Thursday, February 7, 2008

Dodging Twisters & The Last of the Questions

As many of you know, I live in Northeast Arkansas and I spent much of Tuesday evening watching the weather and dodging tornadoes much like the one in that picture to the left. There were no touchdowns in my immediate area. No damage, no injuries, praise God. Others relatively close to me weren't so blessed. At last count there were at least 13 dead within a 100 mile radius and still some people unaccounted for as I type this.

Thank You to all those who've left me comments and emailed me asking if I and my family made it safely through the storms. There were some funnel clouds reported pretty close and even a few tornadoes that touched down in fields and unpopulated areas fairly near us but the worst things we saw were some rain, some gusty winds and a little lightning. Praise God for his protecting hand upon us!I have a pot of Earl Grey tea made and it's comforting on this chilly night. After a high of almost 80º on Tuesday our high today was only 40º on Wednesday, and we're headed into the 20's tonight. Is it any wonder we had tornadoes on Tuesday?! Some places even saw snow flurries this morning.

I've got my tea and my fleece blankie over my legs so this seems like a good time to answer the last of my questions.

MYRNA @ CHERISH...THE WORD! asks: What's the biggest fish you ever caught--no "fish fibs" allowed! Where, when, what kind?

Myrna, this is going to sound like a cop out, but I honestly and truly don't know what the biggest fish I've ever caught was, where or when or what kind. Now don't misunderstand me, I go fishing with full intentions of catching fish if at all possible, and I intend to eat what I catch if it's big enough and it's edible. But...I go fishing just as much to enjoy nature and the outdoors as I do to catch fish. Even if I never get the first bite, I've never been fishing that I didn't enjoy the outing. For me, it's more about the whole experience than about bragging rights.

Now that is truly a foreign concept to Jessica. She thinks that as soon as you throw a hook in the water you should catch something. It's all about catching those fish! Of course she won't put a worm on her hook or take a fish off the hook; that's for me and Jason to do for her. But by golly, there'd better be fish biting constantly and she'd better catch something at least every 5 minutes or she's ready to get in the car and leave, no matter how beautiful the day or the scenery and no matter how much wildlife we may be seeing.

Just guessing, I'd say probably the biggest fish I've ever caught was probably a carp, and it was on the Bay Ditch about 13 years ago while fishing with my Daddy and my brother in law, Jerry. We were fishing with homemade dough balls and Wheat*ie balls and the carp were biting fast and furious. We each caught several nice ones that day, and the biggest one I caught weighed about 4 lbs. by my guesstimate.

Catfish, the biggest I ever caught was probably about 3 lbs. Bluegill, probably the ones I caught last Spring while fishing on Lake Poinsett with my sister, Donna. You can read about that fishing trip HERE and there's a picture of the biggest bluegill I caught that day over to the left. Some of them were at least a pound, maybe even a little bigger.

I hope I answered your question, MYRNA. I did the best I could with the faulty memory I have to work with. ;o)BEV @ SCRATCHIN' THE SURFACE asks: What's on your list to accomplish in this lifetime? Something you've always wanted to do?

What with the current popularity of "THE BUCKET LIST" I should have expected someone to ask this question, I suppose. Leave it to BEV to be the one to make me really think about this. Because to be quite truthful, I've never really had many longterm goals like climbing Mt. Everest or diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

No, I'm afraid that my goals are much less lofty and not nearly as exciting or risky. Not that I actually ever had any goals, you understand. But just for the purposes of answering this question, I'll think (type??) out loud for just a bit.

Hmm....I never had any real aspirations in life beyond being a wife and mother. Some may look down on me for that, and say that I didn't set my goals very high to begin with, but I'll have to disagree with those people. Besides, I can truthfully say I attained those goals: how many that say they want to climb Mt. Everest ever actually do it?

I may not have been/be the best wife and mother, but I'm working on it. Beyond that, I want to be the best Grandma I can be. Still working on that. More successful at meeting that goal some days than others. It should go without saying that I want to become more like Jesus every day. Still working on that one, too. Feverishly at times, with some success and some failure every day.

