Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sunday Dinner, June 8, 2008

Our Vacation Bible School at my church begins on Sunday night, so all of us that are working in VBS are staying at church after the Sunday morning sermon to decorate and prepare for VBS.

Some are bringing sandwich fixin's and chips, sodas, cookies, etc. Some are sending out for burgers and other fast food for lunch.

Jessica and I are both working in VBS so we're sending Jason out for burgers from McDon*alds. Note the sandwich on the chef's serving tray, which is why I chose that particular Sunday Dinner button.

Anyway, the gist of this is that I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week.

If, however, you ARE cooking or have exciting plans for Sunday Dinner, feel free to share your menu or your plans in the comments.I've had Emmy today while Jessica and Jason were working. I managed to get 4 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded, hung on hangers and all put away. Boy, I don't remember it being so difficult to tend a 1 year old baby while doing basic housework. Since the high here today was 96ºF I didn't hang my laundry on the line outside, plus I had Emmy to look after.

Also somebody down South apparently left a very large door open because it's been just a teensy bit windy here today and for the last several days. With the wind gusting over 30 mph I just didn't feel like using a screwdriver to unscrew my laundry from the line, not to mention searching the neighborhood trees and bushes for my towels and unmentionables that would have taken flight for parts unknown.

In between loading and unloading the washer and dryer and putting away laundry I kept Emmy fed and kept her sippy cup filled with juice, not to mention keeping her occupied. I'm afraid the poor kid is going to think her name is "Don't!" "Stop!" "No, Emmy!" "Uh uh uh!" "Bring it here to Grandma!" Or, "Thank you, baby, that's a good girl," when she does obey me.

Jessica is taking next week off so we can both work in VBS so we'll both have sort of a mini vacation. I won't have Emmy during the day next week but I'll see her at church every night, plus I'll be riding back and forth with Jessica so I'll see Emmy then as well.I do have a bit of Emmy news to share. Jessica weaned Emmy from her bottle the week after Emmy was a year old, and the next week she took away Emmy's pacifier. Emmy's been without her bottle for 3 weeks and her pacifier for 2 weeks. Believe it or not, Emmy's done really well without both of them. She whined and cried a little the first day and night without her pacifier but she didn't throw as big a fit as we thought she might.

Emmy's eating baby foods of all types and some table food. She'd rather have table food for her entrees but for dessert she LOVES yogurt. Emmy just will not drink milk from a sippy cup. We've tried 2% and whole milk, soy milk and even chocolate soy milk, but she just won't have it.

Since she loves yogurt so much we're not too concerned, plus most of her baby foods and juices are fortified with extra calcium, vitamins and minerals. Emmy has yogurt with every meal and she also gets dairy products in cheese, ice cream occasionally and other foods.

Since Emmy started walking she hasn't looked back. As a matter of fact, most of the time she runs wherever she goes. She jabbers all the time and is adding a few new words to her vocabulary. If you ask her politely she'll give you sugar and even hugs, but only on her terms and if it's convenient for her. She's also into that open mouth kissing so you have to watch out for that. I don't know where she learned about French kissing at her age! ;-) CECIL came up this afternoon to visit for a while after she got off work. We sat and chatted a while and she played with Emmy a bit until JESSICA came to pick up Emmy. We were discussing what our plans were for supper tonight and decided to combine our efforts.

A neighbor had given Lamar and me our first yellow summer squash of the season and I'd planned to fix some for our supper, so I fixed that by halving it lengthwise and drizzling it with a little oil. I salted it and put it on a baking sheet in the oven at 350º for about 20 minutes or so, until it was browned a little and tender crisp.

Lamar and I would rather have our squash prepared that way on the grill, but did I mention that it's a little windy? We've seriously had wind advisories out for us for the last several days. With my luck even if I got the grill to light the flame would have blown out, then something would have ignited the gas. Kablooey!

Cecil was craving cheese sticks from a local pizza place so she phoned in an order for those, and while she was picking up the cheese sticks she also picked us up a dollar burger from McDon*ald's, along with some apple pies for dessert.

