'll rival the guy that figured out how to make out-of-season tomatoes taste like the homegrown ones.

Right now I have tomatoes and other garden stuff coming in faster than we can use it all. I do give away some of the stuff and freeze some, but a little blemish on a tomato can grow from a speck to a rurnt (ruined) tomato in a few hours time, it seems.

Come this Winter I'll be pining after homegrown tomatoes, yellow squash, okra, green beans, purple hull peas and other fresh garden stuff. The frozen and canned stuff will work, but it's just not the same as the garden fresh stuff in season. I'll mourn after every bruised tomato and peach that I had to toss in the trash during the Summer time of plenty, wishing I could recapture the taste of Summer once again when the land is cold and fallow and the tomatoes are hard as rocks and have about the same flavor.I think that's enough of my mind-numbing blathering for now, so I'll get this published and get ready for my day in the withering heat and humidity that is August in Arkansas.

Y'all have a great Friday and I hope it's cooler where you are.


Lynne said...

Too hot! I don't think we've hit the 100 mark here in Atlanta yet this year. Hopefully we won't.

Don't overdo in the heat!

zzop357 said...

Its already hot!!Jon is going to have to take that test too.I don't know if they can handle him.
Good luck, and let us know something.
Love you sister, Donna

Rachel said...

Glad you got the hairy legs taken care of Diane!

I love zucchini and I have some now to decide what to do with. Zucchini bread was in my mind! Haven't made it in awhile, but it's mighty good.

Good luck with the GTT. I can't imagine that that would be any fun, drinking that sweet stuff and then getting poked every hour while hungry as a bear!!

Take care in the heat!

Dawn said...

Hey, thanks for remind me that it's August! Where in the world has this crazy summer gone??

I know what you mean about tomatoes - I really hate those styrofoam tasting ones in the winter time. Not to mention the price!

That tattoo is ridiculous! I really hate tattoos - and the fact that my son got so many yucky ones when he was out there in prodigalness.

Thanks also for letting me know how really much you hate orange - and yellow and olive green -- I can't say I blame you for hating your orange counter tops. That would be a bit much for me!! When we changed carpets after 15 years, I went totally blue, so all of these things now live in my basement - I need to get them put somewhere that they don't get rurnt! Someday they might end up in that museum one of my commenters spoke of - wouldn't that be something??

We're in our 20th straight day of over 90 here in Colorado - a 124 year record. Ick, just Ick! At least it's furnace or oven kind of heat rather than sauna, but I still don't like it.

Well, I didn't mean to, as you put it, hijack your comments! Try to have a good day in spite of having to drink that yucky stuff (puts me in mind of the gross stuff you have to drink before a colonoscopy, which is bitter instead of sweet, but horrible!) and sweating.

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
So glad you got hose legs

I like the sound of the zuc. look forward to your posting the recipe.

Hope your Dr.visit results are good.

I have found in thw winter thos little grape toms. taste more fresh ,but to small to do much with .lol

Hope you have a great day and wk.end!
We're upper 90s according to news but we always creep up to 100 here in the shade.

Grace Scott said...

Good luck with your tests and stay cool. Made your cinnamon buns again and they were even better. Have a good weekend.


Barb said...

Your stuffed zuchinni sounds really good, Diane. And I'm so envious of all your fresh summer vegetables. Anyone who's ever eaten a home grown tomato knows that the stuff we get in the grocery stores is awful. I can barely stand to even buy hothouse tomatoes.

My dad had a bad cucumber year a few years ago but he really loves to make bread and butter pickles, so he made those pickles out of his zuchinni and you'd never have know the difference, they were so good.

I mowed my legs this morning too. I love my new electric razor!

Guess what. I'm locked out of my own blog. Apparently blogger needs to take a look at it and confirm it's not a spam blog. How stupid is that? I'm on a blogging break now, whether I want to be or not, until they unlock A Chelsea Morning and let me back in. Good grief.

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

oh I remember that sickly sweet potion from when I was preggy with Our Little Man ewwwwwwwww
my thoughts and prayers are with you my dear friend

Id say hit the bath or shower
thats HOT!!!

have a nice weekend

Lesa said...

I hope all went well with your doctors visit. Be careful in this heat and I'm glad you took care of your bush hogging issues!

Hootin' Anni said...

No kidding!!! About the flavor of summer tomatoes. The guy/or gal could rule the world for sure. And the zucchini ---I'd love to have some right now. I make the most moist ooey gooey brownies with that, it just makes my mouth drool right now as I type. The tattoo? You've got to be kidding.

And again....braid the hairs on your's a new style I came up with, it's a crowd pleaser. :::wink:::

Ohhhhhhhhh, and by the way? I tagged you. My saturday post, the photo hunt...scroll down.

thislittlepiggy said...

Well, rats. Now that you've mowed, I will have to as well. You know how it is... If one person in the neighborhood mows their yard, it shows up the rest of us! LOL

Praying about the glucose testing. My diabetes is willy nilly at best. :o(

violetlady said...

