Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Recently EMI Music contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in receiving Steven Curtis Chapman's new CD to review on my blog, and perhaps also host a giveaway for "THIS MOMENT". I emailed them that I'd be very interested, and also if they'd send me an extra CD that I'd give it away on my blog.

I included my address on the email, sent it out into cyberspace and promptly forgot all about it, thinking that I'd receive a confirmation email from them and then they'd mail the CD's to me in a couple of weeks or so.

If memory serves me correctly, and there's every chance in the world that it doesn't, but extend some grace here, people - exactly 2 days later there was a padded envelope from EMI in my mailbox containing 2 SCC CD's! One for me to listen to, review and keep (it's mine! mine I tell you! all MINE!) and one to offer for this giveaway to some blessed recipient.

(Don't you just love my righteous skilz with my digital camera? And you can believe that you're getting a NEW CD as opposed to a used one by looking at the wrinkledy cellophane on the CD. Also: I do not know if "wrinkledy" is a real word or not, but it is indeed appropriate here. Thank you. Thank you very much.)

I have to say that I LOVE this CD! There are a couple of songs that really stand out for me as personal favorites, but overall this is a good solid CD.

"Cinderella" is my pick for best song on the CD, and you can visit EMI's site for this single by clicking HERE. You can listen to "Cinderella" and there's also a link to Steven's personal blog and a lot of other things to explore there.

"Broken" and "My Surrender" are definitely keepers, but "One Heartbeat At A Time" is a heartfelt tribute to mothers the world over and it's just in time for Mother's Day.

If you've ever wondered if you're making a difference in your children's lives, "One Heartbeat At A Time" is an affirmation that Mamas are indeed making a difference with each encouraging word, each hug and kiss and every loving moment we share with our children.

And now the technical details of this here giveaway:

To enter, please leave a comment on this post. Only one comment per person will be counted.

This giveaway will be open until noon Central Standard Time on Saturday, April 5, 2008, at which time I'll use a random number generator to choose a winner.

Please NOTE: This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. Please be sure you have a working link or a valid email address with your entry comment. It's a bit difficult to contact you to tell you you've won and get your name and address information without a valid link or email address.

I'll announce the winner in my Sunday Dinner post on Saturday evening, April 5, 2008.

Best of luck to everyone!

Hugs, y'all!



Paulette said...

Hey Diane, Im in! Thanks. If I don't win I am sure I can do Itunes but would love the CD.
Have a great day.

mombo said...

I'll tell you my SCC story. One day when Andrea, my oldest, was about 5 years old, I heard her singing in her room. She's always loved to sing, but you had to sneak up on her to listen. So I stood out of sight by her door, eavesdropping. "It's my turn now. My turn now. It's my turn to get my MICROWAVE!" I burst out laughing, scaring the bejeebers out of her in the process. She thought those were the words to the song!

Karin said...

Please enter me in your drawing for the CD..... Thank you.

Andrea said...

So, I'm not just commenting today because I want to be entered in the drawing (which I do, thank you very much), but because I feel like I haven't commented in ages and really I was so busy and all, that the time got away from me but I have been lurking and reading every.single.post! I promise! :)

Hope you are having a great week, Diane!

momteacherfriend said...

Hey Diane,
I feel like Donkey from Shrek, jumping up and down saying, "Pick me, Pick me!"
Pretty please.

Really, I would love the CD.

Michael Manning said...

Diane: I'm such a metalhead, I'll have to Google SCC, although I've heard about him for years and probably will find myself saying "Oh yeah, that's the guy over at Diane J's place. My wish for you this morning (and yes, in Arizona it's still early morning) is for a long black limo to pull up outside your house with a driver knocking on your door."Miss Diane J?" "Yes?" "I have Mr. Steven Curtis Chapman outside waiting to meet you". :D)!

MightyMom said...

oo ooo ooo
pick me!!

pick me!!!

I soooo need new music!!!!!

Betty said...

Hi Diane, please enter me for the drawing and wish me luck.

So nice of you to have this giveaway. Such a nice one, too.

Rachel said...

Okay, count me in. My e-mail is added to my profile now.

It sounds like a lovely CD!

"Wrinkledy" is a word. It's what my face looks like!!!


Dear Diane, I love SCC. My husband and I have several of his CD's but I would love to win this one. So please enter me in your give away. connie from Texas

Jess said...

I either want to win..or I would like a copy of it please!!! and Thank you ahead of time....Love you

Diane J. said...

Sorry, Jessica, as family you're not eligible for the drawing, but if you ask me very nicely, I might be persuaded to let you borrow my copy of the CD.....

Mama loves you! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd love to win - my kids are tired of my Casting Crowns cd in the car - this would give them a good change!

Lucy Stern said...

OK Diane, add me to the list too. It sounds like he has a nice CD and I enjoy songs about family....

mer said...

Can I join in the fun? I've loved SCC's music for about 20 years now. Does that make me old???


Dick said...

Please add me to the list although I can't say that I am familiar with his work. From the titles they do sound like good music.

Jo said...

Well I am here to tell you that if you hadn't said only one comment per entry would be counted, I would have left you a bunch....lol

Rather I win or loose, I am going to have to check this cd out.

You are pretty handy with that camera Miss Diane. Great shot. Hope all is well with you abd yours and you are enjoying the heck out of this beautiful weather.

Giant Hugs~

It's All Good! said...

Hi Diane, I would love to enter your drawing! Count me in! Brenda :)

Barb said...

Between your giveaway and mine, there's lots of chances to win this CD out here right now. LOL

I'm only leaving this comment to mess up your count, of course. I already have my copy.


Linda aka yellowroseli said...

Hi Diane,
Count me in on the CD. I made your hamburger soup the other day, it was great.
Why don't you pop over and join in on Thankful Thursday

Hope said...

Well, Diane, looks like I made it in time for a giveaway! LOL I'm not familar with SCC but I'm sure my daughter is..so if I win I might have to fight her for it! :O)

The doc put me on 2 more pills!! He added yet another of the 1000 milligram pills which has really been messing with me...nausea, shakes, sweating and dizziness. Just lovely!! The good news was I had lost 6 pounds!! Then he tells me that the Actose pill could cause weight gain! Wonderful..NOT!
Hopefully this will all level out soon as my body adjusts to the meds. Please keep me in your prayers!

Love and Hugs,

Dawn said...

Well, between you and Barb, I hope I will get lucky! I love Steve and Annie - especially "Reachable," which I have quoted in a long ago blog. Wonderful stuff.

tam said...

Hey Diane,
Lurker Tam here again, I just heard about the storms. I dont know exactly where yall live, but I am praying you and your family are all okay.

Jada said...

Cool! I'm in!

Thanks and hope you have a great weekend!


P.S. I leave for vacation tomorrow afternoon, so I'll email you my mailing address just in case I'm the winner! HA! =)

Teresa said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Please add me to the drawing. tpearson@uga.edu

Anonymous said...

Delurking to enter :) I love reading your blog, you have a such a sweet spirit!

Lesa said...

Oh - count me in too! I love reading your blog and your recipes - good old fashion home cooking!! Sunday dinner is an event at my house - it's the only time we get to all eat together and I cook!

Alex said...

2 days it took? wow, good service!