We laughed about our unusual food combinations for our Saturday night supper, but it was all good. I've had stranger combinations, I'm sure.I'm working on a new Summer header and background theme for my blog. I have some ideas and have even worked on a few things on my test blog but so far I'm not satisfied with it. I finally just had to back away for a little while. I'll get back to it soon, though. One day soon you'll click over to my blog and I'll have a whole new look. Don't hold your breath or wear your mouse out clicking over to check on it, though. I'm not sure when I'll get it done, but it won't be too much longer.I think that's about all I have for now. Since I have VBS every night this coming week I may be a bit scarce here on the blog. We'll see.

In the meantime, y'all have a great Sunday. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

It is very hard to look after a one year old and do the housework. Well done to you.

Enjoy your church activities next week.

bless your neighbor

have a good week my friend


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I enjoyed visiting with you today and catching up on all your news. I remember those days when D was learning to walk and then it was "run" nearly everywhere and into everything. I slept very well at night!!
Tomorrow, Sunday dinner is here. We're having chicken tortilla casserole, tossed salad, and corn.
Enjoy your VBS and "vacation time"

Dawn said...

Our VBS isn't until August this year - really different for us.

I can't believe it's so hot already. Does that bode scary for the rest of the summer??

We're eating at our favorite Chinese place tomorrow with Mom and Dad, sister and BIL, and SIL from England. Her mom died and she's been here for a couple of weeks before and after the funeral. She's going back to my lonely brother Monday.

Emmy sounds like a very typical, normal, healthy one-year-old who is discovering the wonderful world!

Mary said...


I love your little bars with the clothes on the line. I do hang out clothes during the summer months and if it's not too windy. Otherwise I use the dryer. I have taken far too many frozen clothes in off the line in my day. No more. LOL

It's nice you're getting a break from cooking. We all need a break once in a while.

Emmy is close to Griffyn's age. He is starting to take his first steps and has learned three new words this week. Kitty, doggy and chickie. He watches Baby Einstein once in a while and he's learning. We also encourage him to say words.

Thanks for your comments. I will be posting photos of the apartment as work progresses. It is a big job but it is going to look fantastic when we're done.

Have a great Sunday.

It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane,
Have a great time doing VBS. I've done a few of them myself. Fun but very tiring!
For lunch I'm doing what I know of as Susie's Salad...somebody had to have their claim to fame, I any rate, it's a cold salad made with chopped cabbage, dried toasted Ramen noodles, toasted almonds, and green onions. To round it out, I add diced cooked white chicken. Toss this with a yummy sweet soy sauce dressing.
Emmy is as cute as ever!
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Brenda :)

Nomadic said...

Just had to laugh that Emmy doesn't care for milk straight, mostly because my oldest son has NEVER eaten a bite of eggs. As a wee baby, probably 9 months old or so, I scrambled him up an egg. My thoughts were that it was quick protein. Not my kiddo, I wore the only bite I offered him of that one. He preferred to gnaw on the toast.

Several months later, my mom offered him a bite of eggs, and it was promptly returned. That boy is now almost 22 and has NEVER eaten an egg unless it was incorporated into something like a cake!

He knew very early what he didn't want to eat. :) I believe Miss Emmy may have already decided for herself on milk.

Nancy said...

VBS...that brings back alot of memories for me. I used to teach VBS and also Sunday School during my high school days. I was also church pianist, and loved playing and listening to the kids sing VBS songs.

I am not cooking Sunday dinner this week. I am taking the day off and plan on just making a turkey salad sandwich for myself with a cup of fruit. I have a lot of work to catch up on yet from taking that week off when company was here.

It's too hot to cook! It hit 100 here in SC yesterday and to be 102 today. Then a big cool down for Monday is coming...96 is the prediction! Add this horrible humidity to that, and it's still too hot for comfort! I know it's hot where you are, too. The electric companies are mightly happy, I'm sure! LOL

Have a blessed Sunday! Catch you next time!


thislittlepiggy said...

Enjoy VBS!

It's so hot here, the only thing I want to eat is cold salsa and chips!

Emmy is SO sweet! Can't wait until Itty Bitty is big enough to give sugars! ;o)

Donna said...

My son refused to drink milk after I took the bottle away from him, too. It worried me to death. He'd drink chocolate milk, but not plain milk.

Lib said...

Your Grandbaby is Precious!
Enjoy your cooking break today.
Hope ya'll have a great VBS!
Have a great wk.

