Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday What-Have-You

You may have gathered by the title that this is going to be a rambling, catch up kind of post, and you'd be absolutely correct. There's nothing very exciting going on in my little world and that's just fine with me. Mundane is good. I much prefer mundane over the wrong kind of excitement.Sunday Dinner was good, if I do say so myself. Fried boneless pork chops, cream gravy, fried potatoes and butterpeas. Other than my hubby, there was only my sisters Cecil and Ducky here to eat with us.Monday Cecil and Sue came and got me and Lamar and we went to Jonesboro to Fat City Grill for lunch. Sue and I both ordered the steak lunch while Cecil had the potato chowder and chicken strips, and Lamar ordered the barbecue beef brisket sandwich. Lamar and Sue got their entrees and Sue and I were still waiting on our steaks. Finally, after about 30 minutes the kitchen manager came to our table and told us that there'd been some kind of problem with our steaks, but they'd be out soon and would be on the house since we had to wait so long for them. So Sue and I had a free, albeit very long awaited, lunch on Monday.

After we left the restaurant, we went to Turtle Creek Mall so Cecil could do some Christmas shopping. Sue tagged along with Cecil, Lamar walked the mall and did some window shopping in anticipation for actual Christmas shopping next week, and I did my usual thing: I got a venti cup of black coffee at Star*Bucks and made myself comfortable with a book at Barnes*&*Noble. By the time we left the mall it was getting dark, so Cecil and Sue dropped me and Lamar off at our apartment and went home for the day.Tuesday, I had an eye exam scheduled for 8:30 that morning. Wouldn't you know it, I got a big piece of sweater fiber in my left eye the night before and really had my eye swollen and irritated. My ophthalmologist took one look at my eye and said, "No exam for you today!" She was concerned about a scratched cornea or eye infection, so she put some dye in my eye and really gave me the works. There was no scratch or infection, praise the Lord, but she did give me some eye drops to use for the rest of the day and rescheduled my actual eye exam to get my glasses.

She also dilated my eyes and did everything except my actual prescription, so I'll have that done when I have to go back next week. I also picked out my frames so I'll have that much done when I have to go back. She gave me those stylish dark shades to wear behind my regular glasses until my eyes returned to normal. I always enjoy having my eyes dilated. NOT!! Tuesday was a bright sunshiny day here in my area, which makes it even worse when your eyes are dilated.After I finished at the eye doctor, Lamar's Mom dropped us off at Cracker*Barrel to meet Sue and Cecil for lunch. Lamar and Cecil got the beef pot roast dinner, Sue got the chicken tender salad and I got breakfast. It was good, but it was already really crowded in there and we got there before 11 am.

One question: why is Cracker*Barrel so loud? I do believe it's the loudest restaurant I've ever been in! Or is it just me???

After we got through with lunch, we dropped Lamar off at our apartment and went back to Cecil's place in Trumann. She had to let in an appliance repairman at 1 pm to work on her fridge. It only took him about 10 minutes to remove and replace a part and it seems to be working fine now. Let's hope so anyway! He's already worked on it once and didn't fix it, so hopefully this time did the trick.

When the repairman got done, we loaded up and went to Wal*Mart for a while. I did some pre-Christmas scouting and window shopping in advance for my actual Christmas shopping, which I plan to do this Saturday. My knees were giving me a lot of grief so I cut my window shopping short, bought myself a cold coffee *Frappacino* and sat on a bench at the front of the store until Sue and Cecil finished their shopping.

After a short stop at *Dollar*General* we headed back to my apartment and watched the Food Network until time for Sue and Cecil to go home. Lamar and I were still full from lunch, so we just snacked around for supper last night. I had some microwave popcorn while I watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special on TV.Jessica called me yesterday afternoon and told me that Emmy is sick again. I had suspected something was going on with Emmy after her restless night here on Friday night. She has occasional vomiting and diarrhea, and is just cranky and not herself. She's also running fever occasionally. It's really weird because sometimes she's happy, sunny and fine. The next minute she's sick. Weird.

Jessica took Emmy to the doctor yesterday afternoon and he said she's got a virus and it will just have to run its course. It seems like everything that comes along just jumps on poor little Emmy. I know it doesn't help that she's in daycare where they pass all the germs and bugs around like candy. Hopefully one day soon Emmy will be healthy again, bless her little heart.Today I slept late, then made myself a pot of coffee and started reading and commenting on your blogs. I helped a friend with her blog and made myself some Christmas signature buttons to use on my blog.

Now I'm going to get this post up and then go make some homemade red beans and rice with smoked sausage for supper, then shower and get ready for church.

Y'all have a great Wednesday afternoon/evening.


Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Diane,
Looks like I'm a gonna be the first to comment on here unless someone else is commenting and leaving a shorter comment. LOL. I always love reading your posts. They are so down to earth. Makes me feel like I'm right there with ya. I sure do appreciate your help this afternoon. I wouldn't know what to do without my "INTERIOR BLOG DECORATOR". Wow, a free Steak Dinner? Now who could ask for anything better? I bet it even tasted better since it was a freebie huh? LOL. I'm glad yall had a good time tho. I've only eaten at Cracker Barrel a couple of times, and it's been a good long while since I have. I can't remember that far back about the noise part. Maybe it's the stuff the building is made from reckon? LOL. I have no clue. Or, it could be because the tables are close together. I'm not sure if they still are, but when we ate there they were sort of close to each other. I do hope Miss Emmy gets better. You've already noticed that I put up prayer request's for her. I know the real "PHYSICIAN" will heal her. We just have to let him take control. Monday and Tuesday was busy for us as well. Thankfully, we don't have any more games until Saturday. We have 2 games, 1 Saturday morning and 1 Saturday afternoon. I didn't do much today. I am recovering from all the traveling the last 2 days. LOL. You supper sound yummy. Years ago, I worked at a Cajun Restaurant in Jonesboro. I can't remember the name of it but it was in the building where the Jubilation Club used to be. I worked in the kitchen and I mixed up the stuff to make Jumbalya. I made many a mixes of that. It finally went out of business tho. They had some good food but it was expensive. Well, take care my friend and have a Blessed Evening. May God Bless You and Yours. Again, "THANK YOU" so much for the help this afternoon.

Karen H.

Clemntine said...

Thanks for the nice, newsy post. Makes me feel like we just sat down for tea, and that's a sweet feeling indeed. Enjoy all the Christmas shopping and baby smooching!

Dawn said...

Our girlies have been catching stuff too, which just has to "run its course" according to the sweet little pediatrician.

Sounds like some good eatin' goin' on down there!

I haven't been to the Cracker Barrel enough to know how loud it is, but Chili's is the loudest place I've ever eaten!

Morning Glory said...

It sounds like you had a FULL day! I was tired and ready for a nap after reading about it. :)

The snowman picture at the end is really, really cute.

Myrna said...

Well, haven't you been busy! I love Cracker Barrel, but I agree--It can sometimes be a little on the oud side.

I'm worried aobut little Emmy. I guess she is just at that age where she is building up imunity to every bug that comes along. It seems like she can't get over one thing before something else get hold of her. Give her a little hug for me.

I love you buttons. I've got to learn how to do that. I still have trouble with html and putting things on the sidebar, etc. BUT, I'm learning!

Take care!

jen said...

oh no poor Emmy
praying she gets better again soon

u sound busy

Linda said...

Your days sound much like mine Diane - nothing exciting, but busy nonetheless. We've made a good start on our Christmas shopping. I'm glad we're exchanging names - it makes the shopping so much easier.
I'm so sorry poor little Emmy is sick again. I think you're right. They just love to share those germs. I pray she'll be well again soon.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

TorAa said...

I must say you are really busy. Wonder what your time schedule will look like closer to Christmas?

Here, we do allmost nothing.
Yesterday, started with chaos. A fire in signal cables stopped all Trains in Southern Norway. Only in Oslo 80.000 people came too late for their jobs.
The same fire also disconnected telephones and internet lines for about 14 hours. Ours as well. Grrr.

So, in the early afternoon, I picked up Anna (my wife) from work and went to my son Niklas. Helped him moving to a new, larger appartement. Then home, some dinner, and then move away every from the window areas. Why? 'cause at 7 am people come to replace our old Windows with New ones. Gosh, they are noisy. I have put an Earclock on my head. The type one has when using chain saws.
My regular wireless connection does not work, so I'm on an unsecure from the neighbour. Also I'm sending 60 customers on a study tour to Souther France. From home;D. This evening the Cats are to be delivered to our cat sitter for the next 20 days. We are leaving for Buenos Aires on Saturday, and have not yet start packing..... or put our christmas windows deco at place... See?We have allmost nothing to do. LOL

T*mmy said...

So nice to catch up with ya Miz Diane!

I sure would love your recipe for the red beans and rice with smoked sausage, is it on your recipe blog by any chance?

Hope Emmy gets to feeling better soon!

Love & Hugs to you!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Your Christmas header is so cute, Diane. If I could find a Christmas tree on the beach, I might actually consider a temporary change. :-)

Cameron has a nasty rotten cold again too. I tell you, once they start going to daycare, the seem to catch something new the minute they get over the last round.