I would say that one thing I haven't done that I'd really like to do is travel more in the US and Canada, maybe Mexico. All by ground, preferably by car or train. I won't fly for personal reasons. Personally, I'm afraid of crashing. At least if you crash in a car or a train you don't have to fall for 40,000 feet, dreading it all the way. Also, I want to actually SEE the countryside, not just fly over it.

Someday, if the Lord sees fit to grant my desire, I'd like to live in my own home, not a leased apartment. I'd like to paint the walls or paper them as I'd like to, not as my landlord dictates, and I'd like to decorate it to my specifications.

My goals in life are pretty simple. It doesn't take much to make me happy, and the Lord has granted most of my needs and a lot of my wants up to this point. I have no doubt that He's going to keep on providing for me, and that meets most every goal of mine, right there. I don't worry too much about tomorrow, and not much about today even. I live day by day, sometimes moment by moment.

I try to be content with what God provides each day and to grab those opportunities when He presents them to go beyond my usual routine. Who knows what God has in store for me? If He provides a way for me to travel more and/or have a new home of my own, so be it and thank God for it, but if not, I'll be content with that too.

Well, I chewed that plumb to death, didn't I? ;o)
Thursday promises to be a full day. I have to do my grocery shopping in the morning, come home and put everything away, then I'll have Miss Emmy in the afternoon until Jason gets off work and picks her up. Somewhere in there I'll have to cook some supper for us.

I'll also have Emmy on Friday afternoon/evening and all day Saturday, then I have a Valentine's Banquet at my church Saturday at 4 pm. I have to make some type of casserole for that and a dessert. No idea what I'm cooking for that at the present, or what's for Sunday Dinner yet. I hope to become inspired by whatever's on sale or looks good when I do my grocery shopping Thursday morning.

I also need to sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom, clean off the kitchen counters and clean the tub in the bathroom and put down clean rugs, vacuum and do some washing, and do some cleaning, sorting and decluttering here in my computer room again. Notice I said I need to do those things, not that I'm actually committing to doing them. I hope to get at least some of those things done before Sunday. We'll see. As I heard somewhere lately, "we'll see" is what we sometimes call the "slow no". My bed with fresh, clean linens is calling me. Y'all have a great Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Glad that you are okay! :o)

mombo said...

So glad you're safe. I love clean sheet day, don't you?

Susie said...

Haven't been on the computer much due to life's happenings here, but just had to be sure you were OK. Sending love and hugs..

Barb said...

I can't tell you how disappointed I am you're not planning to dive on the Great Barrier Reef, Diane. Shame on you!

I've said this before - there is nothing about nature that terrifies me more than a tornado. One of the best things about moving to the western side of Colorado is that we don't get them out here. The devastation I've been seeing on the news is shocking and so, so sad.

Did you know that the college, Union, that was so torn up is where Sarah and Chris went? Scary.

I'm glad you and yours weathered this latest round. Glad you're all OK.

mer said...

Hi Diane,

So glad you're okay after that weird weather on Tuesday. I talked to my mom yesterday to make sure she was okay and she said your area wasn't hit! I'm thankful for that, but am praying for all of those who weren't so fortunate.

Oh...I LOVE to go fishing! Isn't that one of life's small pleasures?!

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I enjoyed reading the answers to some of the questions that were asked of you. I feel I know you a little bit better now, and I like that.

I am so glad you are okay from the tornado. You are very blessed. As you know, Tennessee (where I live) was the hardest hit. The tornado touched down in counties all around us and skipped right over where we live. Thank God. We are truly blessed also.

Jada said...

Oh my goodness! I don't watch the news so I didn't hear much about these tornadoes. Glad to know you're okay!

I "need to do" a lot of cleaning, too, but I'm sure that come Saturday, I'll find something better to do! Like read, blog, scrapbook, etc.!

Enjoy your time with Emmy!


Mountain Mama said...

Thank the Lord you are safe. I just visited Karen and told her the same thing I'm going to tell you. "You deserve a "BRAVERY AWARD" just for living in such a dangerous place. If it was me I would have hic=tched a ride out of there long ago. I get nervous even when we have a high wind here, I can't imagine a tornado!
Do take care Diane.

Morning Glory said...

I actually got out the atlas to find your town on the map. I wanted to be sure you weren't next door to where the tornadoes hit, but you were too close for my comfort. I'm glad you're safe!