You are so funny!! I haven't left a comment for awhile even though I do stop in -- I forgot how much I love your home cookin' recipes. Funny, funny posts.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Diane. Wow, I was quite surprised to see I made the front page of Diane's Place. You are a very funny lady and I just love to read you. I am looking forward to the stuffed zucchini recipe. We had a good frost here Tuesday night and my 2 summer squash plants got nipped pretty good. The 2 zucchini plants were in a different place and did not get burned. That's Idaho weather for you. It was 80 yesterday and no frost. Do you remember the "Epi*lady? A lady's shaving thing that sort of pulled the hair out by the roots? I did not keep mine very long! Blessing....v

Nancy said...

Hi Diane!

I hope the testing went well for you! This glucose is a pain to get it regulated. My poor Daphy....I feel so sorry for her! I am drawing blood from her twice a day now. She's been pretty good about it, though. I just want to get her leveled out so she feels better. I'm sure you know yourself how bad she must feel. Hers was 494 when normal for a a cat is 120-160, so she had to feel pretty sick. This morning an hour AFTER she ate, her reading was 113. And she had 4 units insulin last night! The morning she tested 494, she'd already eaten, too, and had had 6 units of insulin the night before. Doesn't make sense, does it?

I hope you can get your testing supplies paid for as they are expensive! I spent $95 the other night for the cat! And her insulin is $42.19, plus the needles. I get those at Wal-Mart...100 in a box for $12.59. I have a friend who uses the same needles, so they are good needles and much cheaper than at a regular pharmacy. He uses the Reli-On meter from Wal-Mart so that's what I bought the other night. Their strips are $42.99 per 100, whereas Accuchek brand are $100 for 100 strips!

Wish I had some of that zucchini as I am crazy about zucchini bread!!! I don't have any place to plant zucchini here.

We're in the sauna here, too. Temps to hover around high 90's to 100 the next several days, so we will see. Stay cool now!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

Linda said...

Hi Diane,
I'm late with this, but I just couldn't get on you blog last night. There was some weird thing going on, but all is well now.
I'm praying you'll be able to get coverage soon for your diabetes. The supplies are so expensive.
The heat is unbearable here too. I just walk past my sad looking little flower garden with head averted. There is no way I'm going out there in this heat to do weeding!
Have a blessed weekend Diane.

RennyBA said...

What an impressive collection of shavers - I would think you had a lady shave ;-)

Your such a good zucchini maker too - no surprise!

Btw: Thanks for your revenue on my blog at BlogCatalog - and comment too: it became so that we met here first then :lol: and you know your always welcome to my place too.

Mary said...


I hate bush hogging my legs and it doesn't last, does it? Why do we do all this stuff to make other people happy? ;-) Maybe I will take up Anni's suggestion.

You are so lucky to be able to have a garden. The boys and I planted some tomatoes this year, but I don't have much room for a garden. I wish I did. There's nothing like homegrown.

Take care, my friend. I hope it cools down a little in your part of the country and that you have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Should I tell ya how I really feel

Jay's Salt Box Houses said...

Love the tatoo. LOL. Yes, WHAT are people thinking?

Aunt Jenny said...

I hope your test came out great...and that shopping wasn't too bad with the heat. It is hot here today best friend's daughter was being baptised this morning and so we were busy with that and the party afterwards....I am worn out just from being busy in the heat. It rained for 'bout 5 minutes this afternoon..and was real windy for about 10 seconds..other than hot hot.
Our season in the garden is so much later than yours. we are just beginning to get ripe tomatoes and zuchinni...we get really loaded with stuff the end of August..right now I am keeping up..but I know what you mean about the stuff going bad so fast. chickens love all veggies..and Mona LOVES tomatoes.
She only gets less than perfect ones though..they are my favorite too!! With cottage cheese!!!
take care!!
Love, Jenny

Mandy said...

I empathize totally with the shaving situation! I absolute hate shaving, due to terrible razor burn I get every time, and now that I'm married I kind of have to do it. :) I finally invested in an electric razor last summer- best idea ever!

My hubby loves loves loves zuccinni, so when you get those recipes up I will make sure to have him visit your recipe blog!

My hubby had that glucose test done last summer. The worst thing for him was not being able to eat. I would have been whining about the blood, but he is such a garbage gut, he acted like he was starving to death!!

kansasrose said...

Ya know what Ms. Diane J. You just make my day brighter and better readin' your blog! Ya crack me up woman! hairy legs and all...

I am praying for your blood sugar testing..I had that done in my 20's and was ravenous. I think I made the med tech a little nervous as hungry as I was. I had the low blood sugar then. Thought I would pass out. Little meals of protein, complex carbs ect ...or I get the shakes bad and could eat the bark off trees. Hope your insurance pays for all the testing stuff.

Your veggie recipes are the BEST! The fridge pickles I am going to try. This week is our county fair. If it doesn't cool off I am not going...this heat could make a camel sick. The church swim and picnic sounded like a blast..the horseflies NOT! I hate those things. Not only are they hideously ugly...the bite will leave a big bump welt. They are hard to kill cause fly and take off SO fast. Stealth bomber flies.

Are you as ready for fall as I am?

Take care hon.

Loveya, Jen