Lisa said...

My Dad is preaching here in Texas this morning at the church he formally pastored for about 6 years. We are so excited to hear him this morning and have him back in Texas. I got up and prepared a crockpot meal consisting of cabbage, summer sausage, diced pineapple, onion, and bell pepper. It will be tasty by the time we get home from church. Then we are having fresh boiled new potatoes and fresh tomatoes. Im hungry just thinking about it. Have fun with VBS. That was always my favorite part of summer when I was a kid.

Love & hugs!

Mim said...

That little Emmy is quite the big girl isn't she?
Weaned from bottle and pacifer is really amazing but so much better than seeing a child walking around with either of them. I think she keeps both you and Jessica on your toes.
Have a good week at VBS. Hope your church is air conditioned!

mer said...

96 degrees is too hot to cook, wouldn't you agree?

My kids went to VBS last week, but I didn't have to work. I spent most of my summers working in VBS, so having a break is nice! I hope your week goes well.

Broccoli is another good source of calcium...think Emmy would like that? I also buy orange juice with added calcium...does she like oj? For some reason I also thing salmon is a good source of calcium, but don't quote me on that! One of my daughter's won't drink milk at all, but she's a yogurt, cheese, broccoli, and oj lovin' girl.


Linda said...

Hi Diane,
I think I may have mentioned a time or two how much I enjoy your sunday posts. I really do :-)
Your weather sounds like a carbon copy of ours. I keep looking at our tv antenna on the roof and marveling that it's still up there!
I know what you mean about getting things done with a toddler around. When my grandchildren were smaller I used to wonder how I ever managed when my own children were that age. I must have had a better system!
Enjoy your week at VBS. I haven't done it in years. It starts at our church this coming week too. They are expecting over 2000 children to attend. I get tired just thinking about it!
Blessings to you Diane.

BigDadGib said...

I loved VBS... what a great time both as a student (i can hardly remember those and as a teacher/helper.

Looks like Emmy is doing great.

Have a great week and try to stay dry for a day or two. I know it's rained everytime I came through there.
Im on the east coast today in Virginia.

Hove and Luggs... Gib

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, It sounds like you are going to have a busy week with Vacation Bible School. I used to go to VBS when I was a little girl and I loved it. We had ours during the day time and we made all kinds of little things.

We have been having the winds here too. Friday morning, I could actually feel a cool breeze. We have been cliping and cleaning up in our back yard the last week or so. I have enjoyed being out of doors in the morning hours.

I am cooking a small ham for dinner and I will probably cook some squash and make a salad. We'll have ice cream for dessert.

Have a great week.

Lynne said...

No cooking for me today. In fact, hardly any cooking for me at all any more. It's too hard with everyone on different schedules. This past week, Shelby couldn't eat anything because her teeth (or where they used to be) were hurting.

I envy you being able to hang your clothes outside. Our snotty subdivision covenants forbid clothes lines. I love my house, but that's the one thing I really don't like about this neighborhood.

Emmy is so cute! I'll bet she really does keep you moving. I'd be worn out too. I guess that's why most women in their 40's and up don't have babies!

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

Did I thank you for the meme button you made and passed on to those who wanted it? Thank you, and I used it a couple of days ago. I forgot to mention that you made it but will try to remember to do that the next time.

I came over to see what's for supper, but I see you're having fast food. I'm cooking a ham and pinto beans. We will have that tonight plus I'll steamed some veggies and put cheese sauce on those. And corn bread, of course.

Your little Emmy is really growing. She is so cute. Give her a big hug for me.

Hugs to you, too,

Mam and Lizi said...

I'm late leaving a comment on your Sunday dinner post this week. Forget Sunday dinner -- it's too hot to eat. My goodness, you all don't fool around. VBS starts the week after school lets out? Ours are usually later in the summer. The kids came home early from their camping trip. Micha had a horrible allergic reaction to something and was so miserable they had to. His eyes are all "swole" up and watering. He's never been one to do that before, but it runs in his dad's side of the family and he and Lizi have all that mess. I hate to see him start to have it too.
I'll get back to you when I'm not getting ready for my Sunday Nap. I'm running out of steam... and words... etc...