MightyMom said...

shew, I was worried, after reading your title I thought you were dodging the questions too!


you wanna take that train West you let me know!!

MammyT said...

I love your answer to the Bucket List question. You are such a sweet woman of God. I can sense your spirit through those words. My prayer is that God would bless you abundantly and richly with your heart's desires, no matter how lofty or simple they might be. Going out on a limb for Jesus takes as much or more bravery than those climbing/diving things anyway.
Love, Nancy

Tammy said...

I did a lot of tv watching in the hospital while we were doing a lot of "hurry up and wait" as they often do in hospitals.

I watched the news and saw all the destruction and prayed for ya'll...what a terrible time for all!

I'm glad you and yours is OK (((hugs)))

Merle said...

Hi Diane ~~ I am so glad to learn that you are safe and missed the tornado. They must be terrifying to
go through and so many lives lost and homes wiped out.
I loved your answers to the Bucket thingy. You seem to be so happy and content with your life. Bless you for
feeling that way and I am sure you will be rewarded for your faith.
Take extra care, Love, Merle.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
"PRAISE GOD" we were blessed thru here the other night. I was so scared but I was trying to be calm and brave for the girls. After watching the news on KAIT8 last night, I just broke down and started crying. They were telling about the Pack a Pickup for today. We all went to our local Dollar General Store last night and bought some supplies to be taken to the areas that need it. I am taking them to Jonesboro sometime today. It is a great feeling to help those in need. We never know ourselves when we may need that help someday. I enjoyed reading some more answers to your questions. You know, I have never really wanted to achieve anything major like that either. I think I have achieved one thing and that is being married to a wonderful Man and having 2 beautiful children and being able to take care of them and our house. I may or may not be the best at it either, but I do what I can with what I have and am "THANKFUL" for being able to do that. GOD has richly blessed our Family and to HIM, I am truely Grateful. I love the catfish you caught. I remember years ago when I was married the first time, we went night fishing once. It was me and my then hubby and a couple of his friends. We had been to several different places and no one was catching anything. We went to one place and I can't remember where it was, but the guys wasn't catching anything either. I finally got something and all 3 guys had to get down and help me pull it in. For the life of me I can't remember what kind it was, but I do remember it being a big one. And that is no fish tale either. After I got that fish, they was all ready to load up and go home. LOL. I know I haven't posted anymore this week, but since my DH is at home, I just feel the need to spend time with him. Hopefully next week things will get back to normal and I'll do my regular posting again. I love your dividers you have. They are so cute. Sounds like you have a busy day planned. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Jo said...

So happy to hear that you made it safely though the storms. You were certainly thought about and prayed for.

Coffee will be brewing early tomorrow. I have a lot of catching up to do after being down with the yuckies. Feeling much better now though and enjoying Seth Day completely.

RennyBA said...

Sorry I have not had the time to visit earlier, but I was really thinking about you and your family when I heard about the wild tornadoes in your aria on the TV news in Norway. So glad you are safe and sound!!

What a catfish - I envy you - you know I love fish and love fishing it - haven't had that much luck though. More like cod, or mackerel or coalfish.

Wishing you a great end to your week!

Btw: your tea cups are so cute :-)

Hope said...

Hi Diane,
So glad ya'll were safe from the storms. That must have been so scary!

I enjoyed reading your answers...even the fish stories! LOL I never did like to fish and I lived right on a river. My Daddy took me fishing with him once and said I talked so much it scared away the fish! LOL

As for a bucket aspirations are a lot like yours..very simple. Have you seen the movie?


Granny said...

I was thinking so much about you, all your family, and Karen as well.

I felt for all the families in all the states of course but my heart was almost literally in my mouth when I saw what was going on in my former stomping grounds.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I am soooooo glad that you and your family are all safe. I knew that you had family scattered all around you and that you were in the general area of some of the storms. I worried about Rachel and Jamie Dawn too.

Being a wife and mother is an honorable job and one of the hardest. I worked outside the home for almost seven years before Bonnie came along and once she did I was a "stay at home" mom. I have never regretted my decision to stay home and raise my kids. I have to say that I have done plenty in my own little area of home, church, school, girl scouts, etc. I've kept busy with all the things that moms and wives do and had fun along the way. Good for you too.