In Emmy's case, I'll bet it's a combination of the stuff she's exposed to at daycare and teething.

Poor little things. Makes you wish they'd just get well and stay well.

This nana is washing her hands with antiseptic soap so often these days, they're raw! I sure don't need another cold this close to the holidays.


Mary said...


I know what it's like to have my eyes dilated. I have glaucoma and have to have it done at least once a year. That reminds me that I better be checking in to see when it is due. *sigh*

I'm glad your cornea wasn't scratched. That happened to me a few years back and was very painful. It took months to heal and was so irritating. I also got an infection in it, which made it far worse.

I enjoyed your post, as always. Take care.

jen said...

I have something for you on my blog :)

PEA said...

Hello dear Diane:-)

It certainly does sound like you've been busy! I don't know about you but a full day of shopping tends to tire me out more than a full day of work!! I don't know if it's all the walking or the noise but it does. We don't have Cracker Barrel here so I've never been to one...some restaurants do seem a lot louder than others. Oh no, poor little Emmy, that's all she needed, another virus! Some kids just seem to get everything that's out there. Hope she recovers quickly!! xoxo

Belizegial said...

Hey Diane,

Why do I feel hungry every time I visit here (;-)

Visiting you on the fly as I'm veery busy today.

Please give a big hug to Emmy darlin for me.

Thanks and have a great day,
Enid from Belize City

Cecil said...

Hey Joe.. Thought I'd stop by and say "hi." I am tard... I felt horrible this am... just worn out I think... hope y'all had a good day... I will probably work on the house tomorrow night so I may not have time to come on... if not, guess I'll see you on Sunday.. Love y'all... Cecil

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy visiting you! I sit with my warm cup of coffee and feel like we are sharing over the kitchen table! So glad your eye wasn't seriously injured. My kids have had their eyes dilated so many times; it is hard.

Nashe* said...

Heya D.

You got me worried about the eye thing for a moment! Haha... whew.

Anyhoo, I'm off to London on Tuesday! Reaching there on the 5th. woohooo!
Just wanted to comment Bye before I leave! haha...

Diane said...

Love the Wednesday What's Up post! I'm sorry that Emmy is not feeling well.....'tis the season

I'm trying to stay warm after awaking to nearly -9 below zero weather) (windchill...the good's gonna warm up to about 20 above!! Just ran my youngest to school....and the car just now has warmed up--now that it's home again in the garage! It's COLD!

A book and a cup of coffee sounds perfect! Maybe I'll cancel all the other errands I have scheduled for today and curl up and read~!

Have a great day!

Diane ( your button!)

Granny said...

We don't have Cracker Barrel here but we do have a couple that are just as bad.

Chili's is always loud and I avoid it.

Sorry about poor Emmy. If it's not one thing it's another.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I'm exhausted just reading about your busy days! :o)

Glad that your eye is okay!

Rosie is like Emmy... Catches everything coming and going. Sigh.
Praying your darling girl is soon well!

Cracker Barrel is loud. The food makes it worth it! ROFL

Judith said...

Dropping by to say hello. Haven't blogged much lately, with so much going on at work, and about the house.

Hope Emmy feels better real soon. Will be praying for her, and for you.

God Bless.

Mountain Mama said...

I sure hope your eye is better by now. I had a scratch on my eye a few years ago and it sure ua lot.

Dear little Emmy. I'm praying for her and i know what you mean about daycare. SOme of my great grandkids have the same problem.
It seems like all the kids just keep sharing every virus in town!

We don't have a Cracker Barrel here but I have been in a few Restaurants that werte so loud they gave me a headache. I sure didn't want to go back either.

Er have snow today. It's still coming down but is supposed to start raining tomorrow. Hopefully it will be pretty much melted off by Monday as that is the day I plan to do the Wal-Mart. LOL My monthly shopping trip. I thought I might see what they have for gifts too.

My daughter helped me put Christmas lights up yesterday. They were really pretty last night and I hope they will be prettier tonight. Of course if they are buried in snow I won't be able to see them at all.

I hope you are having a lovely week-end Diane.
Love & hugs.

RennyBA said...

Ramblings or not: I kind of love to read your thoughts, ideas and your daily life - always a great read.

Wishing you a lovely end to your week and hope you'll have a wonderful Sunday dinner :-)

Sandy said...

Your day didn't seem mundane to me. Sounded like you had fun pre-Christmas looking and eating out.

Yellow Mama said...

Sounds like a lot of good food. I'm having to watch everything I eat...go to the Dr. on Tuesday for a checkup. How sad that an appointment to the Dr. sets things in order. Oh well...Glad your eye is okay! Blessings