Rachel said...

I had Johnsonville Better Cheddar weiner things on buns with cole slaw on the side. It was good!! As hot as it got today I didn't want to fire up the oven. It was about 96 here as well. Sweatin weather!!

The thought of your unmentionables taking flight made me laugh!!

Barb said...

You know, Diane, I remember working my tail end off to get ready, the summer I taught VBS. And that was so long ago (I was 16) all I can remember is two things. I made my poor mother buy so many of those plastic yellow fake lemon things full of lemon juice, I can't even remember how much lemonade she made, but I needed those plastic lemons for my sixteen little VBS toddlers, and I'm pretty sure it had something to do with ducks. Are ducks even mentioned in the Bible? LOL

And I remember this one little guy - for some unearthly reason, he got upset when I made him climb down out of a sycamore tree and he kicked the literal living daylights of my SHIN. With his little three-year-old redneck boot. Who puts a three year old in pointy toed cowboy boots? I will never ever forget that little br*t and I hope somebody has kicked his you know what, at least once, since he did that to me.

We're talking a religious experience here, y'all.

Pizza spaghetti casserole. Yep. Sounds weird, but let me tell you, delicious! I tried a new Southern Living recipe tonight and my word, it's just the best thing ever. Cheap. Quick. Makes a ton. And actually tastes good. My kind of recipe.

Happy new week to you sweet friend. And good luck with Emmy because I can absolutely assure you, the fun has only just begun. It's just not the same as it was when we were our daughters' ages. Huh?


Jess said...

Lunch was good and VBS was better. Had fun today! See you tomorrow. Love you, Jessica

Morning Glory said...

This was a lovely place to visit, as usual. Emmy is just such a doll-baby!! Princess Emmy, indeed!

Hootin' Anni said...

Sounds like a very busy yet fun weekend for you. Ummmm, yes I did cook a Sunday dinner. And since you asked, I will tell you. I made meatless stuffed peppers with baked potatoes topped with cheese. And always a tossed salad [without my usual Roma tomatoes since they're on government recall right now]. Also, European Crusty Garlic Bread [a favorite of mine]. For dessert, pecan caramel praline.

I enjoyed your humorous version of hanging your laundry out in the wind vs. the screwdriver and neighbor's trees.

Emmy sounds so precious! [Yep, my mom always told me it takes young ones to raise young ones, and me being a grandma too, I know what you mean about a 1 year old tiring you out quickly.]

Have a super week Diane.

Judith said...

I am amazed how much energy's stored up in those sweet little two legged darlings. She is more beautiful each time I see new pictures.

Jo said...

I laughed when you mentioned not remembering it being so difficult to nd to a little one and housework too. I think that same thought every time I am with Seth. I'm not sure of the reason for it (It could be many things, getting older being one of them)but I would bet that every Grandma would same the same thing.

I would have to say, being a grandma is one of the most rewarding things I have ever been.

Have a great week Diane and hugs and sugars to that baby girl.

Alex said...

still no word on my tests. they sent me for more though.
the wait is killing me.

Sammy said...

I hope your mini-vacation is going swell! :-)

Great photo of Emmy! I just love to see a dirty, barefoot kid in a wagon! She looks just thrilled!

Have a great week,

PEA said...

Dearest Diane,

It's always so much fun coming to visit you and reading all your latest news:-) Gosh, I can't even imagine having that kind of heat all the gets over 80F here and I complain! lol

I hear all the grandmas saying how hard they're finding it keeping up with their little grandbabies...I guess it will be the same for me and I'll wonder how I ever managed with my own kids! lol Emmy is just so adorable, love her smile. What a great accomplishment for Jessica to have weaned her from her bottle and pacifier already!!

Enjoy your VBS and hopefully the weather will cool off a bit! xoxo

Bev said...

Well Sunday supper was a lean cuisine eaten at my desk, so thats not worth bothering with. Your sweet little granddaughter looks adorable, all dirty from a fun day, in that wagon. And good for Jessica for taking on two big bullets at once, bottle and pacifier!

Jess said...

Sammy started her own blog... go check it out.

Jess said...

Oops just saw your comment...sorry about that.

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

It's good to catch up with you and Miss Emmy today!

Enjoy VBS!!☺