As far as traveling, I've been to a few places and they are all etched in my memory. Life has been good to me and I am thankful for it. I have my two grandkids to spoil and you have your darling Emily. What more can you ask for? Loved your post, you do have a way with words.

I hope you have come up with a good dish for the Valentines dinner, share it with us if you can.

Sammy said...

Hey Diane!

So, so glad to hear you're all okay! I've never lived in an area that had tornadoes, but I imagine they're quite scary.

I love "we'll see is a slow no"!! That's hilarious.

I appreciate your life goal to be the best wife and mother you can be. A truly noble aspiration, in my opinion. Well done!

I'm also scared of flying, although sometimes I simply have to since my family is spread across the country. I really, really hate it though and would love if I could avoid it.

And love the fish photos! I've never been fishing! City folk and all!! :-)

Have a great weekend!

Pearl said...

Wanted to check on you and make sure you were safe.
Your goals are truly admirable and Emmy couldn't have hand picked a better grandma.


Jeanette said...

Hi Dianne, Just popped back in to check you were safe and sound,So pleased to hear you are safe but sorry to hear the devastating news of lost home and lives, what a terrifing experience to go though. take great care i will call again soon

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the twisters didn't get to you.

Come over to my blog - there's a special award waiting for you!

Mary said...


I'm glad that the tornadoes didn't touch down at your house. It's nice to know that you are safe. Last week we had some high winds and a tractor trailer blew over on a bridge in Hamilton, Ontario. It tossed it like it was a toothpick.

Loved your answers to the questions. It's nice to know that you enjoy fishing as much as I do. The largest fish I ever caught was a 30 inch largemouth bass. That was in northern Ontario - Thessalon area, which is up towards Sudbury where Pea lives. That was a catch of a lifetime. Unfortunately that was before the time of digital cameras and we didn't have a regular camera with us. I went with Dad and my daughter. We had a good feast.

Please be sure to drop by my blog and enter my Easter giveaway. It's going to be a lot of fun.


BigDadGib said...

I was told the storms went through West Memphis and did...
$2million worth of improvments. lol

Sorry, I've been working on a new BigDadGib Network site and have not been reading your post like I should. Forgive me. :)

Dick said...

I am also glad that you are okay as far as the tornadoes are concerned. I find them very scary and am glad that we really don't have that kind of thing where I live.

Your "bucket list" is interesting. That is a good movie & I'd recommend that you see it if given the chance. As to your two mentioned desires, is there a Habitat for Humanity program in your area? If so, any chance of contacting them to see if you can be included? I don't know the answer to the travel issue other than just doing it, but it is getting more & more expensive all the time what with the increases in fuel costs, and that drives everything else up along with it.

kansasrose said...

Thank God you all are ok. That was some nasty storms in Ark! So sad so many lives were lost in this. Buildings can be replaced...people can't. The devastation is just fearsome after this outbreak. Do you have one of those weather radios? They sell them now at w*mart cheap.. with a nice battery light attached. It is a wind up radio. My Dh got one from his mom for Christmas. Every spring I wonder why I live another year in Kansas. Guess I just don't know any better. lol My friend Anita survived the Greensburg,KS tornado last May. That town was wiped off the map. I enjoyed your answers to the are my kinda gal! Wife and mother is a sacred duty. The hardest job there is, and most rewarding. Your bucket list is excellent too...Have you ever thought about doing a cross country vacation on a travel tour bus? The buses are really nice. It would be safe, and much less expensive than air. Have a lovely Sunday hon..Love, Jen

Myrna said...

I thought I wrote a comment a couple of days ago on this--I'm losing it!

Good answer on the fish--You have caught a lot of them I'm sure--If I fished I would do it for the scenery and the peace and quiet. I would probably be like Jessica--someone else would have to do the icky stuff!

What's for Sunday Dinner?!

Bev said...

Fresh sheets? The best! Loved reading your answer to my question. The best way we ever traveled was by train, with a sleeper car. You woke up every single time they stopped, which was often, but it was a great experience. Eating in the dining car watching the world roll by was just fabulous - we went all the way from Denver to Los Angeles. There are so many wonderful places to travel here in the United States - a great answer. And your aspirations for life sound pretty wonderful to me too. xoxo